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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. I was surprised by that, too. I love Italo-PSB...
  2. I would like to shower praise on The Sound Of The Atom Splitting. It's fantastic isn't it?

    (Haystack rolls past.)
  3. I honestly never had a problem with it, altough I wouldn't call it my favourtie b-side either. Those would be:

    1. Paninaro
    2. Shameless
    3. Delusions Of Grandeur
    4. Friendly Fire
    5. Euroboy

    Although now I'm sad that I didn't include The Ressurectionst, Between Two Islands, Hit And Miss, The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On, Bright Young Things, Decadence, Violence (Hacienda Version), In The Night, A Man Could Get Arrested, That's My Impression, Too Many People, Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend, It Must Be Obvious, Don Juan, Was That What It Was? or Do I Have To?...

  4. I was listening to Liza's Results today... And well, I liked it a lot! Especially Neil's 'rap' in Twist In My Sobriety.
  5. I'm a fairly recent Pet Shop Boys convert (December-ish, I was watching Flight of the Conchords and 'Inner City Pressure' reminded me how amazing West End Girls is) so can't really contribute much, but would like to know which album I should buy next.
    So far I have Please, Actually and Discography.
  6. I asked a good question but didn't get one. Think I left it too late doing it Tuesday night altho the only deadline given was the results, not the 'enter by'. Not happy about it.

  7. If there were love is also one of my favourites, while Don't drop bombs is wonderfully camp....

    If you want 'pop' PSB try Very, or if you want 'mature' PSB try Behaviour. Mind you, I'm quite a fan of Bilingual, which is quite a divisive one.
  8. I second this. It should probably be Very or Behaviour, for me personally Bilingual is on par with Very though.
  9. The last one ('Fundamental') I'd take over 'Very' or 'Bilingual'. But I'm perverse... I think 'Nightlife' is their best album.
  10. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I'd go with Behaviour, Very or Fundamental.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Fundamental is my least fave PSB album. It almost irritates me.
    I don't own Please!

    So in having a PSB-DVD-athon, I saw Somewhere and Performance (which I bought the week of release but had never watched - CHRS DANCING!!) and then seeing Montage (which I had seen but couldn't remember a thing) I thought 'wow, what a set list' (Only The Wind!) so I put it on and.... ARGHHHHHH OLD HORRORS COME BACK, those costumes!! I had forgotten all about them!
  12. Talking of Results, absolutely loved that album. So Sorry I Said and I Can't Say Goodnight deserve to be standards.
  13. nathanjay

    nathanjay Guest

    All these BSides lists and no mention of "Do I Have To?"?

    If there was no such song as "Rent", "Do I Have To?" would be my favourite PSB song.

    ps Later Tonight remix:
  14. Saw "Catalogue" for £4 in HMV today. £4!!!
    I got it for £8 in January and felt like i was stealing.
  15. This band mean soooooooooo much to me. Their gig in the grounds of the tower of london a few years back was awesome. I always think of the PSB's when I hear Madonna's Rescue Me. everything about it is so Neil & Chris. I'd love them to cover it live.
  16. I hate that my local HMV barely has any books at all! I want to get Catalogue.
  17. Daily Mail album cover and article about the Q&A... so glad they love Before as much as I do!


    Saturday, 7 March 2009
    Pet Shop Boys' "trojan horse" free CD in "ghastly" Mail on Sunday

    "Sellout!" barked a girl at the back of the audience at yesterday's Yes album playback at the ICA in London after asking why Pet Shop Boys collaborated with the UK's "bigoted" Mail on Sunday newspaper. Tomorrow's issue will see an especially compiled and packaged set of 10 hit singles and a track from the new album but the boys were unrepentant. Far from being a sellout, Neil saw the it as an opportunity to reach a million people: "Two and a half million CDs are being pressed, but a million and half will probably be thrown away. The other million will either remind people that they like Pet Shop Boys or introduce us for the first time to a younger audience. If little Johnny's granny or someone buys it and gives him the CD to play and he likes it, who are we to complain?". He then went to explain that in this day and age, older bands had to "fight" for their position and this included free giveaways in newspapers regardless of their political leanings.

    He went on to remind the girl that all the press in this country is questionable in some way and admitted that the Mail on Sunday and its daily equivalent is "particularly ghastly". But he likened their effort as a "trojan horse"; a subversive infiltration of the paper. Chris Lowe jokingly told him to hush when, at the end, he shouted, laughing:"The Mail is GHASTLY, there's no getting away from it".

    Neil said the Mail had approached them with the idea to come up with the package. Their designer, Mark Farrow, produced the cover, "Which", he said, "we thought would never get approved, but it did". It also allowed them to feature two of their favourite "overlooked" hits, Before ("Chris has always adored this one") and Home and Dry ("Which I just think is beautiful"). The track listing is as follows:
    1. West End Girls (10" mix)
    2. Paninaro (7" mix)
    3. It's a Sin (Disco mix)
    4. What Have I Done to Deserve This? (7" mix)
    5. Jealousy (7" mix)
    6. Being Boring (7" mix)
    7. Go West (7" mix)
    8. Before (7" mix)
    9. Home and Dry (7" mix)
    10. Flamboyant (7" mix)
    11. Did You See Me Coming? from Yes
  18. Buying the Mail today was one of the most embarassing things I've had to do - not least as I apparently had only picked up the magazine parts in their bag and left the main paper. Cue much shouting as checkout operator summoned colleague to fetch me the bit I was missing...

    Did you see me coming and the 10" of West end girls have made it worth the while though
  19. MOP

    MOP Guest

    I had a little PSB day yesterday. Watched their top 40 on VH1 and then went and listened to Pop Art again. Then Discography. Discography is so much better it isn't even funny.
  20. I picked up a copy of Felching Monthly too.

    "Make sure you put that in a brown paper bag," I whispered to the newsagent.

    "What about the magazine?"

    "Oh no. That's fine," I replied as I left the shop.
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