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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robots need oil, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Definitely can't eat anything past the sell/use by date. And I've always thought there's something off-putting about eating sandwiches someone else has made (apart from my mum, made with loving care of course, and the occasional dog hair). I still buy sandwiches in shops though.
  2. I love how we can all eat food made by our Mum's. Heh!

    I remember one of my friend's at school, their house was an absolute hole. I used to come home very thirsty and very hungry. She was my closest friend at primary school aswell, it was a bit horrible really!
  3. It must be something instinctual, we trust that, in most cases anyway, a mother wouldn't poison their offspring. On the other hand, I'd be reluctant to eat anything my dad cooks!
  4. As we are on the subject of food related phobia's, I can't eat anything that comes from tins (i.e- soups, fruit, beans etc). The thought of eating something that has been incased in metal and on a shelf for god knows how long makes me feel sick.

    I also am very funny about kitchens and bathrooms - if I think they don't look hygenic I can't stay in the place let alone eat there or use the facilities.

    Milky x
  5. Buttons. Specially big ones it's weird I know but I just can't help it. When I was little I didn't wear clothes with buttons well trousers have one so it's ok. Now I'm disgust only by big buttons and I can happly wear shirts etc.
    And I'm not a freak!
  6. I am fucking terrified of cotton wool, just the thought of that stuff makes me feel ill. My mates used to think this was absolutely hilarious until not so long ago I found out that it is actually a proper phobia called Bambakomallophobia (!!). They stopped trying to shove the stuff in my mouth after that.
  7. I think what we need to do is pinpoint the event that has led us to be phobic and try and release the inner fear.

    I should so be a psychologist!

    On the subject of a fear of buttons, though, I saw some wank program on BBC Three about a woman that was phobic of buttons. It ended in her standing up to her phobia and standing under a shower of buttons. It was quite funny, in a sick way.
  8. WHAT? Seriously reading that scares me!! Shower of buttons why don't you just shoot me.

    EDIT: It's called Koumpounophobia - great name.
  9. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    That show was fucking brilliant. It was all about people overcoming their strange phobias. God bless BBC3 and their 'documentaries.'

    I know where a few of my fears stem from;

    - Needles just make me pass out and make me feel very sick when I see them. The only thing I look away from on TV is needles going into people.
    - Spiders - Aracnophobia. That film ruined my life.
    - I also don't like the sea because I first watched Jaws when I was about five. To this day I rarely go in, and if I do it's to ankle depth. Knee at a push.
    - Flying because we were going on holiday to Turkey when I was 10 or 11, and it was my first time on a plane. We go to the airport and they wouldn't let us land because they'd let too many planes in and made us circle for about an hour. During which time the captain decided to tell us that we might have to go to a neighbouring country and do an emergency landing to refuel as we were running low (provided their authorities let us), which prompted my little brother to practice his before crash and after crash positions.
  10. I love flying! The only bit I vaguely dislike is the landing, when you first hit the tarmac. Other than that, it's fine. I like to shout out, "Do you remember Lost?" mid-flight too. I'm so funny!!

    Just in case anyone wondered, Taeniophobia is a fear of tapeworms (source:
  11. Fear of washing or bathing? That can't be good.
  12. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    I always manage to get caught in shitty weather as well. I believe it was Tunisia, we had to take off in the middle of a massive thunder storm. Which would have been understandable had we not gone while the country was in the middle of a massive drought and hadn't seen rain in months.
  13. Hahahahahaha! Anglophobia - fear of England or English culture. Brilliant!

    Anuptaphobia - fear of staying single. I know a few people like that...

    Ideophobia - fear of ideas. How the fuck does that work!?
  14. You do know that the "brace" position is designed so that in the event of a crash landing you break your neck and die instantly.

    Milky x
  15. Apparently that's a myth...
  16. ...along with the one that the only reason why planes have seat belts is so they know who is sitting in what seat in the event of a plane crash.

    Milky x
  17. Automatic revolving doors.

    Manual ones you push round yourself are fine, but using automatic ones really freaks me out. I might lost a limb if I time it wrong or get stuck in it forever AND DIE.
  18. You are supposed to sit back in your chair, arms crossed over your chest, apparently.

    Any more flying phobia questions? I'm seeing my cabin crew friend this evening, so I can ask her crap for you!
  19. Why do they tell you to do the break-your-neck bracing thing then?
  20. I don't think they are supposed to any more. You should also try and keep your seatbelt on at all times, you dont want to be un-buckled in a decompression.
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