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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    Over 20 years in the industry.
    40+ million album sales.
    75+ million single sales.

    Alecia Beth Moore, better known as P!nk, has soundtracked the growth of an entire generation; her empowering gusto in music inspiring millions of fans to follow her all the way from her urban debut to her latest album, Hurts 2B Human - a surprise heavy hitter that showcases exactly why P!nk stands tall among her peers.

    Her story is one we all know: from trailblazing edgy teenager to Hot AC soccer Mum. Her power comes in her total dedication to music and performance, frequently breaking records around the globe and blowing the minds of fans with jaw-dropping acrobatics. Whilst musically her edgy ways became polished as the years went on, her performance strength only ever grew. You'd be hard pressed to predict her next performance style - will she be performing on a building? will she be dancing above the audience? will she be dropped from a box 200 feet in the sky? If you ask the question and it sounds like something an artist would never do, she's probably planning it.

    With almost twenty years and eight albums under her belt, her music inspires a breadth of opinion. Many of us have grown with her, lived difficult childhoods as she did and felt a deep connection to her weary expose of harsh family life; 'Family Portrait' was one of the first songs I ever remember hearing, the sheer pain piercing right through me as I recognized myself inside of it. I found solace in that brutal contrast of begging to return to something normal despite everything falling down around you.

    It's that brutal honesty that has always been integral to P!nk, regardless of sound - her lyricism and vocal prowess cuts through in a way that many can't. 'What About Us', on paper a simple political bop with only three chords, revitalized her career and led to the biggest opening for any of her albums so far - as I again struggled through difficult personal times, the song bloomed and opened up for me in new ways, her defiant but melancholic delivery unparalleled.

    With artists like this, and music that can really delve deep into the human psyche of each one of us, I ask that we all approach these songs with some kindness. Naturally there's an entirely contrasting side to P!nk, a goofy and charismatic one that likes to experiment and try out new sonic experiments... that don't always pay off. We'll either be endeared to them or despise them, and that's fine.

    Join me in reliving the career of one of the greatest performers of our time, and an artist that is already recognized as the living legend that she is. Together we'll discuss how we've grown together with each album, how songs remind us of people we've lost and friends we've loved. And we'll discover P!nk's very best song.​


    1.You may give one eleven and one zero. Neither are compulsory.
    2. Rate all of these songs from 1 - 10. Decimals are allowed, I would advise to quarters.
    3. Commentary is appreciated but please don't make jokes that may offend and be considerate to others. Think about what you're commenting and why people would want to read it. It makes for much better commentary and a better rate for all.

    Song List:
    Can't Take Me Home
    01. Split Personality
    02. Hell Wit Ya
    03. Most Girls
    04. There You Go
    05. You Make Me Sick
    06. Let Me Let You Know
    07. Love is Such a Crazy Thing
    08. Private Show
    09. Can't Take Me Home
    10. Stop Falling
    11. Do What U Do
    12. Hiccup
    13. Is It Love
    XX. Leaving for the Last Time

    01. M!ssundaztood
    02. Don't Let Me Get Me
    03. Just Like a Pill
    04. Get the Party Started
    05. Respect
    06. 18 Wheeler
    07. Family Portrait
    08. Misery
    09. Dear Diary
    10. Eventually
    11. Lonely Girl
    12. Numb
    13. Gone to California
    14. My Vietnam
    XX. Catch-22

    Try This
    01. Trouble
    02. God is a DJ
    03. Last to Know
    04. Tonight's the Night
    05. Oh My God
    06. Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
    07. Waiting for Love
    08. Save My Life
    09. Try Too Hard
    10. Humble Neighborhoods
    11. Walk Away
    12. Unwind
    13. Love Song
    14. Hooker
    XX. Feel Good Time
    XX. Delirium
    XX. Free

    I'm Not Dead
    01. Stupid Girls
    02. Who Knew
    03. Long Way to Happy
    04. Nobody Knows
    05. Dear Mr. President
    06. I'm Not Dead
    07. Cuz I Can
    08. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    09. U + Ur Hand
    10. Runaway
    11. The One That Got Away
    12. I Got Money Now
    13. Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self
    XX. I Have Seen the Rain
    XX. Heartbreaker
    XX. Centerfold
    XX. Fingers
    XX. Disconnected
    XX. Crash & Burn
    XX. Words

    01. So What
    02. Sober
    03. I Don't Believe You
    04. One Foot Wrong
    05. Please Don't Leave Me
    06. Bad Influence
    07. Funhouse
    08. Crystal Ball
    09. Mean
    10. It's All Your Fault
    11. Ave Mary A
    12. Glitter in the Air
    XX. This Is How It Goes Down
    XX. Boring
    XX. Why Did I Ever Like You
    XX. Could've Had Everything
    XX. Push You Away
    XX. When We're Through

    Greatest Hits... So Far!!!
    xx. Whataya Want from Me
    xx. Raise Your Glass
    xx. F*cking Perfect
    xx. Heartbreak Down

    The Truth About Love
    01. Are We All We Are
    02. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
    03. Try
    04. Just Give Me a Reason
    05. True Love
    06. How Come You're Not Here
    07. Slut Like You
    08. The Truth About Love
    09. Beam Me Up
    10. Walk of Shame
    11. Here Comes the Weekend
    12. Where Did the Beat Go?
    13. The Great Escape
    XX. My Signature Move
    XX. Is This Thing On?
    XX. Run
    XX. Good Old Days
    XX. Chaos & Piss
    XX. Timebomb
    XX. The King is Dead but the Queen is Alive

    Beautiful Trauma
    01. Beautiful Trauma
    02. Revenge
    03. Whatever You Want
    04. What About Us
    05. But We Lost It
    06. Barbies
    07. Where We Go
    08. For Now
    09. Secrets
    10. Better Life
    11. I Am Here
    12. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
    13. You Get My Love

    Hurts 2B Human
    01. Hustle
    02. (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime
    03. Walk Me Home
    04. My Attic
    05. 90 Days
    06. Hurts 2B Human
    07. Can We Pretend
    08. Courage
    09. Happy
    10. We Could Have It All
    11. Love Me Anyway
    12. Circle Game
    13. The Last Song of Your Life
    xx. More

    XX. Bridge of Light
    XX. Today's the Day
    XX. Just Like Fire
    XX. Setting the World On Fire
    XX. Waterfall
    XX. A Million Dreams
    XX. Halfway Gone
    XX. White Rabbit

    Easy list:
    Split Personality
    Hell Wit Ya
    Most Girls
    There You Go
    You Make Me Sick
    Let Me Let You Know
    Love is Such a Crazy Thing
    Private Show
    Can't Take Me Home
    Stop Falling
    Do What U Do
    Is It Love
    Leaving for the Last Time

    Don't Let Me Get Me
    Just Like a Pill
    Get the Party Started
    18 Wheeler
    Family Portrait
    Dear Diary
    Lonely Girl
    Gone to California
    My Vietnam

    God is a DJ
    Last to Know
    Tonight's the Night
    Oh My God
    Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
    Waiting for Love
    Save My Life
    Try Too Hard
    Humble Neighborhoods
    Walk Away
    Love Song
    Feel Good Time

    Stupid Girls
    Who Knew
    Long Way to Happy
    Nobody Knows
    Dear Mr. President
    I'm Not Dead
    Cuz I Can
    Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    U + Ur Hand
    The One That Got Away
    I Got Money Now
    Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self
    I Have Seen the Rain
    Crash & Burn

    So What
    I Don't Believe You
    One Foot Wrong
    Please Don't Leave Me
    Bad Influence
    Crystal Ball
    It's All Your Fault
    Ave Mary A
    Glitter in the Air
    This Is How It Goes Down
    Why Did I Ever Like You
    Could've Had Everything
    Push You Away
    When We're Through

    Whataya Want from Me
    Raise Your Glass
    F*cking Perfect
    Heartbreak Down

    Are We All We Are
    Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
    Just Give Me a Reason
    True Love
    How Come You're Not Here
    Slut Like You
    The Truth About Love
    Beam Me Up
    Walk of Shame
    Here Comes the Weekend
    Where Did the Beat Go?
    The Great Escape
    My Signature Move
    Is This Thing On?
    Good Old Days
    Chaos & Piss
    The King is Dead but the Queen is Alive

    Beautiful Trauma
    Whatever You Want
    What About Us
    But We Lost It
    Where We Go
    For Now
    Better Life
    I Am Here
    Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
    You Get My Love

    (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime
    Walk Me Home
    My Attic
    90 Days
    Hurts 2B Human
    Can We Pretend
    We Could Have It All
    Love Me Anyway
    Circle Game
    The Last Song of Your Life

    Bridge of Light
    Today's the Day
    Just Like Fire
    Setting the World On Fire
    A Million Dreams
    Halfway Gone
    White Rabbit

    Please let me know if you're having trouble finding songs or I have missed anything obvious. All missing songs are linked above.

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  2. [​IMG]

    3.63 143. Revenge
    4.64 142. You Get My Love
    4.71 141. Here Comes the Weekend
    4.73 140. Hooker
    4.98 139. Waterfall
    5.36 138. Misery
    5.51 137. Free
    5.57 136. I Have Seen the Rain
    5.61 135. Hiccup
    5.61 134. Is It Love?
    5.67 133. Setting the World on Fire
    5.69 132. The Truth About Love
    5.70 131. Do What U Do
    5.73 130. Let Me Let You Know
    5.76 129. Today's the Day
    5.78 128. The One That Got Away
    5.85 127. Words
    5.87 126. Bridge of Light
    6.00 125. A Million Dreams
    6.01 124. Halfway Gone
    6.02 123. Crash & Burn
    6.07 122. Delirium
    6.08 121. Love Me Anyway
    6.09 120. The Last Song of Your Life
    6.09 119. Hustle
    6.10 118. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
    6.11 117. Stop Falling
    6.11 116. Gone to California
    6.14 115. Why Did I Ever Like You?
    6.17 114. Catch-22
    6.19 113. Beam Me Up
    6.32 111. Chaos & Piss
    6.32 111. Love is Such a Crazy Thing
    6.32 110. Unwind
    6.37 108. Tonight's the Night
    6.37 108. Push You Away
    6.37 107. Could've Had Everything
    6.42 106. How Come You're Not Here
    6.42 105. Private Show
    6.43 104. Circle Game
    6.44 103. Courage
    6.49 102. Respect
    6.49 101. Better Life

    6.54 100. I Am Here
    6.56 99. Leaving for the Last Time
    6.58 98. For Now
    6.61 97. M!ssundaztood
    6.63 96. Can't Take Me Home
    6.65 95. Just Like Fire
    6.69 94. But We Lost It
    6.75 93. Good Old Days
    6.76 92. Just Give Me a Reason
    6.77 91. Can We Pretend
    6.78 90. My Vietnam
    6.78 89. Mean
    6.82 88. When We're Through
    6.83 87. White Rabbit
    6.89 86. Eventually
    6.92 85. The Great Escape
    6.93 84. Crystal Ball
    6.94 83. One Foot Wrong
    6.94 82. Slut Like You
    6.95 81. Split Personality
    6.95 80. Disconnected
    7.01 79. More
    7.04 78. Dear Diary
    7.05 77. Try Too Hard
    7.09 76. The King is Dead but the Queen is Alive
    7.10 75. Heartbreak Down
    7.11 74. Waiting for Love
    7.15 73. Walk of Shame
    7.16 72. Hell Wit Ya
    7.17 71. True Love
    7.19 70. Hurts 2B Human
    7.21 69. Run
    7.24 68. Numb
    7.24 67. We Could Have It All
    7.26 66. Love Song
    7.30 65. My Attic
    7.31 64. Walk Away
    7.32 63. Are We All We Are
    7.33 62. Is This Thing On?
    7.38 61. Where We Go
    7.40 60. Where Did the Beat Go?
    7.44 59. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
    7.45 58. Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
    7.46 57. My Signature Move
    7.51 56. Lonely Girl
    7.52 55. Walk Me Home
    7.54 54. Save My Life
    7.56 53. This Is How It Goes Down
    7.58 52. Oh My God
    7.61 51. 18 Wheeler

    7.62 50. Nobody Knows
    7.64 49. Barbies
    7.71 48. Humble Neighborhoods
    7.76 47. Secrets
    7.76 46. Boring
    7.80 45. Centerfold
    7.81 44. You Make Me Sick
    7.81 43. Raise Your Glass
    7.81 42. (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime
    7.83 41. Fucking Perfect
    7.84 40. I Got Money Now
    7.86 39. Ave Mary A
    7.96 38. 90 Days
    7.98 37. Stupid Girls
    8.05 36. Bad Influence
    8.06 35. Dear Mr. President
    8.06 34. Feel Good Time
    8.16 33. Fingers
    8.24 32. Last to Know
    8.30 31. There You Go
    8.32 30. Whataya Want From Me
    8.38 29. Get the Party Started
    8.39 28. Runaway
    8.46 27. Cuz I Can
    8.47 26. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
    8.48 25. Funhouse
    8.49 24. Glitter in the Air
    8.51 23. Heartbreaker
    8.55 22. What About Us?
    8.58 21. Beautiful Trauma
    8.59 20. God is a DJ
    8.66 19. Trouble
    8.69 18. So What
    8.70 16. It's All Your Fault
    8.70 16. Timebomb
    8.71 15. Whatever You Want
    8.74 14. I'm Not Dead
    8.83 13. Most Girls
    8.86 12. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
    8.86 11. Please Don't Leave Me
    8.87 10. Happy
    9.02 09. Try
    9.10 08. Long Way to Happy
    9.22 07. Family Portrait
    9.24 06. I Don't Believe You
    9.39 05. Don't Let Me Get Me
    9.59 04. Sober
    9.73 03. Who Knew
    9.74 02. U + Ur Hand
    9.75 01. Just Like a Pill


    7.84 I'm Not Dead
    7.77 Greatest Hits... So Far!!!
    7.76 Funhouse
    7.37 M!ssundaztood
    7.15 Try This
    7.06 Hurts 2B Human
    7.05 The Truth About Love
    6.87 Beautiful Trauma
    6.70 Can't Take Me Home

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  3. Voters

    Happiest Girl
    Hurricane Drunk
    Lost Boy
    Music is Life
    Sail On
    Sapnu Puas
    The Hot Rock
    Untouchable Ace

    Total: 36.

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  4. So in for this! It does mean that I will have to get on with listening to the last 2 albums...
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  5. Fully expecting the majority from the last 2 albums to get 4 and 5s.

    I'm in for the golden years.
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  6. This is an eleven contender though.
  7. Oh nice, I just checked Spotify and had no idea they put up so many of her b-sides on there. Will get stuck into this tomorrow, looking forward to hearing Hurts 2B Human for the first time after seeing the reception on here was surprisingly positive. There's a lot of songs to get through so I will at least provide commentary for my 11 and 0.

    Definitely gunning for I'm Not Dead, Try This and the Truth About Love bonus tracks to triumph.
  8. I really want to do this, I'm just hoping I have the time management to pull it off.
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  9. I might do this. Love the no-zero rule; if any rate was going to attract attention-seekers who give out dozens of zeroes, it was this one.
  10. I would have done a singles rate but I shall watch this!
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  11. Looking forward to this! Never actually listened to her first and last albums, as well as to a lot of the extras, so it should be nice to make some discoveries.
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  12. So to take part I DM @Lost Boy with my scores? Sorry if it's a dumb question but I have always wanted to take part in rates but never quite knew how.
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  13. Yeah, copy the list and PM me your scores from 1-10 for each song. You can give one zero and one eleven, though neither are compulsory.
  14. I'm super excited about this, she does have quite an impressive discography!
    Now the big question is – which of the Eminem features deserves my zero points? Hmmm...
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  15. I didn't even know there were more than one. I just looked it up and that makes me realise I've never actually listened to The Truth About Love in full.
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  16. Ok y'all

    You can all set fire to the last two albums and I won't care BUT

    This is one of her strongest songs and I will riot if you mistreat it. My 11 is already set in stone but this song needs respect. Thank you for coming to my TEDxTalk.
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  17. The melodies in this still make me quiver.
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  18. A long overdue rate for this amazing artist, such a justice we're finally getting it.
    So happy(.mp3) that this is happening!

    Now, a month to rate and comment all of the songs, and it will both be tough and a pleasure to do that.
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  19. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I haven’t listened to most P!nk albums in full. Any suggestions for a listening order? Chronological? Classics first?
  20. Different people will tell you different things. What singles do you like? I’d say go chronologically because it’s nice seeing the development between each. The first four are so wildly different and great.
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