Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

"Whataya Want from Me" did really good, considering which album it's from, and is my second favorite song from greatest hits, after "Fucking Perfect". Quite deserving, but ideally it would've around #50 for me.

It's a pity that "Get the Party Started" left, but it isn't surprising.
The story behind it iconic, just as the song itself. It should've been top 20.
Gotta say I'm a bit surprised to see Get The Party Started out before Blow Me. I personally think both charted too high in this rate anyways.

Y'all keep treating opinion as fact when I'm presenting you the results right here.

P!nk lead singles so far:

29. Get the Party Started
31. There You Go
37. Stupid Girls
43. Raise Your Glass
55. Walk Me Home


What About Us
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
So What

If I had to eliminate the remaining leads they'd go in this order

Blow Me > So What > What About Us and Trouble making top 10. Also just checked my score for Trouble and I made an error with the score I gave it, I had meant to change it and forgot to... Suddenly the clown is me

I'd never really thought about it, but looking at that list I'd say her best debut single is actually Trouble.
Definitely followed by There You Go for me
I'm blown away 'Get The Party Started' has gone already. It's not my favourite at all, but even I would place it top 20! Wow.

Randomly I heard the "Sweet Dreams remix" for the first time recently. It's... something.
Just realized that we don't have any Linda Perry produced songs in this rate. A bit tragic...

Speaking of "Get the Party Started" remixes, the "Sweet Dreams" one is excellent - I adore how she changed the melody in parts:

I love it as much as the original.
Yeah not bothered about Get The Party Started going at this point. A fun song but nowhere near her best to be quite honest.
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28. Runaway
Average score: 8.39
Highest score: 10x6 @happiestgirl, @Hurricane Drunk
@playboy69, @Txetxu, @P'NutButter, @Lost Boy
Lowest score: 6x3 @Verandi, @abael, @Laurence

I might have nowhere left to go
But I know that I cannot go home
These words are trapped inside my head
Tell me to run before I'm dead
Chase the rainbows in my mind
And I will try to stay alive
Maybe the world will know one day
Why won't you help me run away?

I'm Not Dead is such a vulnerable album beneath the overtly pop blueprint, an absolute perfect successor to M!ssundaztood in tackling some serious topics that have affected Alecia throughout her life. 'Runaway' is one of them, concerning wanting to run away from everything in order to become the star she knows that she deserves. I suppose you can call it cliche considering a lot of us feel like running away at some time in our life, especially if you've grown up hiding your sexuality and believing you can only be yourself away from the things that tie you down, but that shouldn't divert from how powerful this song really is.

I could sing for change on a Paris street
Be a red light dancer in New Orleans
I could start again, choose a family
I could change my name, come and go as I please
In the dead of night, you'll wonder where I've gone
Wasn't it you? Wasn't it you?
Wasn't it you that made me run away?

Written and co-produced with, what I'm slightly realizing is her secret weapon, the great Billy Mann, it's such a powerful moment on the album that balances that intimacy of confession with the aggressive and cathartic shouting out of emotion. Sometimes it can take years to digest our traumas, or even to translate the way we felt when we were young into a more acquired palette, and it really does feel like P!nk looking back at that life but also reliving it for others to hear and I adore every second.

I think I'm realizing again why I asked for commentary to be as kind as possible. These songs can be really personal to us, for example see Txextu's commentary below, and some people are so dismissive so quickly despite that? Sometimes it's just easier to find something nice to say instead. Just because P!nk is a grown woman doesn't mean she can't revisit her childhood in moments like this and sometimes it's really important to people like me. Though not trying to judge or shame anyone here either! It's all love.

Commentary corner:
@Txetxu: (10) I actually packed to leave my home after my mother discovered I was gay. I never left because she hugged me before sleep time that very night. Runaway packs up several bittersweet moments for me

@P'NutButter: (10) The double chorus gives me goosebumps every time.

@JMRGBY88: (9.5) always makes me cry.

@Maki: (9.5) This one is so good. The beautiful, mellow verses build up to the explosive chorus. Although this story never happened to P!nk (maybe she thought about it), her singing makes you believe it did. Thanks to that brilliant bridge, the score was boosted (even though it’s not yet a ten).

@Music Is Life: (9) I really love the production to this as well as the chorus, or pre-chorus or whatever those parts are, especially the melody of those parts. This isn’t one of my all-time favorites on this album but it’s still a great song.

@savilizabeths: (9) “The mix of guitar and piano immediately sound gorgeous. I think my favourite part is the second bit of the chorus. Its lyrics are so powerful. Sometimes I felt like this when I was younger and it really hits hard. I love this more and more every time I hear it.”

@R27: (8.5) My angsty teen self lived for this, despite being raised by loving and generally supportive parents. I'm not dead is the quintessentially mid-noughties sad boy/sad girl pop album for me, and I mean that in the best way possible.

@rick: (8) Remember when you’d have an argument with your mum and you told her you were going to run away to be with people who cared about you so you went to the local park for 2 hours until you got bored. Mood

@abael: (6) You're not dead Pink, but that doesn't mean you aren't too old for songs like this.
I'm a bit sad to see "Runaway" leave, but it's not surprising, because it was called quite a few times. Actually, it's done really well.

To reflect on my commentary, P!nk actually ran away from home a lot during her teens; no wonder how emotional her delivery is and the lyrics are brilliant.
It's an amazing song structurally, too - it would've probably been a 10 from me had I voted now.

And how about stop eliminating my higher scores? Actually, only two remaining songs are below an 8, so I can't really complain.
I adore Runaway, although the middle 8 did always feel a little out of place for me, which is why I didn't score it a bit higher. On the topic of first singles, I'd be fine if all of them left before the top 20, as I believe with the exception of Blow Me they are my lowest remaining scores. I know that's not going to happen though.
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27. Cuz I Can
Average score: 8.46
Highest score: 10x9
@Sanctuary, @JMRGBY88, @soratami, @Verandi, @Dnaiel_O
@tylerc904, @Sideout, @happiestgirl, @Music Is Life
Lowest score: 5 @Duppe
My score: 9.5

So I'll cash my checks and place my bets
And hope I'll always win
Even if I don't, I'm fucked because I live a life of sin
But it's alright, I don't give a damn
I don't play your rules, I make my own
Tonight I'll do what I want
‘Cuz I can

Could anyone else really pull off such an abrasive electro calling to ownership and self-worth? Produced by Max Martin, this was released as a promo single from the album and lyrically revolves around living a lifestyle filled with everything you need. It's an absolute ride from start to finish and is the bigger, louder sister to 'I Got Money Now' in that it tackles a similar subject but hasn't quite hit the melancholy yet.

One of the things I love about her is how she can tackle the same narrative in a multitude of ways, this entitled anthem perhaps sounding contrived if not for the songs she has released around it. It's basically just a really cool song in which she excudes big dick energy.

Commentary corner:

@JMRGBY88: (10) the epitome of the P!nk spirit. ICE CREAM ICE CREAM WE ALL WANT ICE CREAM

@Verandi: (10) Imagine releasing Nobody Knows insteas of this. Imagine.

@tylerc904: (10) This album really was jam packed with single options. What a banger!

@Music Is Life: (10) LOVE this dance-rock braggy stomper of a song. Only P!nk could put “ice cream, ice cream, we all want ice cream.” into a song and make it work.

@Maki: (9.75) Cheeky P!nk is at her best here, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Similarly to “Stupid Girls”, it is fun and addictive and has a bit more poppy vibe than the rest of the album. I keep humming it after listening to it. This should’ve been an official single, not just a promotional one.

@rick: (9) Loses a half point for ‘diamonds all over my teefs’

@Laurence: (8) Cool track? Kinda edm with that horn? thing in the background. Works.

@abael: (8) It relies on its chorus, probably for it's best as it does go off.

@R27: (7.75) I'm not usually a fan of pinks more obnoxious numbers but this is a bop and it gets my seal of approval, ice cream line and all.

@savilizabeths: (7) “The intro bit always makes me laugh. She’s so ridiculous and funny. I love her. It’s one of those braggadocios songs and it’s pretty fun for that. It’s also quirky and strange. I’m not in love with it, but it’s enjoyable.”

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