Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

It's heartbreaking to see "What About Us" leave before top 20 (before top 10, actually), but I got used to questionable opinions in this rate. An amazing 'comeback' song that was so powerful and I'm attached to it for the reasons I mentioned in the commentary. Unfortunately, nothing on the album is up par to that song, and it's the only song from "Beautiful Trauma" that I gave a 10.

And just as I was about to say how the title track of "Beautiful Trauma" managed to outlast "What About Us", it gets eliminated. It's a great and catchy song, but I don't consider near her best singles.
It was among my lowest remaining scores, so a top 20 without it is good.
This would be a solid Top 10. Really surprised Leave Me Alone is still in, I never thought people considered that one of I’m Not Dead’s best.
I love your top 10.
And don't be surprised about "Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)" reaching top 20; in the 'poprock ladies' rate, it made top 20, too, becoming a top 3 song from "I'm Not Dead", only behind "U + Ur Hand" and "Who Knew".
But I still think it's the weakest out of the remaining five songs from "I'm Not Dead".

Although, I am a bit surprised that "Beautiful Trauma" and "Happy" are so loved (I have a feeling that the latter is leaving next for some reason).

"God Is DJ" needs to leave as soon as possible.

Most Girls
Don't Let Me Get Me
Just Like a Pill

Family Portrait
Who Knew
U + Ur Hand
I Don't Believe You

Please Don't Leave Me

Can't Take Me Home


Try This

I'm Not Dead


The Truth About Love

Beautiful Trauma


Greatest Hits... So Far!!!

Hurts 2B Human



I can't believe we are at the top twenty!!!
Now THIS is a top 10.
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20. God is a DJ
Average score: 8.59
Highest score: 10x11
@AllGagaLike @kal @tylerc904 @Laurence @Untouchable Ace
@Lost Boy @Sideout @Remorque @happiestgirl @LiK @Music Is Life
Lowest score: 3.5 @sapnu puas

I've been a girl with her skirt pulled high
Been the outcast never running with mascara eyes
I see the world as a candy store
With a cigarette smile saying things you can't ignore
Like, Mommy I love you
Daddy I hate you
Brother I need you
Lover hey fuck you

Well fuck the lot of you calling for this, it made top twenty! I really had no idea I'd end up being one of the solitary champions of such a classic, especially this nostalgic gay anthem that appeared on the soundtrack for 'Mean Girls'. At complete odds with the angst-rock of 'Trouble', 'God...' is a storming dance-rock epic about proclaiming your excitement and love for life.

Basically the embodiment of empowerment anthem, years before they'd become popular, I've always regarded this as one of her strongest ever singles. Melodically flawless, it skips along, without missing a single beat, in timeless fashion. Weddings, hen dos, parties, touring - it works everywhere.

The phenomenal Billy Mann described how this came to be to Variety:

You know how it is when you’re ‘Philly’ and one of our own starts popping? I was a fan,” says Mann. After an introduction, a friendship emerged in Los Angeles,. “I had the hook of ‘God Is a DJ’ in my head, which felt perfect for Alecia,” says Mann of the moving single from “Try Me,” their first album together. “We met at noon in LA and within 15 minutes, we were drinking whiskey, smoking and it was all Philly We finished ‘God Is a DJ’ together and it began. That was 15 years ago.”

Honestly there's a power and cheekiness with this that other empowerment anthems wish they could tap into. Between the bratty lyricism, the smooth as silk chorus and the uplifting production... Perfection. Play this at my funeral.

Commentary corner:

@Music Is Life: (10) I don’t understand this idea that this isn’t one of her best singles/songs? It’s completely amazing. The melody, especially the chorus, gets stuck in my head all the time, the lyrics are a whole lot of fun, without being annoying, the production makes me wanna dance my ass of and rock out at the same time, and her adlibs are amazing. I mean, “God wants you to shake your ass!”? A-MA-ZING.

@tylerc904: (10) I always think of Mean Girls when I hear it. I’m still surprised the U.S. didn’t take to it (or Trouble for that matter).

@Sail On: (9.5) I won’t lie, the Mean Girls inclusion of this track definitely bumps this.

@Sprockrooster: (9) She is serving in the music video

@R27: (9) I love this. God wants you to shake you're ass is a total mood.

@savilizabeths: (9) “Maybe Mean Girls brainwashed me into liking this song? It’s a bop though, okay?

@abael: (9) Just that little bit too cheesy to fully back this gold track.

@Reboot: (8) Not as good as I thought it was during the time of its release, but still good.

@rick: (7.5) The verses are jarring to sing along too but otherwise a perfectly serviceable song

@Maki: (6.75) Never been a fan of this song, but it actually grew on me. The production is really good and lyrics are really imaginative and interesting, but the song itself isn’t very strong. It can even be called a filler, because there are much better examples of this sound on the album. The chorus is a bit weak, which is an immediate letdown. Definitely my least favorite single from “Try This”. Actually, it’s one of my least favorite songs on the album.

@JMRGBY88: (5) I just don’t like this but it’s not as bad as the two singles that preceded it. She’d really lost me around this mark.

@sapnu puas: (3.5) I’ve always disliked this song and time has not changed my mind.
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19. Trouble
Average score: 8.66
Highest score: 10x14
@Sanctuary @soratami @Verandi @P'NutButter @kal @rick
@abael @tylerc904 @Hurricane Drunk @Laurence @Sideout @Remorque
@happiestgirl @Music Is Life
Lowest score: 2 @JMRGBY88
My score: 9.5

No attorneys to plead my case
No opiates to send me into outer space
And my fingers are bejeweled
With diamonds and gold
But that ain't gonna help me now

And so we kiss goodbye to her misaligned third album, Try This, by kicking out the Grammy winning lead single right after its follow up. Peaking at a measly #68 in the US, it marked a commercially worrying time for her despite it going on to win the Grammy for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance - an award that would become defunct right after that.

'Trouble' managing to claw its way up to here despite its relative simplicity is, to me, an enormous success. It never tries to be anything more than it is: a total personality-packed racket. From start to finish, she delivers one of the strongest distilled pop-rock songs of the time (keeping in mind this was the time of Avril Lavigne's much similar I-AM-PUNK campaign).

Apparently taken from Tim Armstrong and his band, Rancid, this was apparently passed on to her when it didn't make the cut for their album. He would go on to recreate this in 2012 (and it's so awful I'll just link it HERE) Honestly if you're not a big fan of this, give this a listen and... see what she turned out.

Speaking to MTV in 2003, he had this to say about her:

"All I know is that if people are gonna give me sh-- for working with the best woman vocalist in the world right now, then let them give me sh--," he said defiantly. "Pink is the sh--, and working with her has been all positive."

I do think P!nk doesn't get the credit she deserves for having consistently switched things up in her career to keep things excited. Despite the album being, admittedly, an admirably quickly made affair - this was a total revolution compared to the previous album; perhaps not characteristically, because P!nk has always put her personality at the forefront, but instead introducing this charismatic appeal to the masses. Before this we'd been shown both R&B P!nk and diary-entry P!nk, this would go on to inform the rest of her career in opening up that tongue-in-cheek rocker that isn't afraid to say what she wants to say... and raise a little hell while doing it.

Commentary corner:

@Verandi: (10) Imagine not loving this song. Imagine not screaming the words of this banger in your car. Imagine being proud to tank this song while your fave song is Beautiful Cause You Love Me. Imagine.

@P'NutButter: (10) Everything about this song is brilliant, the style, the humour, the video.

@rick: (10) 10/10. Impossible not to shout along

@Laurence: (10) Great track! I like this one a lot.

@tylerc904: (10) My personal runner-up. It came so close to snagging my 11 but ultimately one other song outranked it. I absolutely adore this. It’s 3 minutes of pure carefree fun.

@abael: (10) Describing Trouble as a return to form for Pink doesn't do it justice. This is waking up well rested after being pronounced dead 3 hours ago

@Music Is Life:(10) I used to just enjoy this, but not love it cause the chorus annoyed me a little. Now I see it as the absolute pop-punk JAM that it is! The melody on the verses is great, and the production rocks so hard, but still has just the little bit of pop that it needs. And when that part at 2:25 comes in with basically just her voice and drums, it’s a fucking moment. I can’t believe this wasn’t a HUGE hit everywhere. I love this.

@sapnu puas: (9) a deserved Grammy- I could not believe it! A bit too much guitar for the gays I guess?

@Maki: (9) The lead single (at least I consider it a lead single) which sums up most of the album; raspy voice, and rock, rebellious and angry tunes. That means it’s a perfect choice for a lead single, and it even won a Grammy?! Very catchy song and I love the middle-8, in all of its sparkling production. The song could’ve been twice as short or twice as long, but it still works.

@R27: (7.5) She does more telling than showing her, but who really cares when the track is this much fun?

@Reboot: (6) Catchy but basic. It’s kind of devoid of her personality.

@The Hot Rock: (5) Feels like the most ~conventional P!nk song on Try This. It's okay but not one of the best on here.

@savilizabeths: (4) “I don’t really like this that much? Am I alone in that? I really just don’t care for that chorus. It starts to annoy me pretty quick. Didn’t she win a Grammy for this? THIS? A choice, I guess.”

@JMRGBY88: (2) I’m sorry but I hate this song.

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Try This


140. Hooker
137. Free
122. Delirium
110. Unwind
108. Tonight's the Night
77. Try Too Hard
74. Waiting for Love
66. Love Song
64. Walk Away
58. Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
54. Save My Life
52. Oh My God
48. Humble Neighborhoods
34. Feel Good Time
32. Last to Know
20. God is a DJ
19. Trouble

Highest averages

@Music Is Life 9.38
@P'NutButter 8.55
@Maki 8.41
@Lost Boy 8.31
@Remorque 8.24

Lowest averages

@happiestgirl 5.06
@JMRGBY88 5.26
@Daniel_O 5.32
@HollyDunnSomething 6.00
@Hurricane Drunk 6.18