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Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by pedroleum, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Happy Punisher day guys!

    I am so thankful for this album. It helped me get through the atrocious and how so confusing year filled with disillusion and loneliness 2020 was. The way Phoebe Bridgers put into words feelings that I was struggling to understand and wrap my head around, that I felt I was the only one to experience... It's that kind of album that feels like such an integrant part of your life, almost like a friend who was there to support you through a tough time, bring you some comfort and remind you that what you are feeling is perfectly human, that it's ok to feel this way and that a lot of people are also going through it and they can understand. That, or maybe I'm just really lonely. Either way, it's a masterpiece and something I think we really needed. I know I did. Thank you @_fake_nudes_.
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  2. Agree 100%, possibly in my top 3 albums ever. An album where every song is a 10/10, where I connect 100% with all the lyrics. Really hope she tours, we need a Punisher World Tour.
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  3. Coincidentally enough I put Punisher on yesterday for the first time in months not even realizing we were on the cusp of its anniversary.

    It still feels like such a quiet revelation of an album. When I obsess over albums the way I did with this one I typically recommend cuts to friends and generally street team the shit out of it but with this one it felt a bit too...intimate to really share? That sounds weird but there's a lot of confessional lyricism that hits so close to home it felt like I was inadvertently unveiling a part of myself by showing it to someone else.

    I can't wait to see where she goes next, but I don't know that I need more music from Phoebe anytime soon: Punisher improved on Stranger in the Alps in every way and felt particularly satisfying seeing an artist fully come into their own the way she did here. What an album, and still the best release of 2020.

  4. Yeah, this is easily one of my favourite albums of all time at this point. It and Folklore absolutely dominated my Summer and most of 2020... which probably speaks to my mental state during that time.

    I'll never be able to detach 'Garden Song' from it being released at the end of last February, right as the world started to turn on its head. It was just being this bizarrely intimate little world I was able to escape to that went on become a part of this larger and more complex world, with the album release.

    I'm still discovering new things I love about it a year later so I sort of agree with the good sis @Jonathan27 that I'm not in a rush for the follow-up. She can take her time with her PB3.
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  6. Both her and Tinashe skipping Philly and going to Pittsburgh… It’s sick.
  7. Been obsessed with Garden Song the past few days. “The doctor put her hands over my liver. She told me my resentment's getting smaller” gets me every time.
  8. I still get chills at the 2:15min mark in I Know The End every time I listen to it. Like wow, what a moment.
  9. The elongated "I want to be wrong" going into the second chorus of Chinese Satellite just doesn't get talked about enough.
  10. But NOW we said it!
  11. I loved it on the original release but I play the Copycat Killer version of Chinese Satellite so much. It’s THEE version for me. The propulsion during the verses and the way the strings swell during “I want to believe”…-Italian hand emoji-
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  12. Is Phoebe Bridgers officially the Big Alt Girl of the moment?
  13. This is likely stan goggles but it does kind of feel like Sad Girl Summer 2021 is partially a result of Punisher's summer breakout moment last year.
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  14. This made me think about who else has been the Big Alt Girl and I weirdly thought of Feist in connection with Phoebe due to the Grammys love coinciding with her breakout album! I feel like they're both very much the Big Alt Girls that the moment needed and I for one can't wait for Phoebe's Metals!
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  15. Her vocals are so good there!! Get those boomers onboard, I guess, queen.
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  16. Three remixes (!!) of Kyoto dropped today!

    The Marías:

    Glitch Gum:

    Bartees Strange (basically a cover):
  17. New collaboration with the newest signees to her label, MUNA is out everywhere tomorrow:

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