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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by iamsuperpop, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Her singles run could be so much stronger than it actually is, especially in the latter part of her career. "It's All Your Fault" was such a grave oversight, it's still mind-boggling. Especially since the album had seven singles. How on earth do you pass on a song like that?

    I also say this at least once a year on the forum, but I'm never going to get over "Timebomb" being an iTunes bonus track when it was good enough to be the lead single for The Truth About Love. "Try" is the only single she got right from that album.

    Then there's "Walk Me Home" being the most boring, uninspired thing she's probably ever put her name to when "My Attic" or "Happy" would've done just as well.

    She has songs that could represent her much better as an artist (and are just better songs in general) than what her actual singles run suggests. It's just a shame because I don't think she, or RCA for that matter, care all that much. Her albums still do well regardless and her tours are guaranteed to completely sell out every time.
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I know Just Give Me A Reason is....difficult, but there was no way that wasn't going to be a single from that album. The fact it's probably in her top 3 biggest sellers and it's from her 6th album is pretty impressive.
  3. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Oh absolutely, I just meant that "Try" was the only good song that was a single, to me. I hate "Just Give Me a Reason" so much but I get why it was a single, I just think it's bad nn.
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  4. I agree that It's All Your Fault should've been a single (as should Ave Mary A), but at the same time, all the other singles from Funhouse made sense too, like, I really don't know which single I'd swap for it. I guess at one point you just have to call it quits and end the era.

    The Truth About Love got the first three singles right too, even though Blow Me wasn't as big as I wish it had been. Timebomb should've been a single rather than True Love, though.

    Beautiful Trauma... I don't know, What About Us and the title track are the two obviously single choices, everything else seems kinda pointless to me. I suppose Whatever You Want was as good a choice as anything else, although I would've liked to see Where We Go as a single. I'm just glad Revenge was scrapped.

    And Hurts 2B Human... Well, that singles run was a mess. I can see why they chose Walk Me Home and especially Can We Pretend, but... no. More than anything else, I wish We Could Have It All had been a single, it sounds like a lost P!nk classic and absolutely deserved better.
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  5. Timebomb is absolutely in her all time Top 10 (it was my 11 in the P!nk rate) and really baffles me why it was only a bonus track, the bonus tracks from The Truth About Love in general were leagues better than what made the standard tracklist.
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  6. Oops, I think the "regular" bonus tracks are all forgettable. The "Fan Edition" ones though, whew, that's excellence!
  7. I agree that "It's All Your Fault" and "Ave Mary A" are the strongest album tracks from "Funhouse" and should've been singles, but literally all of the singles from it are strong and important, so it should've ideally had 9 singles in total.

    What I really want to talk about are these two hidden gems from that album, which were only bonus tracks on some random deluxe release, but deserved so much more:

    Both 10/10 songs for me and I prefer them to all of the non-singles from "Funhouse". Criminally underrated.
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  8. Looks homophobic but we'll see how it sounds.
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  9. Why was La La Land's poster the first thing to come to mind when I saw that?
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  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I have no idea what Keith Urban sounds like..
    Did quite enjoy her Kenny Chesney duet though?
  11. The Fighter was a lowkey bop, im perched.
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  12. He's pretty damn good I think. His newer material is great,
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  13. I mean he's married to Nicole Kidman so taste.
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  14. Wait - are non Australians counting her Australian only singles as singles? Do Australians even count her Australian only singles as singles? It's like counting Anticipating as a Britney single cuz it got one random release in France. No one counts it!

    Funhouse shouldn't have been a single. I Don't Believe You should have followed Please Don't Leave Me with a bigger promotional push than it got, considering its one her best ever. It's All Your Fault should have been the 5th single and then Glitter In the Air could have its brief moment to shine post-Grammys.

    The first 3 singles off Truth were the correct choices even though only one is actually good. There were no other good songs on that album so I can't fault them for picking crap when crap is all there was.

    For Beautiful Trauma they got the first 2 right (we thankfully swerved Revenge, which is a pop justice if there ever was one) and then they just dropped the ball. Barbies is a career highlight that did well after the country awards show she performed it at. But We Lost It was a pretty little Coldplay rip off that she could have had some success with. But it really seemed like once the album opened big they felt their work was done and just wiped their hands of the album altogether.
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  15. The song is out in New Zealand
  16. P!nk sounds great on this. The song itself is pretty inoffensive, and not as horrifying as this duet might have sounded when we first heard about it.
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  17. This is way more relaxed and soulful than I expected. I like it.

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