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Phil Collins - General Discussion (a/k/a Ed Sheeran is a stain on music itself)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, May 22, 2019.

  1. RJF


    But where would my smash hit diatribe about the album go?
  2. You have a point we can't lose that.
    Whys is he so annoying in everything.
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  3. It's like this album was engineered by the CEOs of grocery store chains for maximum zombification in the produce aisle.

    It's so indistinct and bland but it will get Marybeth to buy four extra zucchini this week.
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  4. What's she going to do with them!?
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  5. Stream Blow by Kesha on Spotify!
  6. His two new songs have flopped on Spotify and I'm loving it.

    Shawn and Camila are gonna take the #1 from him as well.
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  7. Best Part Of Me went from 36 to 59 and Blow 59 to 94 in the first 2 days.


    We love to see it.
  8. The fact that he got Bruno and Chris on track together and it isn't an immediate mom-bop is shocking... and hilarious. So much for his male Moulin Rouge.

    I'm genuinely terrified of what the Camila / Cardi track will sound like.
  9. Is the song really about how hard it is to be average when you're rich and surrounded by luxury...? Can he just fall off the Earth?
  10. Just been listening to the album (pre sale version) on Amazon.

    Beautiful People makes zero sense lyrically - how can he sing a song like that and try to make it believable? It’s too much like I Don’t Care except in this one he’s calling his wife ugly.

    Blow, for a second thought it was Kids and was waiting for Kylie to jump on

    Best Part of Me, average Ed Sheeran song except he has a cold which you can hear throughout.

    Cross me is good, just the features maybe not Ed so much but it’s the best one.
  11. I'm still at zero listens for every single one of the five tracks. I haven't heard them on the radio. It's like he's not existing. I'm doing fine actually.
  12. RJF


    "Beautiful People" would at least be... understandable if he was an infamous killjoy at industry parties... but isn't this the same guy who boasted about fucking all of Taylor's model friends when he was supporting her on tour? Isn't this the same guy who was literally hosting after-parties during a Rolling Stone interview? Like, fuck off, you disingenuous puddle of slime.
  13. I didn't know this. Gross.
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  14. I had the misfortune of hearing Beautiful People while out shopping the other day. The sheer malevolent energy it exudes was too much for my spirit. Since then, my life has not known peace. Snakes have started manifesting in my house.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. What stations do you listen to?!
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  17. I fucking hate Ed Sheeran with a passion, but genuinely, I only came in here to look at the comments and what an absolute riot it's been reading them! Savage! You've made my day. I like you all.
  18. Honestly? Same. I’m kind of surprised to be honest
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  19. Maybe Shopaldi, Ezra and that one Zara duetted with stole his fans? Imagine.
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  20. My friend was proposed to by a guy she’s not that much into at Ed’s concert in Prague... A nightmare, literally a nightmare. She said yes.
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