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Physical (Rose Byrne Apple TV+ Aerobics Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by lushLuck, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. I enjoyed season 1 so I'm excited for this.
  2. I've watched the opening episode and found it deeply uncomfortable and a little triggering(!) I know that's the point but it didn't really have the humour I was expecting to soften the sharper edges - apart from her conversation with the student looking for a threesome.

    Does it develop throughout the season?
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  3. Honestly? Not really. It remains deeply uncomfortable and not as funny as it should be. And yet, I stayed with it, probably for Rose Byrne, who’s one of my favorite working actresses. Hopefully season two brings a little more levity.
  4. I had such mixed feelings about this. I adored Rose’s performance, and her awful character as a whole, but everything else felt like a waste of time.
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  5. Yeah I just didn’t get what this show was going for? I felt gross after every episode I watched so I just stopped after a handful.
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  6. I enjoyed it but really only because Rose is just absolutely excellent in everything, so she's just so watchable. I completely understand why it would be uncomfortable and triggering to some, but I thought the season as a whole started out really strong. It really fell off a fucking cliff though. I didn't care one bit about how it ended.

    However, I'll definitely go back for another go. I'm hoping they can really tighten up the writing this time.
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  7. Everything about the show seemed designed to invoke feelings of disgust and discomfort - even the cinematography made everything - from food to the actors themselves - look muddy, greasy and/or tawdry. I know that this was probably the point but I didn’t feel good or even satisfied after each episode.

    I will of course be coming back for s2, however!
  8. So many shows today over style the 80’s and its fashions and decor and just become a fantasied instagrammed filtered version of that period.

    This gets the tone, fashions and decor absolutely spot on, the 80’s wasn’t all neon lights and perms, mostly it all looked a little bit grim and shit. I also don’t mind the characters flaws she’s so multi layered and the constant punishment she heaps on herself is so true of people struggling with food and body issues. Rosie as always hits it out of the park.
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