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Pete Hammond 2CD Compilation

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. This looks all kinds of amazing! In a similar style to the Phil Harding book/CD about life and work at PWL, legendary Mixmaster Pete Hammond is releasing his autobiography "Get Down Here Quick & Mix Yourself A Hit" with a 2CD set of classic mixes and rarities. The proposed tracklisting looks like a Popjustice wet dream, including his unreleased Beyonce remix!

    CD1 Tracklisting:

    1. Put Your Hands Up – (Extended Version) – Kylie Minogue
    2. End of time – PH Remix – (Extended Version) – Beyonce
    3. Heartbeat – (Extended Version)- Same Difference
    4. Boyfriend – PH remix – (Extended Version) – Alphabeat
    5. I Left My Heart in Tokyo – PH Remix – (Extended Version) – Mini Viva
    6. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt – PH Remake (Extended Version) feat. Caz Fernández
    7. Catch You Baby – PH Remix – Lonnie Gordon
    8. Chemisty – PH Remix Velvet
    9. You wWon’t Forget About Me – PH feat Jodie Elms
    10. Elevator – (Radio Edit) – PH feat Georgie Dennis

    CD2 Tracklising:

    1. Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
    2. Nothing Comes For Nothing – PH production – Yell
    3. Better the Devil You Know – (Original Mad March Hare Mix) – Kylie Minogue
    4. Cover Girl – PH (Original Remix) – NKOTB
    5. Rescue me – Soul Fake Mix – Dannii Minogue
    6. Boogie Woogie – (Radio Edit) – Dannii Minogue
    7. If You Love Me – New PH Song – (Extended Version) – PH feat Lara McAllen
    8. Hang On – PH Remix – (Extended Version) – Plumb
    9. Boys Boys Boys – PH Production – Major
    10. Sky High 97 – PH Remix – Jigsaw
    11. OMG – PH and Jay Razer Production – Radio Edit – City Girls
    12. Dinner with Gershwin – PH Production – Danny Saxon
  2. Great tracklisting. I had no idea Dannii's japanese singles were produced/mixed by him, though!
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