Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Timebomb really is that bitch. I’m very happy it got this far, I definitely didn’t expect it considering how many of the bonuses got slaughtered and any song that isn’t available on Spotify seem to get kicked out early in rates because people either can’t be bothered to seek them out or don’t listen to them enough to score them fairly.

The first time I heard that song just left me agape, how did something like that get relegated to iTunes bonus track status?
Probably an unpopular opinion, but I hope Family Portrait is out next. As I state in the commentary, I think it's an important moment in her career and artistic evolution, but not I song I actually find great in and of itself.
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Let me tell you, if you end up running a rate... give yourself days off. It's wonderfully refreshing.

With that said let's get to that top ten.


13. Most Girls
Average score: 8.83
Highest score: 10x14
@Sanctuary @soratami @P'NutButter @Daniel_O
@tylerc904 @Hurricane Drunk @Untouchable Ace @Robsolete
@Sideout @Remorque @LiK @Music Is Life @HollyDunnSomething @Maki
Lowest score: 5 @Reboot
My score: 9.5

But I'm not every girl
and I don't need that world to validate me
'Cause shorty got a job, shorty got a car
Shorty can pay her own rent
Don't want to dance if it's not in my heart

And with that we say goodbye to the often craved but still maligned debut album, the second single from Can't Take Me Home just missing out on a place in the top ten. Despite not having a hand in writing it, this is one of those times where classic P!nk aligns pretty well with modern P!nk. There's something about the dreamy production and winding melody that definitely sounds like something she has revisited.

The song was a pretty big success, especially for a second single from a newbie, with it peaking at #4 in the US and spending a healthy 16 weeks in the chart. Despite mostly disowning the debut, she has paid service to this since and she still sells every single second - except it just feels even stronger now built on a powerful career defying male expectation.

Commentary corner:

@P'NutButter: (10) One of her best singles, still.

@tylerc904: (10) One of my Top 5 P!nk singles to this day. It’s so early 2000’s but so amazing. I'M NOT EVERY GIRL AND I DON'T NEED NO G TO TAKE CARE OF MEEEEEE

@Maki: (10) What a banger! By far my favorite single from “Can’t Take Me Home”. Killer verses, killer chorus… and those operatic vocals, whew! Probably the best example how P!nk wasn’t one of the ‘most girls’ during the R&B craze, due to her the edgy style at the time. Similarly to “Split Personality”, slight oriental influences here just make me love it even more. No wonder this became the biggest hit from this album

@Sprockrooster: (9.5) Sassy and fluffy (if that makes sense)

@Sail On: (9.5) The pinnacle of the debut.

@R27: (9) I wish the rest of the debut slapped as hard as this does. A proper tune.

@abael: (9) The brash production is one of my favourite aspects of this era, and Most Girls serves that. Love an overt chorus.

@JMRGBY88: (9) A bop

@rick: (9) Would be a 10 if it wasn’t for the cringy lyrics.

@savilizabeths: (8) “This song definitely sounds of its time, which most of the debut does. It’s very nostalgic feeling and I actually quite like it. The use of ‘shorty’ makes me laugh. I can get my life to this when I’m feeling it.”

@Verandi: (8) She must hate the lyrics so much to exclude this from the Best Of.

@The Hot Rock: (6) The production on this is pretty great and has helped the song age well but I hate the lyrics.

@Reboot: (5) I like the lyrics, but I hate everything else.

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Can't Take Me Home


13. Most Girls
31. There You Go
44. You Make Me Sick
72. Hell Wit Ya
81. Split Personality
96. Can't Take Me Home
99. Leaving for the Last Time
105. Private Show
111. Love is Such a Crazy Thing
117. Stop Falling
130. Let Me Let You Know
131. Do What U Do
134. Is It Love
135. Hiccup

Highest averages

9.00 @Music Is Life
8.48 @Maki
8.00 @Daniel_O
7.79 @LiK
7.71 @Lost Boy

Lowest averages

3.93 @Duppe
4.29 @Reboot
4.29 @Laurence
5.07 @playboy69
5.07 @happiestgirl

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"Most Girls" not being in the top 10 is abysmal. One of her very best singles and it should've been in the top 5 out of the remaining songs. Such an immense tune!

At least it's the longest-lasting song from "Can't Take Me Home", which has been done wrong as a whole.
I know her debut is the least 'P!nk' out of her albums, but it's an amazing R&B album with.
Poor album suffered the most because only half of it managed to reach the top 100 (and "Leaving for the Last Time" just escaped it, but did better than I thought it would), with what are mostly good songs leaving first.

117. Stop Falling
One of the biggest crimes of this rate. My personal top 10 song not even reaching the top 100. Disgrace...
"Is It Love", "Love is Such a Crazy Thing", especially "Private Show" and "Split Personality" deserved much better, too.
Lowest averages

3.93 @Duppe
Oh wow.
Is this the lowest average for any album? It almost made me forgive @abael for tanking "M!ssundaztood".
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12. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
Average score: 8.86
Highest score: 10x14
@savilizabeths @Music Is Life @happiest girl @sapnu puas
@Robsolete @Untouchable Ace @Hurricane Drunk @tylerc904
@Txetxu @Sail On @rick @The Hot Rock @Sanctuary @Lost Boy
Lowest score: 6x2 @Sideout @Laurence

You taste so sweet but I can't eat the same thing every day
Cuttin' off the phone, leave me the fuck alone
Tomorrow I'll be begging you to come home

Did I expect 'Leave Me Alone' to be so close to bothering the top ten, missing it by a measly 0.02 points? Not at all. For some reason I've always kind of looked at this as criminally underrated by the fanbase, and perhaps that has something to do with it being one of her worst performing singles at the time, but also because it deals with a topic P!nk has dealt with a handful of times: I hate you because I love you.

Almost unquestionably the little sister to 'Please Don't Leave Me', it's always been an absolutely favourite of mine simply because of it being a god damn bop. I remember my first time at the Funhouse tour, where the crowd absolutely fucking LOST it to this. I've been in all sorts of crowds, from mosh pits to walls of death, and there was absolutely nothing quite like the sheer amount of people bouncing at this sledgehammer chorus.

The live video for this highlights just how much fun she can be, even without the gimmicks. And 'Leave Me Alone...' is a highlight in her discography because of that, it's just a brilliantly written pop song from start to finish without the complexities. It really it a perfect embodiment of growing tired in love, telling someone to fuck off but actually wanting them to just squeeze the life out of you.

P!nk might reflect on this sentiment a lot but there's nobody else that quite captures the fun and paradoxical nature of love like this.

Commentary corner:

@The Hot Rock: (10) Me @ 12 listening to this:

@rick: (10) I fucking love it

@Txetxu: (10) Deliciously melodical and still sounds current as it did back in the day.

@tylerc904: (10) Sort of the prototype of the honest-about-relationships-banger people love to diss, but it is just so damn infectious. And to be honest, the sentiment is such a mood.

@sapnu puas: (10) ddd I’m gunna guess that this gets done dirty but I can’t help but love it. Used to listen and #relate when I was younger because had a ‘needy’ girlfriend, whew, the refusal to accept I just wasn’t that into her cos she was a lady.

@savilizabeths: (10) “I know a lot of people who are like this. It’s probably a good way to be, even though I don’t relate to it at all. It’s catchy as hell with a great melody and strong lyrics. I’m bopping.”

@Maki: (8.25) This one is the middle pack of the album, both in track placement and quality. Being catchy and fun, it’s not a weak song at all. The bridge/middle-8 is especially great, the best part of the song. This is the only song on the album that could be described as a filler, but a great one, too.

@abael: (8) The album versions has changes for greater consistency through the release right? They have a negative impact on the song in isolation

@R27: (7) For some reason this was one of the few tracks from the album that didn't really connect with me when I first listened to the album back in the day. Not sure why now, because this is an infectious bop.