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Phil Collins - General Discussion (a/k/a Ed Sheeran is a stain on music itself)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, May 22, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I refuse to listen to any of it but I just saw these are lyrics from the Stormzy track -

    "Cause I haven’t been home in time, yes, I / But that’s my fault / Grossed half a billi’ on the Divide Tour / Yes, I ain’t kidding, what would I lie for?”

    King of bragging. I'm just going to guess by the title (Take Me Back To London) that he's singing about how much he misses the streets and being poor and being a nobody and that he hates the L.A lifestyle and being rich and famous? And 'Antisocial' with Travis Scott is probably along the same lines as the Khalid track with him talking about how much of an outcast he is?
  3. I refuse to click play. I don't need this in my life.
  4. I couldn't find any review of the album. Did the label blocked them?

    I only found one from The Sun (I know I know) but I will copy-paste it here because it's lowkey ridiculous.

    A riot.
  5. This piss stain is trending on Twitter.
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  6. My jaw actually dropped reading the South of the Border lyrics. Like, who thought that was a good idea in 2019?
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  7. He’s not even from London nor does he really live there - he spends most of his time in Suffolk.... lies upon lies hahahah
  8. @ me when the Pitchfork review drops

  9. Cardi saying, "I think that Ed got a little jungle fever" is... well... bye.
  10. Cross Me
    Beautiful People
    South Of The Border
    Way To Break My Heart

    the rest I can pretty much take or leave
  11. Hoping for a nice bit of overexposure with this mediocre release that will result in the next proper era being the one that is too much for ‚the general public‘.
  12. Are his last two pre release tracks not still tanking a biT on Spotify? Maybe we’re already getting there.

  13. I’m leaving the entire album but you do you.
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  14. Imagine willingly listening to this.
  15. I like Stormzy's rap on Take Me Back to London but Cross Me is the only tolerable song here.
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  16. Proud to say I’ve heard approximately nothing from this era.
  17. Same, a radio station played the Bruno track but I put on my music instead.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. So many icons on display! The taste! The rebellion!
  20. I don’t usually pay attention to his albums but did enjoy this when I gave it a spin earlier.

    It has many of the same melodies that we are used to (the hook from London Town is very Shape Of You) but the collaborations and slightly dark hip-hop vibe keep it interesting. This hip-pop hybrid seems to be where music is at right now.
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