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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Raichu, Jul 12, 2022.

  1. I can't believe this thread doesn't exist. To me, Phil Collins is like a big pop girl who just happens to look like an accountant.

    A profound understanding of how pop music works? Check.
    An absolute wealth of bops? Check.
    Can he dance? Absolutely not. Does he have stage presence? Check.
    Lyrics at least as good as some of your faves? Check.
    Expensive sounding production designed specifically so that you can slut drop and still feel superior to others? Check.
    Ungodly amounts of commercial success? Check?
    Invented music itself with that drum drop in In The Air Tonight? Check.
    A healthy and mature respect for dropping the bubblegum bops when the bubblegum bops must be dropped? Check.
    Critical backlash from exceptionally jealous rock critics? Check.
    More nasality in single vocals lines than Kylie Minogue's entire singing career? Check.

    Most of all, this dude is not afraid of singing the shit out of a song when the cool rocker thing is to sound a bit apathetic and like you don't care that much. He sings songs with peak emotion.

    This shit that he's doing with his vocals at the end of this Take Me Home performance?:

    When will your faves? It's not Beyonce but don't sleep on Phil.

    What are some of your favorite Phil Collins bops?
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  2. Amazed there's no thread already! He's responsible for some absolute classics both as a solo artist and as part of Genesis (whose 80s incarnation I really like).

    Shout out for Frida (from Abba)'s 'Something's Going On' album too, which Phil produced in 1982. 'I Know There's Something Going On' is especially brilliant.
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  3. I don't own any Phil albums but just a hits comp for both Phil and Genesis. Can't really fault his 80s and early 90s output. It is easy to forget what a great vocalist he is (tend to notice it when someone does a ropey cover one of his tracks).
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  4. People forget how huge he was in the '80s. He was really like one of the big pop girls in the '80s. Like Madonna, Whitney and Janet, his albums would rack up dozens of smashes. And then the soundtrack singles. From 1984 to 1989, he really was unstoppable. Hit after hit, and then throw in the Genesis hits, he pretty much had smash hits and #1s each year.

    I've been watching Miami Vice and the use of his songs is so iconic, especially the use of "In the Air Tonight" in the pilot episode.

    I'm surprised there was not a thread on him before but we did discuss quite a bit in the Reissue Thread when the reissues of his albums came out. I, for one, loved the contemporary covers with Phil's present face. It added a bit of tongue and cheek. The reissues themselves were a bit underwhelming though, relegating the remixes to digital releases.
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  5. I am a massive fan of his 80s work! If you want a starting point on his albums then go for 1985's "No Jacket Required" - imho his masterpiece!
    We all know "Sussudio" is a nod to '1999" but it's still a cracking tune!
    "Inside out" and "Take me home" are amazing too. I also love the ballads on the album too!
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  6. No Jacket Required oozes 1985. A fantastic album from start to finish. Love the 12"ers album that was out around the same time.
    The 7" mix of Take Me Home is on

    After that, Face Value (stunning debut - loads of variety & some weirdness) and Both Sides (downbeat but glorious)
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  7. I'm not the biggest fan, but there are some absolutely undeniable tunes. These are my favourites:

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  8. Another repeat of Phil Collins at the BBC is on BBC Four tonight at 9pm (repeated at 2.40 tomorrow morning)

    After that at 10pm,there's an edition of the Old Grey Whistle Test featuring Genesis in concert from 1980 (fronted by a bearded Phil Collins) from the Lyceum ballroom in London which hasn't been repeated since it was first shown back in June 1980.
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  9. I am surprised there has never been (to my knowledge; I could be wrong) a 'Best of Phil Collins & Gensis' combined best-of album, as it would have sold (maybe in the early-mid 90s) like hot cakes.
  10. Yes, they did a Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music one. Well, more than one.

    Maybe it's in his contract that the two can't be combined.
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  11. It's such a no-brainer. After the We Can't Dance album would have been perfect timing.
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  12. They even waited too long for a standard Genesis 1999 they'd had the flop Calling All Stations with the new singer, and Phil had flopped with Dance Into The Light (although his 1998 Hits did at least make #1).
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  13. Yeah I always wondered why there was such a divide between Phil and Genesis' work.

    For me, Invisible Touch felt like a natural progression from No Jacket Required. It didn't seem that dissimilar. Throwing It All Away felt like it could have fit on No Jacket Required.
  14. Sting & The Police
    Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music
    Bronski Beat, The Communards & Jimmy Sommerville

    have all done combined "Best of's..."

    Why not "Genesis, Phil Collins & Peter Gabriel" - "The best of..." - they are all on Virgin Records?
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  15. "R-Kive" sort of did that...adding in Mike + The Mechanics and Steve Hackett solo. But not quite the same effect.
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  16. As someone who only knows his big hits, I've been taking the pleasure of slowly going through the remastered editions of his albums. What an amazing discography he has! "I Cannot Believe It's True" sent me into outer space.
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