Pet Shop Boys

I did receive both an order confirmation e-mail and a shipping e-mail. Perhaps you could look into your store account to see the status of the order?

*New* store won't let me make an account, the number of times I've asked for a confirmation code to be sent that never arrives... I need to get in touch with them.
Anybody interested in old issues of Literally from 2012-2016? Issues 38, 39, 40, 41 and '2016' (the first Annually I guess). Planning to pop these on eBay but thought I'd ask here first.

IMG_4098 copy.jpg
It felt so good seeing them after many years and they were still on top form! Some cuts from the regular GH setlist (like Single-Bilingual, Se a Vida e, New York City Boy) were questionable, as much as keeping It's Alright and Paninaro in, but great overall.
If they'd swapped Dreamworld for I'm not Scared and not skipped What have I Done to Deserve This, it would have been the perfect setlist. But they never disappoint. Neil sounded great, Chris almost cracked a smile at the end. And the ending was beautiful, even if a bit downbeat for the casual fans...
Dad is too sassy these days, woof.

Can I just say seeing them up close (I went to the tiny Apolo gig they did in Barcelona), Neil is really a stud? Tall, amazing posture, rocking his costume, those boots? King of ageing, good genes and probably working out a lot. An inspiration.