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Petite Meller - Aeroplane (new single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Xanax, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. While browsing around the web, I discovered "Petite Meller".

    "P E T I T E is a singer-songwriter, producing Nuvo-Jazzy pop in French and English. Leading it with angelic childlike vocals, Oddly enough compared to a post-modern Mia Farrow with a Brigitte Bardot allure."-Facebook

    Her current single is called "NYC Time". I love its relaxed vibe with her voice and the saxophone.

    You can also find other songs/demos on her youtube or soundcloud account.
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  2. Re: Petite Meller - NYC Time (Single)

    I just have to bump this thread.

    New single "Baby Love". Its amazing.
  3. Amazing song and video! When the first chorus kicked in I was hooked. And the sax! The giraffes! So amazing.
  4. I bought her first two singles, always new she'd come up with something really great... I think she's left Night Beach Records now, as Island Records are plugging this a lot. Which will explain why it's not on iTunes yet. It's probably out in April or something.
  5. I didn't expect Baby Love to be this good. Brilliant song! The music video is to die for. The bit when she pretends to be a flamingo is absolutely incredible.
  6. LOVE the new single. Hope it's out to buy soon.
  7. Just discovered Baby Love, it's very good and the video is cute.
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  8. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Amazing single and video. Could be one of the year's biggest hits.
  9. I discovered this girl almost six months ago, and her songs were already pretty sick.
    But 'Baby Love' is such a great tune. I'd say that this one, will be one of the hottest tracks of the summer.
  10. Baby Love is excellent, one of the best things I've heard all year. The video is also excellent and I love the whole weird French surrealist style she has going on. One to watch.
  11. really?
  12. Yeah. Not sure about that. I didn't get any off that at all. It's just some really nice visuals. And giraffes. The kids dancing also just adds to the care free nature of the song. I don't she her necessarily appropriating anything, it's just a nice setting.
  13. The director of the video addressed this a little in response to similar comment:

    "the idea of the video was not to exemplify Africa as it is always treated, as it is always portrayed - as a poor violent helpless being set in its own turmoil with the need of crutches..NO!..we wanted to look into the future, together with those kids, specifically the girls - to give them a normal UNBIASED character with real lives and real broken hearts and real lovestories and real dance - just like anywhere else ... and to instigate the idea of GIRLPOWER in a place like Africa especially after last year's horrific events.. the idea was to portray it anew, outa that binding box that YOU describe above...and the thing is - the people and the kids we met were just groovy kids with real lives and real normal broken hearts and real love stories, we met them dude - at EYELEVEL! and it was a blast!!!"
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  14. 'Baby Love' is incredible, wow!

    The video is stunning as well. I don't think there's any issue with appropriation in the video. They aren't really using anyone as a prop nor or they simplifying a culture or stealing anything. It's beautiful and sweet and joyful, just like the song.
  15. Baby Love gets better and more joyful with every listen. I usually loathe saxophones in pop songs, but the one in this just makes it.

    I tweeted her to ask if she'll put the song on iTunes to buy, and she favourited it. Probably doesn't mean anything, but here's hoping we can throw money at her soon.
  16. Yeah, I finally need this in high quality in my iTunes
  17. She's on Island Records now. She probably hasn't been told when she's allowed to put it out yet. Dropped by Christmas.
  18. I will listen!

    I desperately hope something happens with 'Baby Love'.
  19. [video=youtube;pKDjz-EiYYw][/video]

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