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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. I would have made a celebratory post about Blow Me finally leaving, but everything is now overshadowed by Glitter in the Air. Everything about that song is immaculate. Thank God Blow Me did not outrank it.
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  2. "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" is another song that should've made top 20, out of the remaining ones. It's not an unfair elimination, even though I love it.
    Listening to it again after quite some time made me realize what an earworm it is; such a catchy and powerful song. My 9 still stands because it doesn't have a great replay value; one listen in a while is enough for me.
    And I don't get how anyone could have very differing opinions on it and "Timebomb" - both are cut from the same cloth. But I agree that "Timebomb" is better.

    A bit sad that "Funhouse" left, even though that's not surprising. It's for sure in my top 10 out of the remaining tracks and should've done even better.
    I love how some of the commentary has a nostalgia-inducing feel with "Funhouse" that is very similar to mine.
    And I constantly forget that Tony Kanal produced the song - what an amazing producer he is. I wish Gwen would work with him again.
    Plus, that "Just a Girl" pairing is awesome!

    I'm not keen on displaying my age, but I can give you a hint: I was around when P!nk debuted, but I wasn't born before Choice had disbanded.
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  3. LiK


    Wow I did not expect this to not crack top 15 much-less the top 20. Sometimes this rate goes off the rails & this definitely one of those moments.
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  4. "Glitter in the Air" is a weird one for me. First of all, I definitely did underscore it a bit. I mean, giving it a 7 in comparison with my other scores made it almost on the same level as some songs like "Can We Pretend", which is surely not the case. Had I voted now, it probably would've been an 8.
    The song itself unravels with time, that culmination bridge is brilliant and totally lifts the song for me.
    Still, lyrics aside, it's not that convincing melodically and it's nowhere near my P!nk immaculate ballads collection. It doesn't evoke that feeling in me that some of her masterpiece ballads do.
    It does feel odd that "Glitter in the Air" just missed the top 20 placement, but it was my second lowest remaining score, so I can only be satisfied with its elimination.

    And that performance... Yeah, it's very likely my favorite live performance of all time. I can't describe it in words except for one: perfection.

    This better not refer to "Family Portrait" and "I Don't Believe You", among others.
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  5. R27


    I thought I had given Blow Me and 8 not a 9, but I suppose it's not a big difference in the grander scheme of things. An appropriate place for it to bow out at, even though I would have eliminated a few other tracks first. I should have scored Glitter in the Air a bit higher. Such a lovely album closer.
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  6. [​IMG]
    23. Heartbreaker
    Average score: 8.51
    Highest score: 11 @Txetxu
    @Sanctuary @JMRGBY88 @P'NutButter @tylerc904
    @Lost Boy @Sideout @Music Is Life @HollyDunnSomething
    Lowest score: 4 @Laurence

    Temporary happiness is like waiting for the knife
    'Cause I'm always watchin' for someone to show their darker side
    So maybe I'll sit back and just enjoy all this for now
    Watch it all play out, see if you really stick around

    But there's always this one question
    That keeps me up at night
    Are you my greatest love
    Or disappointment in my life?

    'Heartbreaker' appeared on the platinum edition of I'm Not Dead, though was first released as a b-side to 'Stupid Girls' which is slightly hilarious considering how much this has outplaced it. Produced by Greg Wells and, wait for it, Kara DioGuardi (who had a hand in 'Sober' too), it's certainly strong enough to have featured on the main album or even be released as a single in its own right.

    This has always been a favourite of mine because of the way it delicately balances the anxiety that comes with real love, and I think it's a much more nuanced take to the TRUE LOVE HURTS! mentality she typically takes, with a dramatic but timeless production behind all of it. I actually do get it mixed up time-wise with Funhouse all the time because it has this maturity and polish that really came a few years later, so I definitely think it helped inform her future path at least.

    Some may call the lyrics a tad melodramatic but they are so razor sharp that sometimes it actually hurts to read. Also this leaves 'Timebomb' as the last remaining bonus song.

    Commentary corner:
    @Txetxu: (11) This should have been the little album opener for "I'm Not Dead". The melody line, the whole being insecure about the prospect of a brand new love, the lyrics, the punch of the massive stomping chorus, the delicious belting she does in the bridge....I have screamed to this one. I have cried to this one. I have felt miserable on this one. I could go on a on, but I firmly stand true to my beliefs of saying this is P!nk's hidden masterpiece of a pop song.

    @JMRGBY88: (10) what a song. It’s a shame this ended up a b-side rather than getting to be on the album.

    @P'NutButter: (10) should've been on the main album, incredible track

    @tylerc904: (10) An absolute travesty that this was not on the main album. Seriously brilliant.

    @Music Is Life: (10) This fucking song. This is my favorite bonus track. It’s just…perfect. The production rocks in the best ways, and the lyrics are just written perfectly. I mean, who of us haven’t been here? I’m sure we’ve all been worried about falling for a heartbreaker, but at the same time, wanting to just enjoy the relationship. I love this song. Deserves top 10.

    @Verandi: (9) Yas at this paranoid banger.

    @Maki: (9) I don’t get back to this song often, but when I do, I love it. The guitar riff is great and the verses are lovely, but I kind of want more from the chorus. There isn’t anything to complain about, although it doesn’t reach the heights of some of the songs from this era. I can even hear the “Funhouse” album undertones here, like it’s a prelude to what’s about to come. Why it wasn’t included on the standard version of the album?

    @Reboot: (9) Bop! Great chorus.

    @savilizabeths: (8) “I actually relate to this anxiety. I’m always anxious about everything. Every now and again, especially awhile ago, I worry about whether my partner will leave despite how in love we feel. I think I’ve become a lot more comfortable and secure in my relationship though, so I’m glad I don’t relate as much anymore.”

    @abael: (8) Pop-Rock Pink just makes sense, and Heartbreaker checks all the boxes for a hit.

    @rick: (7) Nice hidden gem

    @abael: (4) Not a fan... A bit boring
  7. Imagine describing Heartbreaker of all songs as ‘boring’.
  8. Timebomb being the last bonus track standing? I mean I gave it a high score but... her?
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  9. [​IMG]
    22. What About Us
    Average score: 8.55
    Highest score: 10x12
    @Lost Boy @Sprockrooster @AllGagaLike @Reboot @kal
    @Laurence @Sideout @Remorque @LiK @Music Is Life @Maki @savilizabeths
    Lowest score: 3 @The Hot Rock

    We are problems that want to be solved
    We are children that need to be loved
    We were willing, we came when you called
    But man you fooled us, enough is enough

    What about us?

    Smarter people than me write up blurbs for the results a long time in advance. Smarter people than me accurately predict what they'll feel like about a song at that time and won't have to rely on their emotions to write a little goodbye post to each song. I didn't write a single thing for these songs in advance, instead choosing to just do the artwork and listen to the songs back as they leave for the truest 'reaction' to them.

    'What About Us' is an incredibly important song to me, so much so that I couldn't put it down here into words whether I did write it all in advance or not. I understand that it's gathered its fair share of criticism, what with most comments calling it generic, and so I was always ready for this to fall out earlier than I really wanted. I always intended for this to be my eleven, until the new album came out and another song took me to places I haven't been in years.

    'What About Us' is a rallying cry for the wonky and misaligned world that is 2019 (2017 at the time of its release), designed in a way to speak to the forgotten and left behind. Taking a different approach from the angry 'Dear Mr. President' precedent, it instead turns the political personal and gauges it as one of the most personal questions you could ever face: 'What about us?'

    That's the thing: people mistake the song as trying to be something much bigger than it is. It is able to be that because of its open simplicity, able to take projections from a multitude of places, but it is about that age old question. What about me? Why is this happening to me? Why does this have to happen to me? There are so many times where I've really felt like there is some higher power actively working against me, as though despite all of my efforts I'm continuously falling down slopes that were placed there well before I arrived.

    And for people like that, for the lost and misguided, we often look for saviours. Many a political puppet has positioned themselves as such, playing voice for the voiceless when they have no intention to do so, and it ultimately leaves you broken and disenfranchised. Feeling disenfranchised is so much more than political hoo-har, it's a real state of being for millions of people - people that have looked for saviours and received absolutely nothing in return, constantly given the cold shoulder in favour of the rich and powerful.

    For me the song embodies hope and melancholy all together in a blissful mix of pain and release; it's a song I've wept to, a song I've danced to until I can barely breathe, a song I've blasted out of the car windows until the floor of my car shook. Coming out at a really, really difficult time for me in which I was working at a horrific place where I felt underappreciated and bullied, I looked to this song for comfort and understanding. As several of my family members passed, and then my childhood dog, this song tapped into parts of me that no other song ever has. It allowed me to open up emotionally, explore my own grief and pain and its place in the world. For a while, it helped me feel less alone.
    Vocally this is the best she's ever sounded to me. It really did, and still does, feel like a true delivery that builds on her entire career so far to me.

    That's why I burst out crying to it watching her perform it this year. Thousands and thousands of people, all singing along to this in a cacophony of human emotion - the forgotten gathered together to share in her talent and love. The fact she preceded it with a gorgeous political message set me up to cry immediately, but that feeling of not being alone really felt tenfold at that moment. And my Grandparents that had passed were there with me, my dog was with me, and I didn't feel forgotten at all.

    Plus there's the fact this was justifiably enormous around the world. I'm sure you'd agree it really did feel like another career peak for her? And it would go on to help her secure her biggest opening week in the US yet.

    Commentary corner:
    @Sprockrooster: (10) THE VOCALS. Talent. She sells it so damn well. Thank you Australia for keeping her career alive when the rest of the world kind of checked out. I can't believe this stands the test of time so well, when it sounded so much of it's time during the release.

    @Reboot: (10) GREAT song. Very special.

    @Laurence: (10) Yeah, this bombarded me when it came out and I came around to loving it, so here it is in it's 10 deserved glory. The video isa bit shit though

    @Maki: (10) This has a special place in my heart, because it was the first new song by P!nk I've listened to after finishing the rest of her discography and becoming a complete fan. Not only that, but it's such a wonderful moment in her career. Kind of a powerful 'comeback' single that is so appreciated. It's sad, yet euphoric, while the piano and guitars are combined so well. And I adore the instrumental part (and the instrumental in general). The middle-8 is brilliant; I often get goosebumps during it. I heard it several times on the radio and it sounds amazing there, too. It's apparent, but her vocal performance is astonishing. My favorite song from this album and one of her best singles (if I could only predict my disappointment in the album).

    @savilizabeths: (10) “This song has major sentiment to me. The first time I ever heard it, I hated it. I thought it was another example of Pink becoming someone who just made music for the bland mothers of the general public. Then my performing arts school assigned us this as our exam song. Immediately it was so fun to sing. I practiced every single day and began to fall in love with it. It wound up being my favourite exam piece I did. Now whenever I’m busking I sing this, whenever I go to karaoke I sing this. One day some really bad shit was going down with some authority figures at my school based around religion (it was a Christian based school) and I sang this while balling my eyes out. It really resonated in that moment. I love the production, I love Pink’s vocal performance, I love the sentiment. I went from hating this to scoring it a ten. How times change.”

    @rick: (9) Amazing but damn after a 5 year break I just wanted something with a bit more punch.

    @JMRGBY88: (8) It grew on me

    @abael: (6) Generic brand ballads. Could be sung by anyone and will stay unnoticed by everyone.

    @R27: (5.5) As seems to be typically with a lot of P!nk’s first singles, I've had so many mixed feelings about this song since first hearing. The hook is pretty simple, but it’s pretty efficient at lodging itself into your head. However, I find the production is pretty bland and, as I've made clear in some of my other commentary, her attempts to sell this as some kind of political statement has come across as shoehorned and forced for me.
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  10. "Heartbreaker" isn't an ideal elimination, but at this point, almost everything is a loss. I didn't think it would get this far, to be honest, but am glad that it did. It's such a great choice for an 11, too!
    I would've given it a 9,5 instead of a 9, mostly because, while it's undoubtedly an amazing song, I never warmed up to it fully, yet it still grew on me.
    'Amazing, but not perfect' is the best way for me to describe "Heartbreaker".

    Oh, and I didn't know that Kara DioGuardi produced that one - not wonder it's so great. There was an interview where she mentioned working with P!nk a year or two before "Funhouse" sessions began, and calling the experience 'a bit awkward'. I mean, if the result of 'awkward' is "Heartbreaker", and the crowning glory that is "Sober" comes later on, it really makes me wish she worked with P!nk way more often.

    "Timebomb" being the longest lasting bonus track is both expected and deserving. Still, "Centerfold" was right there!
  11. Cool that means you're probably around my sister's age.
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  12. Seeing What About Us live on the tour after her big montage was such a moment. Surprised @Lost Boy didn’t give ha an 11.
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  13. Of course I forgot to post it.

    What a fucking moment.

    I'm surprised I didn't too, but thought 'Happy' needed it more at the time and I fell in love with that too.
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  15. [​IMG]
    21. Beautiful Trauma
    Average score: 8.58
    Highest score: 10x8
    @Lost Boy @soratami @AllGagaLike @Verandi
    @tylerc904 @happiestgirl @Music Is Life @Duppe
    Lowest score: 3 @The Hot Rock

    You punched a hole in the wall and I framed it
    I wish I could feel things like you
    Everyone's chasing that holy feeling
    And if we don't stay lit, we'll blow out

    In our final moments before the top twenty, we lost the penultimate remaining title track: 'Beautiful Trauma'. Teaming up with complete-unknown producer Antanoff, it commits to a more dramatic and affirming production style whilst summarising the heartful moral of the album: life is fucking traumatic.

    There's something so brilliant about this, and it came right out of the basket sounding like an enormous hit. Unfortunately it would have most of its fizzle taken away by the promo strategy, and even a phenomenally underrated music video and a death defying performance on the side of a skyscraper couldn't save it.

    Can you believe the lack of videos for this performance? Homophobia at its finest. Yet more proof that she fearlessly continues to push her artistry to new levels, it featured her self-described "most terrifying performance yet" in which she sung and danced performing on the side of a building. The camera work clearly wasn't as up to the mark as she was, but there's still absolutely phenomenal choreography here that works so fucking well with the song.

    Antanoff's versatility is pretty well-known, but this is yet more proof of P!nk's ability to take collaborations and apply her own mark throughout. With hyper-specific lyricism and a stunning intimate verse style that crashes into an endlessly addictive chorus, this is one of my favourite singles of hers ever. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ENORMOUS!

    Commentary corner:
    @tylerc904: (10) I will say it bluntly: this the only P!nk song I love from the last 6 years. I enjoy quite a bit else, but nothing grabs me like this

    @Verandi: (10) Good job Jack

    @Music Is Life: (10) Great opener, great title-track, great song. Love the slow building verses, into the more upbeat pre-chorus, than slower chorus, and upbeat post-chorus. I honestly love the lyrics as well, and her voice shines here.

    @Sail On: (9.25) She scaled buildings, made that cute video, and Jack’s production gives me everything I need.

    @rick: (9) Yes Pink. Love this. Remember when Chanting Tatum used to be hot?

    @savilizabeths: (9) “I love how almost theatrical this is. There’s something so infectious and undeniable about this song. It’s not perfect but god does listening to it make me happy. The first two lyrics of the second verse are my favourite. I found myself watching the music video and that just added to my love of this. It’s so ridiculous and fun, with Pink giving off that classic bisexual energy. This verges so closely on a ten, only losing out because of a couple of less fantastic lyrics.”

    @Maki: (8.25) Really good album opener. It sounds like something that could appear on "The Truth About Love", both sonically and lyrically. The pre-chorus is the best part, it just kicks in with so much force. I wish it didn't slow down in the chorus, since it already had slower verses. It has great production, just like the rest of the album, although it has a weir effect in the verses, like some kind of echo.

    @R27: (8) This has Jack Antonoff written all over it and could have easily been a Bleachers song. Luckily, I'm a pretty big fan of The Bleachers so this works for me. Considering how weak the album was, Beautiful Trauma had a pretty decent singles run.

    @JMRGBY88: (8) The reference to the hole that Casey punched in the wall that she framed is cool. Also, getting Channing Tatum in bondage in the video? Yes please.

    @Sprockrooster: (8) Massive on first impact, but tiresome a bit fast. After a cooling down period this is alright.

    @abael: (7) Good opener, but it seems the production wasn't up to its usual standard.

    @The Hot Rock: (3) It seems Nate Ruess wasn't the only ex-fun. member to give us less than stellar music with P!nk. You know, I'll let Jack Antonoff slide since he helped give us Melodrama but god if it isn't difficult sometimes. I remember before release hearing this title for the album and being hyped for some hard hitting/profound stuff. I'm a fool.

  16. THE TOP 20:

    Most Girls
    Don't Let Me Get Me
    Just Like a Pill

    Family Portrait
    God is a DJ

    Who Knew
    Long Way to Happy
    I'm Not Dead
    Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)

    U + Ur Hand
    So What
    I Don't Believe You

    Please Don't Leave Me
    It's All Your Fault


    Whatever You Want

    Can't Take Me Home


    Try This

    I'm Not Dead


    The Truth About Love

    Beautiful Trauma


    Greatest Hits... So Far!!!

    Hurts 2B Human



    I can't believe we are at the top twenty!!!
  17. I've already made peace with the fact that Whatever You Want isn't gonna bother the top10 but Timebomb and Happy don't belong here.

    Very glad that at least It's All Your Fault reached the top20. The biggest missed single opportunity ever.
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  18. Look at Funhouse and I'm Not Dead still holding up half of the remaining! Consistency!
  19. Once again, for me P!nk's vocal on 'Heartbreaker' is why I scored it a 10. She sounds so pained and desperate on the chorus... urrgh it hits hard.

    'What About Us' has never been a favourite of mine, but it's grown on me the last few months. 'Beautiful Trauma' is great too.

    All in all, I'd maybe swap 'Timebomb' for something else, but that's a strong top 20!
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  20. So what and God is a DJ don’t belong here.

    And that’s a top 10 I can get behind. Don’t fuck it up ladies xx
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