Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

All these amazing songs leaving on the last two days (at least none of them were my 10's).

"Cuz I Can" is among her brattiest, yet most effective songs. I adore that chorus! Should've been in the top 20 at least.

And I love how you tied it with "I Got Money Now", @Lost Boy! Put these two songs tnext to each other, and you have an example of how an artist can write and deliver similar theme in two completely different, yet amazing ways - brilliant!

I can't believe that this still holds true:
Also, the order in which the songs from "I'm Not Dead" (standard version) are being eliminated so far exactly matches the order in the 'poprock ladies' rate.
That means that the title track may be in danger (my only remaining 10 for a song that isn't a single).

Surprised that "Happy" is holding on so well - I thought it would leave about 10 eliminations ago.
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Right let's crack on and get to that top twenty shall we?


26. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Average score: 8.47
Highest score: 10x8
@Reboot @rick@tylerc904
@Laurence @Sideout @Music Is Life @HollyDunnSomething @əʊæ
Lowest score: 4 @Sprockrooster
My score: 9.5

No more sick whiskey dick
No more battles from me
You'll be calling a trick
'Cause you no longer sleep
I'll dress nice, I'll look good
I'll go dancing alone
I will laugh, I'll get drunk
I'll take somebody home

Let's get one thing straight; I've seen too many people crying out for this to leave, as though it doesn't deserve its position. It does, and you can't convince me otherwise! Is it loud and abrasive? Hell yes, but it's also just a total rush and a more refine pop-rock sound than she's ever had before. It has hooks oozing out of every orifice, from the 'Eyes on fire! Eyes on fire!' bridges to the smooth as hell 'Blow me one last kIiiIiiisssss'.

Sometimes I hear a song and I can imagine how much fun it was to create in the studio, this is another one of them. I can practically hear her bouncing around the studio in a cathartic expression of RA RA FUCK YOU emotion. The vocal delivery is absolutely top notch and truly stands up to the kitchen sink production, so much so that it's a ride scream singing this alongside her just as 'So What' was. Really one of her very best.

Scoring wise there's pretty much a consistent spread of 7,8 & 9... then Sprock's low 4. Which to me clearly indicates how well this song does its job despite the aggressiveness.

Commentary corner:
@rick: (10) I don’t care about the childish title, the song is a smash.

@Laurence: (10) Yeah this is where the album should start. I like it, pretty hostile kinda track and it just flows well. Love it. Great line.

@tylerc904: (10) This was the last P!nk single that I truly stanned at the time of release. I played it so much when it came out and I still think it knocks. Sure the chorus is screechy but I like to screech right along.

@Music Is Life: (10) This has always been of my favorites since it first came out. I just love everything about it, though I’m not 100% sure why. It was the perfect lead single for this album too.

@Sail On: (9.25) Truly a blast of adrenaline and fun. I think while definitely P!nk used the template from I’m Not Dead and Funhouse on this album, she definitely used it for fun, from a place of happiness (compared to her state when recording Funhouse). Yeah, it takes a while to warm up to the “shit day” post-chorus. But, knowing she wanted this to just be called “Blow Me,” you can’t take it too seriously.

@Maki: (9) This is so catchy, especially the chorus, that I can’t help not loving it. Perfect song for radio, which rightfully became a hit. The incredibly high vocals are impressive. It can get slightly annoying, which is why I don’t play it very often, but it’s really well crafted pop song.

@R27: (9) Right before my second year of cegep started I broke my foot and couldn't take the bus, so my mom would usually drive me to and from my classes for the first half of my semester. This song would play all the time and while she was initially taken aback by the fact P!nk was saying "shit day" we both got really into the song and would blast it on our rides together

@savilizabeths: (9) “An absolute pop bop. This is a complete gut punch of a song. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it never fails to make me happy, especially on an album as unpleasant as this one.”

@JMRGBY88: (8) I remember the announcement for this and thinking we were getting another Stupid Girls/So What and being quite pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t as ‘funny’ as those songs. Points knocked off for a couple of bad lyrics.

@abael: (7) Has the usual joys of a Pink track, but I find the chorus sorta weak, and is written poorly.

@Verandi: (7) Mr. Kurstin overproducing? Groundbraking.

@The Hot Rock: (6) Love the second half of the chorus before it loops back to the first part and I kinda wish that was part of a song I liked more overall.

@Sprockrooster: (4) A very shit first single for Pink standards and basically killing her standom status for me and the accompanying album. Killed so much not even 'Try' could resurrect it. That screechy chorus and trend-chasing dancepopfeel are not it for me.

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Not too torn up about this elimination personally, but I am surprised to see it gone before some of the other stuff still here.

@Lost Boy my commentary for this one seems to be missing? Just a heads up.
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25. Funhouse

Average score: 8.48
Highest score: 10 x 8
@soratami @Daniel_O @rick @Remorque
@happiestgirl @Music Is Life @Maki @savilizabeths
Lowest score: 5 @sapnu puas
My score: 8.75

I've called the movers
Called the maids
We'll try to exorcise this place
Drag my mattress to the yard
Crumble tumble house of cards

I have always considered the title track from this album to be majorly disliked, so I've been really happy watching it maintain a high placement throughout the rate. Its lowest score being a five, it really does show the real consistent quality of the album throughout.

P!nk explained that the song is about burning the fucking boxes down when you can't fit into them, and making entirely new ones. Despite the upbeat presentation and generally bouncy production, I find it to be a fairly harrowing sentiment about how our favourite places can become haunted houses with unwanted memories.

Describing the track herself, she said:

That was dark. I hadn’t been at my house in a really long time since Carey and I had broken up. I had to go there one night and I had to crawl through the doggy door because I didn’t have a key. Just walking through the halls, it was like a museum. It was just crazy. I went to the studio the next day and told Tony Kanal from No Doubt, and he was like, 'That's a song.

So perhaps it's the literal lyrical content but I do see this as the little sister to 'Beautiful Trauma' and I think that its pretty different for her at this point in time, the balancing between genres a real masterclass in pop songwriting. Also as @JMRGBY88 points out in his commentary the recent mix she's been performing of it is an EASY 10.

Commentary corner:

@Maki: (10) One of the first songs I've heard by P!nk. And there's a little story behind it. I was at my cousin's birthday party about 10 years ago and they played a game 'Just Dance'. The song that was playing immediately caught my ear and as soon as I got home, had to search the lyrics of the song and find it. I didn't even know that it was P!nk who sang it. Perhaps that's how my love towards her begun (or it was that SpongeBob episode). Anyways, this is immensely catchy throughout, and the countdown part is so fun; probably her best title track. Always loved everything about it, plus that slight nostalgic feel I get when listening to it, result in an instant 10.

@savilizabeths: (10) “I remember hearing this for the first time when I was younger and I thought the lyrics were hilarious. I wasn’t actually the biggest fan back then, no idea why. Now I just love this. The metaphor is really well done and the song is just a catchy masterpiece. I just want to dance to it, and parts of it always make me laugh a little in a good way. Particularly the way she says “fun” before the bridge."

@rick: (10) Deserved x

@abael: (8) This score is nearly completely running on nostalgia. If I heard it for the first time, the score would be half it is

@JMRGBY88: (7.5) I really like the mix she’s doing recently with Just A Girl mixed in but I never listen to this. There’s not enough punch in it for me.

@R27: (7.25) This has actually aged really well sonically for me. The evil clowns metaphor is a little juvenile, but this is a fun little jam and the middle 8 is a nice little twist.

@The Hot Rock: (6) Unique for a P!nk single but pretty annoying.

@sapnu puas: (5) this has always been trash but it is catchyish
Yeah both needed to go at this point. A top20 without Glitter In The Air, What About Us and Happy would be ideal to me but there's nothing I actively hate that's left now.
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Judging by the low number of 11s so far I fully expect Who Knew to win by a landslide with at least ten of them.

Y’all are too easy to predict.
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24. Glitter in the Air
Average score: 8.49
Highest score: 10x10
@Sanctuary @JMRGBY88 @Sprockrooster @Reboot @P'NutButter
@Lost Boy @rick @Sail On @LiK @savilizabeths
Lowest score: 4 @tylerc904

Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone?
Your whole life waiting on the ring to prove you're not alone
Have you ever been touched so gently you had to cry?
Have you ever invited a stranger to come inside?

What a fucking tragedy. How dare the voters allow such a career peak, one of her finest moments, to not even sneak in to the top twenty. Despite numerous displays of distinct lack of taste, particularly when it comes to P!nk displaying emotion among a more minimalist production, I really did expect this to be pretty unanimous in its appeal.

Now you'll struggle to find someone who doesn't hold commendable levels of praise for her monumental Grammy's performance, and I simply will not allow commentary that suggests praise for that moment is anything less than earned. I've voiced my opinion on the performance plenty of times before but in short: what a fucking moment. Truthfully pushing her into a territory of her own, it marked a real underdog moment in which P!nk forced everyone to stand to attention and take note of her sheer talent. The fact that the song rocketed into the top 20 on the back of this performance speaks volumes, it might be my favourite performance of all time:

I won't entertain silly commentary about how her 'acrobatics' have become stale and old because that's simply a disservice to a wonderful art form. If anything, this performance showed how well dance and movement can translate emotion. There she is, dangling above the audience and singing her heart out, with every single tiny movement under scrutiny and translating this desperately intimate atmosphere. Almost supernatural in its delivery, she walks with a confidence earned through years of practice, sings with an understanding of her every intention and turns a cold cheek to that current Brat! image she had maintained.

It's difficult to talk about the song without talking about the performance, but such a performance wouldn't have worked without the sparsely produced and vulnerable list of questions. In a way, her career has revolved around questions. What about us? Why me? Do you love me? And she even admits that half of these questions remain unanswered to her. I find the sentiment here just as beautiful as the lyricism itself, which manages to be hyper-specific (see the downright gorgeous middle-8) whilst also presenting a life behind riddles. Quite honestly I think this might be one of the best closing ballads to an album of all time, and its just so powerfully understated. With only one belting moment, reserved for the 'realist' part of the song, it's as though she is piercing through the clouds that have been built throughout.

Commentary corner:

@Sprockrooster: (10) It starts off a bit average everytime, but then grow fast on you during playing. Especially by the 'sugar'-part. Then I watch the grammy-performance and am in complete awe. Honestly there are a handful of performance I seek out many times to watch (Anastacia's Amandla -- Gaga's Paparazzi at VMA's -- Aerosmith's Dream On at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -- Mariah's Fly Like A Bird at the Grammy's) and this one is a fantastic roundup for that top 5.

@rick: (10) Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckk it’s gorgeous. If I could have two 11s this would be the second

@savilizabeths: (10) “What a gorgeous piano ballad! The lyrics are absolutely breathtaking. I love how she sings really breathlessly when she’s talking about holding your breath. It’s also an inspirational song in a way, it makes me want to really live my life. God, another beautiful discovery.”

@P'NutButter: (10) adored this song the first time I heard it

@Reboot: (10) This is so soft and sweet.

@Txetxu: (9.5) Definitely touching.

@Music Is Life: (9.5) When I first got into her music, this song didn’t seem all that great to me, but it has since grown into a favorite and I now realize that it’s a perfect closer for this album. I love the melody throughout, especially on the choruses, and the lyrics really do make you think, and are relatable at the same time. Love this so much. And then of course, there’s the performances she did throughout the era. Blow me away every time.

@R27: (8.75) It's become a P!nk tradition to end her albums with an introspective ballad and this remains the benchmark for me. It's so tender, sweet, and comfortable. I described "Crystal Ball" as the calm before the storm, and this feels like the aftermath where everything, for at least a few precious moments is calm and safe. Things will inevitably become chaotic once more, but for now everything is blissfully settled and still.

@sapnu puas: (8) I know this song has thatperformance but I wouldn’t classify it as top tier Pink. The bridge is delicious though SUGARRRRRRR

@abael: (8) A song performed so well you are quickly swept up in the drama before giving the (kinda corny) lyrics much scrutiny.

@nikkysan: (8) The Grammys performance is iconic. It’s unfair for how much flack she gets for doing the arial acrobatics in her performances, because it really takes an insane amount of talent to hang in the air and sing live, and I guess if say, Gaga, did it the forum would gag over and over again no matter how much she did it.

@Maki: (7) I'm a bit indecisive here, since this has always been a bit boring for me. Her vocals and lovely lyrics are undeniable, but it takes too long to get to the best part - that is 'la, la, la...' and onwards. That live performance is a 11/10, though.

@Verandi: (7) Pretty. Just… pretty.