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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. I mean, the title track made sense. It was everywhere when it came out.
    It's All Your Fault absolutely should have been a single though. And it should have been top 10. Heathens.
    All 11s.
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  2. Up next: Another album gets the chop.​
  3. It better not be "Can't Take Me Home".

    "Beautiful Trauma" and "Hurts 2B Human" are the only valid option.
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  4. [​IMG]
    15. Whatever You Want

    Average score: 8.71
    Highest score: 10x11
    @Sanctuary @əʊæ @Music Is Life @AllGagaLike @Verandi
    @kal @Sail On @Sideout @sapnu puas @LiK
    Lowest score: 4 @The Hot Rock

    Whoever said that love was sweet
    Drank a little too much whiskey, baby
    Whoever said that life was easy
    Never lived anywhere near me
    I wouldn't change a thing
    'Cause you're the one I wanna sink with

    I remember my apprehension when I first heard this, believing the nonchalant "whatever you want, whatever you need" to be odd in its delivery and key compared to the rest. Now if you ask me I'll tell you it's easily one of her best ever songs, and it really only took a few more plays for it to cement that for me.

    Firstly it's eerily reminiscent of 'Just Like Fire', even melodically, and that's perhaps because Max Martin and Shellback had a hand in both. Looking at the difference in placement here for the both of them though, and wow does this trump the former.

    Melodically this is P!nk at her very best; it's jaunty and nostalgic, beautiful and melancholic, a multitude at once. With one of her strongest choruses, best vocal deliveries and a middle-8 that still gives me chills, I'm proud that it's the highest placing track from Beautiful Trauma.

    The blinding sentiment, knowing a relationship is on its way down but still wanting to toss the water out, might be scarily common but it's a complexity that the song absolutely revels in. That's when P!nk is at her best, when there's a shadow of light to contrast with the dark topics she tackles. Here she sings about her and Carey's ship sinking, and still knowing that she'd give everything she has to stay aboard and go down in his arms. It is so stunning.

    “It just punches me in the stomach every time I hear it," she told host D*n W*****n in his Bizarre Life podcast.

    “My favourite line in that song is, ‘I feel like our ship’s going down tonight but you’re the one I want to sink with’.

    Commentary corner:
    @Verandi: (10) What a song girl. What a song. But wow what a moment. A moment etc etc

    @Music Is Life: (10) Okay, this is absolutely one of the best songs on this album. It’s got a great melody throughout the entire song, and her voice absolutely shines on this. The middle-8 is perfection, and the lyrics are relatable. Love this. It was done wrong as a single, so it better not be done wrong here.

    @Maki: (9) The verses sound so much like "Just Like Fire", both in the melody and instrumental and I know I'm not the only one who thinks that. The chorus is beautiful and vocals, too, but the 'whatever you want' bit sounds a bit off (I got used to it, though). Overall, it's great song, but not one of highlights of the album.

    @savilizabeths: (9) “This really was an unexpected gem. There’s such a moody vibe to it that feels so classic Pink somehow? The chorus makes this a goddamn album standout. That hook is just so great, it keeps getting stuck in my head. I really hope this isn’t sunk too early because it’s a fantastic deep cut.”

    @R27: (8.5) Like pretty much everything from Beautiful Trauma, I wasn't a fan of this at first. However, this has grown on me tremendously since then and now it's easily one of her best post-Funhouse singles for me. Give me that early 2000s singer-songwriter chorus I didn't know I craved.

    @rick: (7.5) Yes sounds like a Kelly Clarkson album track but there’s no shame in that.

    @abael: (6) It sounds fine, but there's no passion behind this track. Tiring.

    I really do try and let the commentary speak for itself but... there's no passion behind this? Are you KIDDING me!?

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  5. [​IMG]

    Beautiful Trauma


    15. Whatever You Want
    21. Beautiful Trauma
    22. What About Us
    47. Secrets
    49. Barbies
    61. Where We Go
    94. But We Lost It
    98. For Now
    100. I Am Here
    101. Better Life
    118. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
    142. You Get My Love
    143. Revenge

    Highest averages

    9.46 @Music Is Life
    8.69 @playboy69
    8.15 @Maki
    8.02 @Lost Boy
    8 @kal

    Lowest averages

    4 @The Hot Rock
    4.46 @happiestgirl
    4.77 @əʊæ
    4.92 @R27
    5.08 @Laurence
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  6. I'm kinda happy with the last three eliminations, I like them but I don't love 'em.

    I'm still thrilled 'Barbies' did so well.
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  7. I agree with @Verandi when they said this is one of her best songs in years. I could endlessly gush about its quality and it continues to open up to me today, it's a shame that it wasn't a huge smash but I think we're at a point now where we have to accept that with her releases. Beautiful Trauma is a really important album to me, regardless of the critical opinion on it, and I kind of see 'Whatever You Want' as the enormous beating heart of it.
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  8. I mean I was expecting the elimination but for me it's easily the best thing she's done since Funhouse. Flawless song. I'm happy that at least it's the highest placing one from the album.

    Also an album average of 4 would be considered trolling from me, but that's another matter.
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  9. Dddd, this is so hard to judge. You should see what @abael did to M!ssundaztood.
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  10. "Whatever You Want" isn't among the absolute highs of "Beautiful Trauma" for me and I never deemed it 'perfect', but it's one damn good song. The chorus is lovely and my favorite part. I agree that it is a bit of a throwback to late-00's P!nk in a way. It did really well, much better than I expected.
    But "What About Us" deserved that top spot of the album.

    I was about to say this:
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  11. [​IMG]
    14. I'm Not Dead
    Average score: 8.74
    Highest score: 11 @LiK
    10x8 @JMRGBY88 @The Hot Rock @Sprockrooster @playboy69
    @Robsolete @happiestgirl @Music Is Life @Maki
    Lowest score: 6 @Laurence
    My score: 9.5

    You can do the math a thousand ways but you can't erase the facts
    That others come and others go but you always come back
    I'm a winter flower underground, always thirsty for summer rain
    And just like the change of seasons
    I know you'll be back again

    Maki's clever prediction continues to be proven right, I cannot confirm nor deny any further results adhering to the Pop Rock Ladies results... though I don't know what they are anyway.

    Self-described as her most poetic song at the time, the song is actually inspired by hers and Billy Mann's working relationship finishing up (a fact we know is untrue) and how change can be terrifying:

    "Usually it's very much more cartoon-y and blunt, the way I write songs. I don't really know diplomacy or subtlety." The song was inspired by how P!nk and producer Billy Mann felt about the end of their working relationship: "We were scared to move on from each other, after seeing how much that little bit of time together changed us, and how scary change is."

    Lyrically stunning considering it is apparently her out of her depth, the only single thing I don't adore about this song is 'floajing'. I've never understood it and I've never gotten used to it. Apart from that it's packed full of beautiful metaphorical moments and a vocal showcase near the end that lays everything out bare.

    The sentiment is a complex one in that she could openly be mocking those that thought her career dead, or simply opening up about how she cannot be knocked down by all the shit that has gone on in her life. Change might be terrifying, and we can become accustomed to the consistent blows of life, but there's a power in knowing that you're alive despite all of that and the you you know is still peaking out from behind the walls, cracks and all.

    Commentary corner:
    @The Hot Rock: (10) My favorite lyrics in any P!nk song.

    @Music Is Life: (10) This is hands down one of her best song, and a perfect title track. I remember, when I first listened to this, I was expecting a bragging, expletive filled rocker from the title, but this more subtle, poetic rocker was a seriously pleasant surprise. Love he lyrics to this and the middle-8 is perfection. Thankfully we got the bragging, expletive filled dance rocker with the following song.

    @Maki: (10) Amazing! Her best title track along with “Funhouse”. The contrast between the faster verses and calm chorus is genius. It slows down just perfectly to that acoustic guitar. There isn’t one thing I would take away or add to this song. What else to say, I love it!

    @rick: (9) Gia Gunn gif. Yes bitch work

    @R27: (9) I know this was never a single, but what a perfect mission statement for a comeback album.

    @savilizabeths: (9) “I love the way the instrumentation mostly drops out on the chorus.”

    @abael: (7) Pink has some great song that require more inventive production to really be a hit. Just too safe.

  12. nn I only have three 10s left.
  13. Hey! 4.08 is not 4. Reserve any vitriol for @The Hot Rock please.

    Me too.
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  15. I'm more and more surprised and happy that my 11 is still in with every elimination.
  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Just popping in to say that I'm so glad Timebomb made it to the Top 20. What a great result for an iTunes bonus track in a discography rate that has over 100 songs.

    All these years later, I still think about the fact that a group of record executives heard it and thought "hmm... this can be the iTunes bonus track I guess" and not "this is it, this is a #1 single". And then to add insult to injury, they go for Blow Me instead.

    One of the most perplexing decisions I've ever encountered as a fan of pop music, and I say this as a casual fan of P!nk as well. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it wasn't even included on the main album.
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  17. "Long Way To / Happy" being voted her best album tracks seems quite fitting.

    Get Most Girls out.
  18. Whil not one of my absolute favorites, "I'm Not Dead" is amazing and deserved top 10 placement. Lyrics are something that I don't usually consider when rating songs, but that one is full of gorgeous lyrics that shouldn't end up unnoticed.
    I find it interesting how so few of us commented on it.
    Amazing choice for an 11, @LiK!

    Thanks for noting that. According to that rate, the next song from "I'm Not Dead" that could be in danger is...
    ..."Long Way to Happy"
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  19. LiK


    I am a bit gutted to see this come so close to cracking the top 10 but either way it's not necessarily my favorite song from her, but it was the song I was most drawn to upon hearing the album, during what was probably the height of my troubled teenage years. So I just felt this immense connection to the sentiments of gloomy hope being being conveyed through the lyrics, production and vocal delivery. I had initially given my 11 to 'Long Way To Happy' then a day or two before I had submitted my scores I was checking my Facebook and I had a few FB memories and low and behold of them was a 2010 post I made where I had used a few lines from the song as a status and it sparked a nice discussion, where a few people thought I was being deep and introspective (as IF), so after reading through all the comments I was reminded just how much this meant to me, so I threw my #11 to it since I assumed many would probably be giving theirs to Who Knew.

    Also @JMRGBY88 gave my #11 a top score, you're forgiven for your Try This slander.
  20. A 10 is a 10. It was also a contender for my 11 too.
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