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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robots need oil, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Tell that to the people that died in Lost, you insensitive bastard!

    I went through a phase, actually, of dreaming about plane crashes - either I was in them or I saw it happen; had about three dreams like that in the space of a couple of months. I wonder what that means...
  2. BachelorNo2

    BachelorNo2 Guest

    Because then those poor people that are lost on that freaky island wouldn't have to deal with black smoke monster and possibely evil people living on the island and possibely evil other people and pressing buttons and whatnot.

    That documentary really speaks to my heart.
  3. It needs one of those warnings like The Simple Life - 'some scenes have been created for entertainment purposes'.
  4. I've flown about 20 time in the last year and they still tell you to put your head forward into the neck breaking position in the demonstrations...

    Milky x
  5. Maybe I have been chosen to be enlightened?
  6. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Big dogs and certain reptiles.

    I don't think that's phobia though - just common sense.
  7. some of these are really quite strange. but mine is weird. i have a proper phobia of Freckles (omg freak) not little ones but when they absolutely cover the body.....even writing about them now is making me feel a bit queasy. looking at pictures or getting close to freckles (oh my poor nicola i can never go near you) makes me feel violently ill, it's horrible.
  8. Scott

    Scott Guest

    my next door neighbour has a phobia of kirby grips? and he's a guy?
  9. I can completely sympathise with you. I have the exact same problem. It's a constant worry and something that I've dealt with for about ten years.
  10. What is a kirby grip?? I have no idea what it is but I think I might have a phobia of it by the sounds of it as it doesn't sound nice.

    Milky x
  11. aren't they just like hair grips??
  12. Public toilets.
    It mainly stems from my very bad phobia of germs. I don't like touching door handles or drying my hands on towels in peoples houses etc. Public toilets completley freak me out though and I avoid touching everything where possible.
    In fact, I don't sit on any toilet that isn't mine. Not even the one at my parents house. Nobody is allowed to use my toilet. I make them used the disabled toilet in the block next to me.
  13. I can understand the phobia about public toilets and even using strange toilets but not using your parents toilet??!!

    Milky x
  14. When I go and stay at home I try to avoid going but when nature is screaming at me I go and clean the toilet before I use it. If I don't have time I plaster the seat with tissue and still hover over it and avoid sitting on it. I'm scared that toilet water will splash my arse or something. Urgh!

    I have a thing about sharing drinks etc too because of the 'germs'. I remember being on holiday with my family in France when I was about 12. I was so hot and dehydrated. My mom had a massive bottle of water in the car which she took a drink out of and I refused point blank to have any in fear of germs and 'back wash'. Eurgh! It caused a massive argument of 'I'm your fucking mother. I gave birth to you'. And me saying 'I dont' care. You've still got germs' lol.
  15. Beware

    Beware Guest

    Bathmophobia- Fear of stairs or steep slopes. I have to close my eyes if I am being driven down a steep hill,or walking.

    Cyclophobia: I take near-panic attacks if I ever, ever go on a bicycle. They scare the shit out of me ever since I broke my leg on one.

    I also used to get scared of running as a child as I always got scared I might fall.
  16. my sister used to have that but i think she grew out of it.

    my phobia doesn't have an official name, it must be made up. but i did find someone else with it.
  17. Gravy.

    On a Sunday when my Mum cooks Sunday dinner she always has things like left over pudding batter or leftover gravy, and instead of doing what any sane person would do and throw it away she puts it in cups. I physically have to turn away if I realise that there's a cup on the side with something in it just in case it's gravy.

    In fact, every time I see gravy being eaten or cooked I start to feel really sick because it reminds me of the fact that it might end up in a cup.

    The phobia has spread to other thick liquids too - I have to leave the room when my Grandad has a Cup-a-Soup, for example, because it's a thick liquid in a cup.

    It's just wrong.
  18. Eurgh! Not sure if my mum does it now but she used to pour the fat from the roast meat into a clear cup, then it would solidify and look gross with bits in it. I don't think she even used it for anything afterwards, probably just intended to.
  19. I did sometimes think I was the only person with such a severe form of it. Hurrah!

    I thought ten years seemed a really long time, until I realised I've been like this for 11. Wha.
  20. My Grandad has a special bowl for it. It's his fat bowl. The other week it had been there so long that it had gone rancid so he decided to melt it all down in a big pan so he could pour it on the soil outside (?!). The house smelt of evil for days.
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