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Happy is P!nk’s best song in the last five years, so while it’s deserving of Top 20 and being the last Hurts 2B Human song left, the album itself along with Beautiful Trauma outlasting Try This is so, so wrong. Try This would still have at least four songs left at this point if I had my way.
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18. So What
Average score: 8.69
Highest score: 10x9
@Sprockrooster @Reboot @rick @tylerc904 @savilizabeths
@Laurence @Untouchable Ace @Remorque @Music Is Life
Lowest score: 5 @LiK
My score: 9

I guess I just lost my husband
I don't know where he went
So I'm gonna drink my money
I'm not gonna pay his rent (nope)
I got a brand new attitude
And I'm gonna wear it tonight
I wanna get in trouble
I wanna start a fight

Now we can categorically say that P!nk's best lead single is heartbreak anthem 'So What'. If anyone tries to suggest otherwise, point them right here. Considering the strength of it I can't say I disagree with that sentiment, and coupled with the fact it marked a repeak in her career then I consider it a popjustice!

The real strength of the song comes across in the video, where each moment of defiant bravado is similarly eclipsed with a momentary breakdown. Lyrically the song focuses almost entirely on the strength you have in the face of a breakup, an almost entirely "fuck you, I'll make it out alive" mentality, but there are introspective moments of regret and pain peaking through. We all know the double meaning of "I'm fine" in any context, and the song smartly tips that in between the consistently angry chorus. It's a cute moment of confusion in a song that presents itself with such a confidence, instilling doubt in the listener as to whether she actually believes what she's saying.

Becoming one of her most successful singles, it became her first solo number one in the US and went on to sell over 4.5 million downloads. It would also go on to be nominated for a Grammy alongside the likes of Duffy's 'Mercy', Katy's 'I Kissed a Girl' and the eventual winner 'Chasing Pavements' by Adele. Considering this followed the commercially wobbly I'm Not Dead, it really did feel like a real comeback.

Ever the queen of small-step renovation instead of Madonna-esque reinvention, the song took the blueprint of 'U + Ur Hand' and her more poppy developments and twisted them all to a ten. Though truthfully there's probably only one woman who could take a shouty divorce anthem to the global heights in this way, and that's P!nk. Especially when you consider one of the major hooks is built around a playground chant.

Commentary corner:

@savilizabeths: (10) “The chorus on this one is so powerful! It’s so fun to just scream in the car or in the club or wherever you are. The song is carefree and ridiculous in the absolute best way. This has always been a song that makes me feel on top of the world, and I adore it for that.”

@rick: (10) This song is such a rush

@rick: (10) I don’t care what anyone says. This song is a banger

@tylerc904: (10) This used to fit into that overplayed/tired category but I rarely listen to it these days, so hearing it again had me bopping all the way through.

@Laurence: (10) I like this. Pretty mompop but it's just a fun track.

@Maki: (9.25) I’m having a bit of a hard time rating this song because I’ve known it since forever, but have to be a bit objective, too. A typical P!nk single at the time, and definitely lead single material. Fun overload. It’s annoying and in-your-face, but in a good way. The verses are just infections and such an earworm. However, I always wanted a bit more from the chorus, but it’s mostly an ace.


@abael: (9) Another classic, but is showing hints of age lyrically, in 2019 this is an ex-10

@JMRGBY88: (9) we may all be sick of it now but god, the impact when this came out.

@nikkysan: (8.5) Fuck it, this is still so much fun as it was when it came out, people do way too much on it.

@sapnu puas: (6) I mean it’s objectively not great but nostalgia helps it a lil bit.

@R27: (6) I remember being so excited for P!nk when this became her first solo number despite not actually being that into the song. I still have pretty mixed feelings towards this today; the chorus goes off but the verses aren't very enjoyable and that Jessica Simpson reference already felt dated in 2008. I'll give it a 6 and call it a day.

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16. It's All Your Fault
Average score: 8.70
Highest score: 10x9
@Sanctuary @soratami @Verandi @kal
@Robsolete @happiestgirl @LiK @Music Is Life @Lost Boy
Lowest score: 5 @abael

I conjure up the thought of being gone
But I'd probably even do that wrong
I try to think about which way
Would I be able to and would I be afraid?

We lose the last remaining album track on Funhouse. 'It's All Your Fault' is the most I'm Not Dead that the album gets, a gloriously stand out in her entire career, and I know some of you are shouting at me that it was one of those AUS only releases but this deserves full single status and so I'm really not counting that.

Another epic created with the help of Max Martin and Shellback, it really shows the versatility of production styles they can supply sometimes. Despite adhering to that pop-rock soundprint we'd come to know and love from her, there's a much edgier side to this and a fantastic drum beat which ups the pace into frantic territory.

This is one of those terrifyingly relatable songs with certain lines that just really cut to the heart, especially the opening verse, but there's a great sonic palette underneath it all which makes it timeless in a sense. A real powerful moment on the album, there's definitely good reason as to why this is a fan favourite.

Commentary corner:
@JMRGBY88: (10) I can’t say anything massively eloquent to describe my love for this so I’ll just leave it with a 10.

@Verandi: (10) Eight singles from one album and nobody thought about releasing this one??? A P!nk best. Those guitars whew.

@Music Is Life: (10) I love this pop-rock, depressive banger that also mixes in some hip-hop instrumental and auto-tune, cause why the fuck not? Honestly, the lyrics cut me to the bone cause even though it wasn't a relationship that sent me there, I've been where this song is. The lyrics “I would never pull the trigger but I've cried wolf a thousand times,” are just one part of why I love this. Honestly, this is an 11 contender.

@Maki: (9.75) Best produced track of this album? Tough choice, but possibly. My favorite album track on "Funhouse". It's so well arranged, I’m so impressed by that. The necessary 'da, da, da' part are there, too. The chorus is a complete ace, and the rest of the song is nothing short of that. The middle-8 deserves a special mention; that guitar riff, those and that autotune! Amazing!

@R27: (9.5) We love a bop with genuine emotional stakes. The breakdown during the middle 8 is such a moment too.

@rick: (8) No strong feelings either way

@The Hot Rock: (8) Feels a bit upbeat P!nk by the numbers but it's still great. Fits in nicely on Funhouse since it's a bit of a mellow album.

@savilizabeths: (7) “How does P!nk always make saying “da da da” feel like it’s emotional somehow? Impressive.”

@abael: (5) The chorus helps cut through the aura of indifference, but even it is nothing special, simply a change of pace


16. Timebomb

Average score: 8.70
Highest score: 11 @nikkysan
10x7 @AllGagaLike @Untouchable Ace @LiK
@Music Is Life @əʊæ @Duppe @Lost Boy
Lowest score: 5 @playboy69

I don't wanna be flawless
When I go, I want the cuts to show
So take it, take this
Oh, you can have all of me
Take it, take this
Oh, fuck it, have everything

How do I start summarising my thoughts on this? You'll never know the level of joy I had watching this tick along in the top twenty throughout the rate, with the last set of tens pulling it back into this position. We've marked it as one of her best songs ever and unmistakably her best bonus track, which feels fair.

Tracks like this make me question the entirety of artist and label decisions. The fact that something like this could slip through so many cracks, for whatever reason, and not make it on the standard is just unfathomable. I can only possibly come up with one reason and that's how abrasive it is not working with the much softer attempts on the album, but even then I look at the success of 'Blow Me...' in all of its glory and wonder why they thought this wouldn't work.

Quite honestly I remember the first time I heard this and it stopped me in my tracks, from the opening screw fear it's contagious to the enormous chorus. Not only does she sound divine, it is a sledgehammer of emotion - kind of reminding me of a much more hardcore 'Whataya Want From Me'. Part of me wonders whether it would have worked as a single as all but to not include it at all in place of some of the songs on the album is insane.

Did we also know that apparently Willow plays the bass on this? Well, apparently she started plucking away at the bass and they either took inspiration from it or just straight up included it. We have another musical genius in our midst ladies.

Commentary corner:

@nikkysan: (11!) God, why was this only on the fucking iTunes edition? Honestly should’ve been the lead single for this album. It’s a massive banger. The explosive mix of electropop and rock, this has to be her finest work with Greg Kurstin.

@Maki: (9.5) There's no way this was considered to remain a bonus track; this could've actually been a lead single - it's such a tune! Maybe it was deemed too similar to the actual lead single, but that's not a reason to exclude it from the standard album edition. Greg's electronic production is apparent on both of the songs, but this has the same amount of potential, if not more. The chorus really is bombastic (pun not intended), and the post-chorus just continues that immensely catchy goodness. All that, but it's not a 10 from me. Why? Because there isn't that something that makes me want to go back to it very often (maybe the lack of depth in the production or something). However, I prefer it to "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" No wonder many people adore it and it's considered one of the fan favorite bonus tracks.

@savilizabeths: (9) “What a massive chorus! This is a propulsive bop. I just want to scream along to it in a live setting, though I don’t even know if she’s ever performed it. But god, it’s a great song."

@JMRGBY88: (9) the bonus tracks for this album were way better than the actual album tracks.

@sapnu puas: (9) why hide this bit of gold huh

@R27: (7.5) I enjoy a lot of the Truth About Love bonus tracks more than a good chunk of what made the actual standard edition

@rick: (6) I would have replaced this with the Eminem abomination on the album

@abael: (6) Had a promising electropop beginning, but reverted to usual rock form quickly. Thought we were covering new ground, not the case
Not It's All My Fault, it deserved that top 10 position.

I haven't spent much time with Timebomb (I actually forgot how it went until relistening to it once it was elimanted), but I think it was definitely out of its league here and she had more interesting bonus tracks I would have rather seen in its place.
This top 20 is getting a bit messy.

Not surprising, but "So What" misses the top 10, although it will always be 'the P!nk' song for me. I mean, isn't it considered her trademark song? So much nostalgia comes from it and it can be called a modern pop(rock) classic, too.
Not one of my absolute favorites, it was bouncing between 9 and 10 as my score, but it could've been a 10 (I don't really know what my comment about the chorus missing something was - it's infectious and amazing).

"It's All Your Fault" is amazing and 100% deserves to be the longest lasting "Funhouse" album track. Actually, it should've been in the top 10 out of the remaining songs. So much goodness in that song.

And "Timebomb" did extremely well for a bonus track. I've loved it from the very first listen and it still remains one of my (many) favorite bonus tracks by her. Like I've said, the only possible reason it was excluded from the standard album is because it sounds similar to "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)".
Awesome 11 pick, @nikkysan!

@Maki not giving It's All Your Fault a 10 after all the praise for it throughout this thread... I am shocked.
It deserves all the praise and, to be honest, I would've given it a 10 now. I kind of resisted because it doesn't reach the ultimate highs of the album. But 9,75 is nothing too big of a difference, although a 10 would've broken the tie with "Tinebomb" (which, in this case, got a slightly lower score than it). I guess it's all my fault.
This reminds me when I was sure you would give "I Got Money Now" a 10, but you gave it an 8.

Looking back, all of the last three eliminated songs could've been a 10 from me at some point.

On a more positive side, I didn't lose an actual 10 in the last two days. That's something.
Looking at my scores and the songs with scores that aren't 9+ are:
- Please Don't Leave Me
- Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
- Happy

All great (the lowest score for one or two of these is 8,25), but they should stay away from the top 10.