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Phoebe Ryan - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. This song is awesome. Thanks for posting!!
  2. Oh yes. Instantly in love with this.
  3. ... I think more people here need to give this a listen. It's seriously fantastic and I've basically played it on repeat this weekend. The way she changes the chorus at the end, UGH. I love it.
  4. Like Jake who posted above I can't believe more people aren't getting into this one.
  5. Am totally gobsmacked at the lack of love for this song on here. It's an absolute monster!
  6. They'll come around. MKS will tweet it and suddenly this thread will be full of Georginas. Maybe it's best she's our secret for now.
  7. This is sooo good.

  8. There's a music video as well. Bit more of a budget than the last one, it would seem.

    She's got kind of a thin voice, but it works really well. While I like her, I have to admit I have a hard time figuring out where she's going to fit into the market; everything about her seems a bit subdued and understated....
  9. She is amazing. Her voice on 'Mine' when the production just kind of bubbles underneath is divine.
  10. So happy to see more people joining the party!

    Anxious for an EP, as both "Mine" and "Dead" are completely flawless.
  11. Love her..cant wait for her Album!
  12. Oh good, she has a thread on here. I started listening to Mine and Dead a few weeks ago and love them both. She's an NYU/Clive Davis kid, so I assume she produces her own stuff? Her voice reminds me of someone else - maybe Lights? - and she is seriously stunning. Looking forward to hearing more from her.
  13. Her 'Ignition/Do You...' cover is pretty ace and has over a million streams on Spotify. I need Phoebe to give us some More!
  14. The duet is alright. Definitely prefer "Mine" and "Dead."
  15. The Mine EP is out Tuesday.


    1. Mine
    2. Dead
    3. Homie
    4. Ignition/Do You (feat. Kesha)
    5. Mine (Michael Keenan Remix) [feat. Skizzy Mars]
  16. KESHA!
  17. Is Kesha credited because the production on that mashup sounds like it samples Animal or will she actually duet?

    I like the 2 songs we have so far so I'll definitely be checking for her throughout the year.
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