PHONY: Real Housewives of New York Reboot

There are a lot of gorgeous housewives out there, but can I have just say Brynn is fucking STUNNING.

She's soooo effortlessly beautiful - I'm full on girl crushin' right now. Hands down the most beautiful 'housewife' cast member ever.

That was an episode, but the next one looks like the girls are activated.
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This episode was so boring

I am also behind but was enjoying it. Very mid but there are likable personalities (Jenna, Ubah) and two potential mothers (Erin, Jessel). Add in Brynn's thirstiness and beauty... I can see them turning in a solid season with more time / comfortability on camera.
She / Her
I watched the new episode and the only things I remember are:

• laughing when Brynn said "I’ve cried and shaked in front of you and you didn’t tell me your real name was Judith!!!"
• thinking that Jessel(?)'s "Erin listens to ABBA, of course she doesn't know what WAP is" comment was anti-popjustice and home of phobic.