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Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pedroleum, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. My favourite album of 2017 was discovered in 2018. Lovely, sad indie pop. Anyone else a fan?
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  2. Love this record - Me and My Dog is the highlight.
  3. I love Lucy Dacus and Have become more and more of a Phoebe fan. Excited to dive into the boygenius album! “Killer” by Phoebe always gets me
  4. Motion Sickness is absolutely fantastic but I found the rest of the album to,be a bit singer/songwriter for my tastes.
  5. I've become obsessed with this album overnight.
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  6. Thanks for bumping this thread otherwise I would have never listened to this.

    It is just the right melancholy I was looking for. AMAZING.
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  7. Looks like she's about to release a project she did with Conor Oberst. Their band name seems to be Better Oblivion Community Center and they're performing on Colbert tonight.

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  8. Phoebe's is my favourite album of the last 2/3 years. Smoke Signals is my fav song of hers. but she has no bad songs
  9. I was looking at their twitter and the whole concept looks very cult-y. I love it. Interested to hear what it will sound like.

    Both "Stranger in the Alps" and the "boygenius" EP are fantastic.
  10. Full album is out now.

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  11. Maybe this is first listen haze but I LOVE IT. There's a lot of Phoebe to love.
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  12. Meh not really feeling it unfortunately. Forest Lawn is nice.
  13. Not even Didn't Know What I Was In For? It basically could have been lifted from her solo album.

    The album loses me a bit towards the end but there's enough highlights here to tide me over 'til the next solo album.
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  14. I think it's cause I don't really like the guy's voice. Kinda brings the whole thing down for me.
  15. I can't stop playing this.
  16. I can’t believe how much this album is feeding my mopey binch energy. Every song is a 10 teebs.
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  17. This is a timely exposé as I just recently discovered that "Motion Sickness" was about him, and that he was the reason Mandy Moore disappeared from music for all these years.
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