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Petite Meller - Lil Empire (ALBUM) + The Flute (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Xanax, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Yes, so nice to have the album physically... now it feels like it's been released properly! The booklet is really nice, Airmail-style borders on each page and loads of photos. She has been strangely silent now since pre-Christmas and doesn't seem bothered about a physical release at all. Dropped? Or just uninterested in her own album?
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  2. I found it strange she didn't promote it at all before Christmas, but she's posted on her Facebook page about it today.
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  3. Oh yes, she's stolen my Instagram photo again!
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  4. Did she do any interviews around the release? Feels like it was released with very little fanfare apart from the special gig she did.
  5. There were a few articles and small interviews around the time of it's digital release, but the whole thing has felt like it's flown under the radar.
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  6. She is probably just ready to move on from Lil Empire. That whole campaign was a mess and a half. She must have a connection within Island Records because I never expected the album to release at all.
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  7. Hasn't she shown pictures of studio sessions like really quickly after Lil Empire was digitally released anyways?

    I think she just wants to move on from this project, as well.
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  8. I still think this album is fucking great. It's just so happy.
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  9. It has felt quite messy, and it feels like she released it after the ICA gig just to purge it and move on. I think they were waiting for a song to take off, but none of them did really, even though there are so many amazing songs and videos that totally deserved to. Hopefully with the next album or whatever comes things will work out a little better.
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  10. Very pleased to have got my physical copy in HMV today. Don't know why they're not selling it on their web site. They were only stocking 1 copy. I wasn't expecting a physical release either!
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  11. Every song on this album still bops, I love it!
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  12. Criminally under looked. Do we have any ideas how much it sold?
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  13. She's been in the studio with Diane Warren.
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  14. Keep it.
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  15. She had moved on, The Flute was the final planned single/video from LE and the album drop served as the final act of the era, there wasn't ever going to be anything afterwards I don't think. At the time of release there weren't even plans to release the album physically at all because I think they'd used a lot of their budget on the videos. They were told in late October though that if they could get a booklet/physical design together quickly then they'll push a limited physical run out, which is why it's semi hard to find in shops, although I have seen it in HMV a few times
  16. She literally doesn't have the range unless Diane is ready to pat her puss and write a quirky pop song.
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  17. I could actually imagine her singing 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This'.

    I don't know if this is a good thing.
  18. She'll sound mousier than Paloma's speaking voice.
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  19. Is she working on album #2? Is she still signed?
  20. Bona Petite Meller.
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