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Phil Collins - General Discussion (a/k/a Ed Sheeran is a stain on music itself)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, May 22, 2019.

  1. Me crossing my fingers and hoping that B will abstain for an easy number 1 this time around. I totally expect Taylor though.
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  2. aux


    I thought Taylor was going to be the feature on Antisocial, but it looks like it's Travis Scott. Watch the entire project only have men.
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  3. Even if I can sense a strong hey bro vibe from this possibility, It's probably for the best. Leave the girls alone Ed.
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  4. I wonder who that act that appears in two songs with a name that looks like it ends in à/è/ì/ò/ù could be. I can't think of any, unless he got Beyoncé's acute accent backwards.
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  5. Can’t wait to hear whatever song Camila will inevitably be screaming on.

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  6. Is he doing this just so that all his songs can chart at the same time and avoid the three per artist rule?
  7. I think because all but two of the songs are classed as features (and don't have 'with' like the other two), he'd still be classed as the lead artist so the rule would still apply. It'd be ironic for him to attempt the dodge the rule he inadvertently put in place though ddd
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  8. I hate him.
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  9. Antisocial feat. Taylor Swift.

    Keep it.
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  10. Okay but Cross Me actually kind of bops help.

    If it were made by literally anyone else I would probably listen to it again.
  11. Fuck, I actually am low key enjoying Cross Me... I think it's the first time I've liked an Ed Sheeran song since 'Lay It All On Me'.

    I've just realised that the production reminds me of Pray For Me by Weeknd/Kendrick, which is possibly why I'm liking it.
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  12. Yeah Cross Me's production is actually alright, but the lyrics are more possessive misogynistic nonsense.
  13. One listen in and Cross Me is already so, so much better than I Don't Care.

  14. This might be your best post. Ddddd.
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  15. Beautiful People is the song people think it is.
  16. God I hate this little orc.
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  17. Anne-Marie is a given to be featured on this.
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  18. Cross Me is the best song he’s released in about 5 years... but the lyrics are... scary.

    “I’ll be standing so close, so if you cross her you cross me”

    Also, the production is a massive rip off of The Weekend but I can’t place what song it is that it’s ripping off? But the wobbly sound is from a The Weekend song last year I’m sure.
  19. I mean the bar wasn't set very high, but yeah this easily slays and is WAY more deserving of #1.
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