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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by robots need oil, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. I once met someone with a fear of sticky plasters/bandages. I once had one on and was playing with her keys and she made me stop cos it was freaking her out...
  2. Tangled_Up

    Tangled_Up Guest

    Well, i don't know if this is an official phobia, but I'm horrified of people clicking.

    Can't stand it. I don't mind the sound, but watching people click makes me want to vomit.
  3. Try working as a waiter. I could quite happily break the fingers of any customer who clicks their fingers at me.
  4. I've had two people try that with me in my life. One, I just ignored, and the other I was very rude to afterwards. I hate finger-clicking in that context.
  5. Finger-clicking, clapping, 'ere'-ing, tapping/grabbing your arm, shouting from one end of the restaurant to the other to get your attention, I love it all SO much.

    Oh, anyone wondering about all the aeroplane stuff - if you put your head between your knees, you probably WILL break your neck. The best position is to have your head in your arms, and your arms on your knees. This means that your arms will absorb most of the shock.
  6. The place where I waiter/ed was just a little coffee shop so most of the customers knew my name (or pretended to - I got called everything from Mikey, which is correct, to Mark, which isn't). But yeah, the worst I've ever had is finger clicking. I don't mind the, ''eres' too much, and waving is always done in a 'sorry to bother you' way.
  7. I have that too. It's apparently the sixth most common phobia. It can really screw you up, and make you seem a bit strange and 'picky' to other people. Mine apparently started when I was five and I was really ill, and it scared me (although I don't remember). I don't mind eating out but I steer clear of anything too adventurous like shellfish. I won't eat takeaways, or eat off a buffet (unless it's at a friends/family party). It makes me quite fussy about cleaning too. But I've learnt to switch it off to an extent.
  8. Exactly, I get called all sorts, normally by old people.

    Which is another kind-of phobia of mine. But it's a specific kind of old person that just gives me the creeps, and I dont really know how to describe them.
  9. Tangled_Up

    Tangled_Up Guest

    I think I have that too. I can't can't stand being sick, it makes me be sick more and i'm sure it makes me more ill. It's horrible, I just can't stand the burning at the back of your throat.
  10. My brother shouted out on the way back from Florida as we went through a bit of turbulance: "oh its like that bit off Lost, we're all going to die". He's such a sensitive soul.

    I don't think I have a phobia as such but I really dislike pigeons, they just look so dirty and make me squirm a bit. My friends found this out few weeks ago when we were sat outside eating lunch and put a circle of bread crumbs around me to 'help me overcome my fear'. It was like a scene from Alfred Hitchcocks Birds, I thought I was going to be killed!
  11. I lived with a lad in first year of uni who was about 7-feet tall at least and a real lads' lad... and terrified of pigeons.
  12. i love pigeons but don't love it when they try and fly into my bedroom window
  13. Pigeons are just not nice creatures, they're so evil looking. You can tell in their eyes that they want to kill all humans.
  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'm scared of the dark sometimes.
    And big spiders.
    And heights.
  15. I did read somewhere that it was quite common. I think for some people it's if they feel sick they get The Fear, whereas for a me and the few peeps on here, it affects you in the eating out/cleanliness/picky with food way alongside The Fear of barfing. Does that make sense? Because I've met plenty of people with barfophobia, but very few with the extreme thread I seem to have!
  16. I get scared of the dark too. I usually sleep with my lamp on the dimmest setting or with the TV/DVD on.
  17. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I have to have a light on. It's so scary out there!
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