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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. One of those six will go next
  2. Catching up with so much since last night!

    'Please Don't Leave Me' is one of the strongest from Funhouse, but I think I love the video more than the song?

    'Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)' was my initial favourite when I first listened to I'm Not Dead, but I've fallen out of love for it over the years (still love that rush of lyrics before the second chorus though!).

    and I'm so thrilled 'Happy' made the top 10, by far my favourite on her new album and I'm also chuffed my 11 is still in though some of you fuckers keep calling for it's departure!
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  3. Family Portrait is the only correct answer. If it's Long Way To Happy I'll
    Also, like my post you heathen.
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  4. kal


    Long Way To Happy needs to go.
  5. Shut your dirty mouth.
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  6. #9 has an average of 8.94, then everything passes the 9 average.
  7. Of course...
    I'm afraid it's "Family Portrait", but that one deserves top 3.
  8. kal


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  9. Family Portrait would be my choice to leave actually. Happy is absolutely lovely but had no business in the Top 10. That said, knowing what it means to her makes it quite poignant to see fans have really taken to it.
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  10. Some of you never grew in a terrible household with severe daddy issues and it shows.
  11. It's a 10/10 P!nk classic, absolutely deserves its place here, but so do the other 5 songs you said might be going next! Family Portrait would just be my pick to leave from those songs.
    And no I didn't. Actually, not to brag, but I got extremely lucky when it comes to parents.
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  12. LiK


    Hopefully the next aong to go is Don't Let Me Get Me. It's a good song but I personally feel time hasn't been very kind to it.
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  13. I didn't, but the song is a masterpiece and her delivery is so painful that I can't understand how it can leave anyone indifferent.
  14. Plus Long Way To Happy.
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  15. Well it looks like I put @R27's score in wrong so this is raised to a 9 average after all!


    09. Try
    Average score: 9.02
    Highest score: 10x17
    @Duppe @Maki @HollyDunnSomething @Music Is Life @LiK
    @Remorque @Sideout @Robsolete @tylerc904 @Sail On @rick
    @kal @Daniel_O @Sprockrooster @nikkysan @JMRGBY88 @Lost Boy
    Lowest score: 5 @abael

    Ever wonder 'bout what he's doing
    How it's all turned to lies
    Sometimes I think that it's better,
    To never ask why

    There are a handful of P!nk performances now that I consider above the rest, helping her live art to reside on a platform reserved for pop royalty. One of them, and perhaps the best of them, is the AMA performance of 'Try', in which she performs a grueling choreographed duet of movement whilst singing live. The song being a rallying cry of empowerment coupled with her exceptional ability to manipulate her body, pushing it to its physical limits, makes it an absolute must see for every single live art fan.

    It's increasingly important for us to recognise performances like this as more people turn to mocking her performance style, because whether she's performing in the air or on the ground there's an undeniable level of talent and effort that instills each song with such momentous glory. Every gasp for breath and grunt as she hits the ground makes it that much more powerful, her brilliantly flawed vocal performance giving it such a texture. I love every second.

    Originally recorded by GoNorthToGoSouth this was originally intended for Kelly Clarkson and Daughtry, even pitched for Adam Lambert and recorded by him before being passed on to P!nk. Despite this 'Try' is instilled with P!nk's character from the beginning and has clearly been embraced as one of her career highlights, but I must say that the GoNorthToGoSouth version is also beautiful. It's basically just a really fucking great song no matter who sings it, instilled with so much emotion.

    I for one have needed this song in my life more times than I can count, because sometimes it really does feel like you keep hitting the end of the road and it just hurts so much. Trapped in an illogical circle of wondering what the other person is doing, tying yourself in knots to understand what happened, 'Try' is that realisation that it's all going to be okay but it is going to hurt. You have to keep on plodding on, and one day you'll look back to find you've walked miles from where you once began.

    It's a beautifully simple sentiment that changes your life once you accept it, that you've just got to keep on trying regardless. As though you'll be knocked down but it'll never burn you out because you'll always get back up. Absolutely one of her best songs for me.

    Commentary corner:
    @nikkysan: (10) I remember being blown away by this when it was released as the next single, after Blow Me didn’t do much to impress, it reminded me why I was such a big of her years ago. The music video I watched for like a week on YouTube, I found it so powerful and emotional for how simple it was.

    @Sprockrooster: (10) The only good thing that has come from this entire era. But a very good thing! A standout that might be even in my Pink top 10.

    @rick: (10) Well this is great. Isn’t that just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic.

    @tylerc904: (10) Carrying on the tradition of amazing second singles, this really holds up as a classic. Even though it was released between songs that arguably smashed in comparison to this one’s slow-burn success.

    @Music Is Life: (10) Is this considered a classic yet? Cause it’s a perfect mid-tempo pop rock song. The message of how you should always get up and try no matter how hard love or life is really speaks to me. I love the melody, it’s literally perfect on every single part of the song. It really blows my mind that she didn’t help write this, because it feels very much like something she’d write, but it obviously still comes from her.

    @Maki: (10) One of my favorites before I even listened to P!nk’s discography and probably the song by her which I heard the most often before that. But it didn’t change my opinion - it remains a brilliant staple song in her career. So passionately delivered, just beautiful. It’s a bit confusing to me that she didn’t co-write this song, because it sounds so much like something she would sing.

    @Verandi: (9) Again, Mr. Kursting is overproducing, but at least this time the melody is good. The video did wonders for this song.

    @R27: (9) This song is such a slow burner. I'd argue that it's also P!nk's most mature offering to date and her best post-Funhouse single. More of this please.

    @P'NutButter: (8.5) Has grown on me more over the years, I still think lyrically that chorus is terrible though.

    @The Hot Rock: (7) Really basic but she made it work. This packs a punch along with some of her best even if it isn't as good. Wish it was a bit less repetitive.

    @savilizabeths: (7) “Everyone I know seems to adore this song, definitely much more than I do. It’s far from bad, it’s actually very good. The production stands out here. Something about it just doesn’t stick with me in the way I wish it would. The electric guitar flourishes are a nice touch.”

    @Laurence: (6) Overplayed to death, be gone.

    @abael: (5) There's not much song here, electronic ambience and Pink shouting a silly chorus.

  16. [​IMG]

    The Truth About Love


    09. Try
    16. Timebomb
    26. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
    57. My Signature Move
    60. Where Did the Beat Go?
    62. Is This Thing On?
    63. Are We All We Are
    69. Run
    71. True Love
    73. Walk of Shame
    76. The King Is Dead But the Queen Is Alive
    82. Slut Like You
    85. The Great Escape
    92. Just Give Me a Reason
    93. Good Old Days
    106. How Come You're Not Here
    111. Chaos & Piss
    113. Beam Me Up
    132. The Truth About Love
    141. Here Comes the Weekend

    Highest averages

    9.6 @Music Is Life
    8.4 @Lost Boy
    8.3 @əʊæ
    8.14 @Maki
    8.05 @kal

    Lowest averages

    5.1 @playboy69
    5.35 @soratami
    5.35 @happiestgirl
    5.65 @LiK
    5.78 @Laurence
  17. Y'all have done this entire album wrong.
  18. This really should've been top 5.
  19. I swear you're not listening to the same discography that we all are.
  20. LiK


    We didn't
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