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What annoyed me was the inclusion of Bad Influence and the fact that Last To Know was given an additional 'the' in it's title on the DVD.

Bad Influence over Most Girls was a choice. Otherwise a very solid collection and DVD.
I actually own both the european and australian versions. One has You Make Me Sick, the other has Leave Me Alone and Whattaya Want From Me. Still missing an ultimate edition really
I have to agree with @Verandi as much as I do love Happy I'm not so sure it is worthy of the top 10. Whatever You Want was far more deserving but both are great songs. I feel the newness of Happy plus it being the standout on an album many had no hope for prior to release definitely has helped it.

A very Solid top 10 though, every song except one got a 10 from me here on out.
Umm honestly, none of the M!ssundaztood singles deserve to be in the top 10. There, I said it.
Please Don't Leave Me, Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely), Trouble, Most Girls, and even Blow Me (One Last Kiss) and So What were RIGHT THERE! Tragic.
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10. Happy
Average score: 8.87
Highest score: 11x2 @Lost Boy @JMRGBY88
10x11 @Sanctuary @The Hot Rock @AllGagaLike
@P'NutButter @kal @Sail On @Robsolete @sapnu puas
@LiK @Music Is Life @savilizabeths
Lowest score: 4x2 @abael @Laurence

Since I was 17
I've always hated my body
And it feels like my body's hated me
Can somebody find me a pill
To make me un-afraid of me?

Seen every therapist, but I'm a cynical bitch
Don't like to talk about my feelings
I take another hit, I find another fake fix
'Cause it's easier than healing

I don't wanna be this way forever
Keep telling myself that I'll get better
Every time I try, I always stop me
Maybe I'm just scared to be happy

We reach the end for her latest album, with her best song in years being cemented with a top ten finish despite a fair few calls for it to leave. As with the new album, there's relatively little official information about the songs themselves. Most were leftovers or simply artist requests that apparently P!nk wanted herself. Whatever thge reason, this combination of hers and Sasha Sloan's immense songwriting skills deserved to be a single.

Inspired by a miscarriage she had when she was 17, the song explicitly deals with the feeling of a broken body and feeling like you may never fully 'work' ever again:

But the pop star (real name: Alecia Moore) is perhaps at her most vulnerable on new album "Hurts 2B Human," released Friday, in which she speaks openly about her struggles with anxiety and body insecurity on laid-back guitar ballad "Happy." It begins with the lyrics "Since I was 17, I've always hated my body / and it feels like my body's hated me."

"The reason I said (that) is because I've always had this very tomboy, very strong gymnast body, but actually at 17 I had a miscarriage," Pink tells USA TODAY. "And I was going to have that child. But when that happens to a woman or a young girl, you feel like your body hates you and like your body is broken, and it's not doing what it's supposed to do. I've had several miscarriages since, so I think it's important to talk about what you're ashamed of, who you really are and the painful (expletive). I've always written that way."

The song itself doesn't detail the miscarriage but it's still absolutely razor sharp lyrically, reminding me of the sheer fearlessness P!nk had in the early days when approaching mental health. If you haven't heard of Sasha Sloan, you should really give her the time of day. A little Julia Michaels-esque, she makes intimate little pop songs that deal in human emotion on a whole other level.

'Happy' was actually winning the rate for the first five or six votes, didn't fall below a 9 average until at least 14 of them and consistently tiptoed around it after. No doubt aided by the two elevens, I decided to give this mine instead of 'What About Us' simply because of how much this floored me upon release. I haven't felt this connected to a song in years, and the fact she can do that so many years into her career deserved it for me.

There's also the harrowing fact that this ties back to 'Long Way to Happy', a song about abuse breaking the way she sees herself, and how even now she might never be happy because she refuses that for herself. Sometimes we can become safe in our sorrows because they don't scare us, they comfort us. But the first step is to recognise it and take the power away, say to yourself: Maybe I am afraid to be happy? And then you can start to finally heal.

Even away from the incredible lyrics, melodically it's stunning and introverted - never overplaying its cards. The humming section is a hook to die for, it opens with one of the most powerful moments in her career and the indignation in her voice throughout... Basically this is one of her most powerful songs since 'Family Portrait' and I'm incredibly proud to see it at number 10.

Commentary corner:
@JMRGBY88: (11) Honestly, this flew straight into my P!nk top 10 by listen three. This is so so quintessential P!nk.

@The Hot Rock: (10) One of my absolute faves on her later albums.

@P'NutButter: (10) Beautiful

@Music Is Life: (10) This song hit me like a ton of bricks when I first listened to the album. I never expected anything like this to be on here, but that’s part of the beauty of it. This is one of those songs from her that you had no idea you needed or even wanted until you actually had it, and you don’t know what it’d be like if the album didn’t have the song. The lyrics are extremely relatable for me, because even though I am in a much better place now than when I was younger, I still have some really bad days mentally that I feel like slow down my progress, and make me think about whether I am really happy or not. This is absolutely one of her best, was one of the final two to receive my 11, and better make top 10, preferably top 5. Also, I hope this is a single but I’m not holding my breath.

@savilizabeths: (10) “Shit, this song hits hard. I honestly don’t know how to express how incredible this is. Immediately it made me think of my girlfriend because it literally sounds like it was written about her. I played it for her while she was having a panic and she just held me and cried and it was kind of beautiful? So this song holds a very special place in my heart despite just hearing it for the first time. The lyrics are so raw and honest with the power to connect to so many people. A completely flawless example of what Pink can still do so long into her career.”

@nikkysan: (9) Fuck... this hits really close to home. Almost to the point it’s uncomfortable. I’m glad P!nk can still write songs as powerful as this so far into her career.

@Maki: (8.75) One of the songs that grow on me with each listen. It has that "I'm Not Dead" type of production/quality and the lyrics are really honest and quite sad. That reflective type of songs are quite rare from her recently. While I'm still not sold on it, that chorus is pure delight. I can totally get why it receives so much love from the fans.

@R27: (8) That's a hell of an opening line. Furthermore, the song is able to keep up its confessional tone without losing its edge throughout its entire runtime.

@rick: (7) I don’t have much to say here. It’s not bad, it’s not great. So so

@abael: (4) This song almost seems completely developed for the Pink persona, and I don't buy any aspect of the song having a true personal connection to the artist.

I hate this, please read the interview above!
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I've had a bit of an issue with authenticity throughout Pinks discography, but as a lot of people find her tracks emotionally impactful I understand your perspective, just being honest.

Sorry, just seeing "I don't buy any aspect of the song having a true personal connection to the artist" after writing about how impactful the miscarriage was to her and the way she sees her body, I hope you don't still stand by that!
"Please Don't Leave Me" was my lowest remaining score, but it's a great song and I can definitely hear why it has so many fans.
The 'da, da, da...' bits and that music video completely steal the show for me. I really like the song, but never wanted to seek it enough on my own, which is the reason for a 'lower' score.

And "Happy" is the biggest surprise of the rate, in terms of results. I knew it was loved, but not to this extent. No way I thought that any of the songs from "Hurts 2B Human" would even reach top 30, let along top 10.
I'm almost jealous of it, because I wanted some other songs from the album, like "90 Days" and "(Hey Why) Miss You Sometime" to exceed my expectations.
"Happy" would've been my pick as the weakest out of the top 10, too, it sounds like it doesn't belong there.
All of that being said, I still really enjoy the song; it's cute and sad at the same time and has a gorgeous chorus melody.

And with the latest two eliminations, I'm only left with 9+ scores and five of them are 10's. That's great!
Sorry, just seeing "I don't buy any aspect of the song having a true personal connection to the artist" after writing about how impactful the miscarriage was to her and the way she sees her body, I hope you don't still stand by that!

I listen to these songs in a vacuum, if you score songs based on Pinks life experiences that's fine, but I take the track at face value and, listening to the track, Pink was unable to convey the songs gravity to me through the song alone. I accept that my commentary considering the subject of the track is a bit jarring, especially to listeners who do really get emotionally involved.
So so proud of my pseudo 11 for making top 10, considering I thought it would bomb out just cause of it's parent album. Y'all can have taste sometimes.
And the fact that Happy and Long Way To Happy are the last two album tracks left is kinda amazing and true PopJustice.
Personal top 5:

All 10/10 brilliant songs!

That's amazing. Actually, I wouldn't mind if it reached top 5, too.
We love a top 6.