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Phil Collins - General Discussion (a/k/a Ed Sheeran is a stain on music itself)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, May 22, 2019.

  1. Hello 1950!
  2. Queerness is a blessing.
  3. Oh I love the straights. Imagine being proposed to at an Ed Sheehan concert.
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  4. People proposing at concerts/meet and greets is the cringiest thing ever and just puts the artist in a really awkward position.
  5. I'm surprised there haven't been any early reviews of this album yet.
  6. The video with Travis Scott looks like a genuine nightmare.

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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. hahaha get it he’s wearing a wig Ed Sheeran doesn’t have long hair nor is he a WOMAN what a delightful relatable chap he is i wanna go for a pint with him innit
  9. I always forget his body looks like a mural done by a woman named Willow on the side of some dilapidated office building on the back streets of Tampa
  10. No, it was Cecilia

  11. South of the Border is... everything @Mr.Arroz dreaded it would be.
  12. Insufferable.

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  14. Who knew the Rugrats theme tune could be so offensive.
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  15. South of the Border is the only thing I've heard from this project. I wish I'd never bothered.
  16. Not going to put myself through ‘South of the Border’ but Camila posted a video to IG of its inception with Ed declaring “sPAnIsh Is SuCh a SicK LAngUage!!” and I think I threw up a little.
  17. yikes. Actually makes me feel sick.
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  18. I read this in David’s voice
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  19. Chris and Bruno really save Blow because I didn’t realize where Ed was in the song
  20. ...people willingly listened to this? I would rather stand next to a vial of anthrax being opened in someone's hallway.
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