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Pet Shop Boys

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Popjustice, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Forgive me for skating over the surface information and butting in at the end of what seems to be a delightfully exciting debate, but if a poster who has a link advertising a 'thinking man's PSB forum' can assert the slight overreaction to the events in discussion, it's quite obvious that a few of us may need a glass of wine and a couple of Kalms.
  2. They've done much worse to destroy their so-called ideological and cultural identity. They've done a charity single, played at Live Earth, had drinks with Tony Blair at Downing Street, did a rock-lite album, are friends with Elton John and Neil said he was pro-war because he felt 'disillusioned by peace'. As a life-long PSB fan and a far bigger PSB fan than you, I can tell you they've 'sold-out' in far worse ways than give away a CD with a Sunday paper the readers of which probably hate poofs like Neil. And that's fine because they ARE about catchy pop songs. If they have occasionally been about anything else that's a bonus and that's what sets them apart from everyone else.

    The 'trojan horse' comment was indeed ridiculous, it's a classic lame Neil post-rationalisation but he couldn't have said 'It's good promo', could he?
  3. I do enjoy that misunderstanding. Shopping's really very scathing.

    And oddly enough, some of its commentary is just a relevant given our current financial situation.
  4. I love Shopping. But I always seen it as a piss take.
  5. Does anyone know the total worldwide sales for each album?
  6. Although I too raised an eyebrow at the choice of the Daily Mail on reflection I'm not surprised. The 'politics' of the PSB always seemed rather shallow and ill thought out. Of course the clue is in their own personal politics. Why should we expect some radical 'right on' stance when one of them is still in the closet at the age of 50 for heavens sake! And Neil Tennant didn't come out until his grand mother had died, if my memory serves me right. I love PSB but they're not political animals like Andy Bell or Jimmy Somerville who were manning the barricades in the early 80s and who I'm certain wouldn't be getting into bed with the hatefilled Daily Mail.
  7. Why should somebody have to publicly 'come out' though?
  8. Because it's 2009 not 1969. And it's not healthy for them or the wider society for (famous) people to live in the closet (except maybe Kemal from Big Brother!) Gay and straight should be subject to the same standards. Is there a heterosexual star hiding that fact?
  9. I've been listening to the PSB compilation from the Mail since Sunday in my car and it's made me a new fan.
  10. debord

    debord Guest

    My favourite pub is adding that compilation to their jukebox. They’re also adding a second compilation made by me and my friend – I put ‘Love etc’ on it.
  11. This pub of yours seems very friendly.
  12. debord

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    It is!
  13. I disagree. If the Pet Shop Boys don't wish to be known as 'gay pop group The Pet Shop Boys' then it's up to them. They've never been overtly political nor do they need to be. I think not 'coming out' (as you say) made Neil a better lyricist actually. It meant he had to be obscure in his lyrics rather than overtly clear as to what he was on about. I'm sure Neil admitted he was gay to Tricky on The Jo Whiley Show years ago and he was surprised by that admission.

    It's just not a big deal. Heterosexual stars don't hide the fact but they don't make a big fuss about it either. London is right to say that the Pet Shop Boys aren't Jimmy Somerville or Andy Bell. And I think they've been wise to do what they've done all these years and it's possibly one of the reasons they don't just play gay pride festivals. Not that there's anything wrong with that but the Pet Shop Boys have always been a bit different to their contemporaries. Marc Almond didn't really do gay politics either.

    I'm not interested in the sex lives of The Pet Shop Boys. Only the world they've created through their music. That's all I care about. The fact they allowed The Mail to give away their album is questionable but at the end of the day they want to create a bit of publicity for their new album. That's what it's about I suppose.

    I didn't buy that paper though. My cat won't even shit on it.
  14. I don't know if it's been mentioned before here, but when TMF did their all-time top 40 Pet Shop Boys (or whatever it was called), nearly every video's introduction ended something along the lines of "...which cemented their status as gay icons!".

    Then again, same program also referred to a song called "Yesterday when I was mad I was serious" and said they couldn't play the full video because it was "too scary", so I'm probably expecting too much from them when they're not dealing with the utter shit they usually play.
  15. But there's a huge difference between living a sad, closeted life in which one is uncomfortable with one's sexuality and being gay but not feeling the need to make public declarations about it every few minutes. I always think of Dirk Bogarde who I don't think ever 'came out' as such but made an incredibly brave statement by being in the film 'Victim' when homosexuality was still illegal in the UK.
  16. I have just been informed that East 17 covered the Pet Shop Boys. I feel horrified now.
  17. They are gay icons aren't they? But I genuinely don't think they're an overtly 'gay' band though I think many of you will disagree and see them another way. In fact this is probably just *my* perception of them.

    Soft Cell were relentlessly sleazy but I also don't think they were 'gay' as such. I'm sure Marc never admitted during his time in Soft Cell. But like the Pet Shop Boys this allowed them to create their own world in their music. For Soft Cell it was all nasty pervs at cinemas, lovers fighting in clubs, old age, self-loathing and unfulfilling sex. The Pet Shop Boys it's the mundane, suburbia, life, love, art and more. Bronski Beat were outright gay in their videos and music. Erasure had high camp through Andy Bell and I'm sure he's written some songs that implicitly state his sexual orientation though Vince of course is straight. The Pet Shop Boys were never that explicit. I think their lyrics are open to interpretation.

    If you lot don't have it I would check out Non Stop Erotic Caberet. It's magnificent!
  18. When Pet Shop Boys became successful, they were almost a teens' band, in that they were always on posters, in Smash Hits, Number One magazine, on Saturday morning television etc. So I never saw them as a band singing about things I couldn't relate to. The undercurrents of what some songs could possibly mean probably did appeal on a subconscious level, but that's something I've realised in more recent years. I don't think Neil has even wanted his lyrics to be about gay life but about life in general.
  19. That's the impression i always got too
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    It wasn't that bad.
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