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Petite Meller - Aeroplane (new single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Xanax, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Remix of Aeroplane released Friday.

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  2. Music video will be coming tomorrow! Fingers crossed we'll get some more album details with it. Here's a preview:

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  3. Really excited to hear new music from her!
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  4. That would be amazing. I'm ready for a new Petite album. The video seems a little late though. I feel like it should have been released a month ago.
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  5. The visuals are always on point with her.
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  6. Island

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    The Ginger wig was very early Mylene.
  7. New song from Petite called The Way I Want out now!

    Looks like it's part of an advertising campaign for Roger Vivier.

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  8. Petite really knows her way around a chorus. The Way I Want is much more instant than Aeroplane for me. They are both joyous but Aeroplane had a little too much going on for my liking.
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  9. She finally updated her Facebook. It's looks like Dying Out Of Love could be coming soon.
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  10. I was wondering recently if she'd release anymore music this year following Aeroplane and Way I Want, but just assumed as with a lot of things it was postponed and may not happen again for a bit. I hope we hear something soon.

    Her profile photo definitely looks like single artwork:

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  11. I remember reading in one of her earlier interviews this year that she didn't want to release anything due to COVID-19. She mentioned that most of the album was depressing and didn't think it would lift our spirits or something. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her Facebook was updated. She did mention that Dying Out Of Love would be released soon in this interview. Here's hoping soon is this week.
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  12. Island

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    Oh Jesus at that Diane Warren song still being on the table.
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  13. Aeroplane - an amazing song. That is all.
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