Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

"Try" is gorgeous and deserved a spot in the top 5.
Definite highlight of the album, along with overlooked "Where Did the Beat Go?", it was one of my only two 10's for the standard edition of "The Truth About Love".
And I still shamelessly love "Here Comes the Weekend" (apart from the Eminem part), it didn't really deserve to be among the first few eliminations.
"Is This Thing On?" and "Are We All We Are" also deserved better.

The music video and performance of "Try" are brilliant and just prove that P!nk can do amazing acrobatic without being in the air. After "Glitter in the Air", that performance of "Try" might be my second favorite. And she sang the entire song during it live - wow!
I know 'Try' is loved, but I think it's left at about the right place. Like I mentioned in my commentary, the lyrics on the chorus are so juvenile and let the song down.

But grateful to P!nk for this guy...

My two lowest scores in the top 10 leaving at #10 and #9, yas. I Don't Believe You can go next (even though I gave it an 8).

I noticed there haven't been a whole lot of 11s eliminated recently. I guess the remaining eight songs must have a ton of them.
Oh and "Just Like A Pill" to win the whole thing, please. What a classic little pop song. A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to experience it in a coffee shop and the cashier was almost scared at how I was into performing the whole thing inside the store.

PS: I always find ironic how this song did not chart in Australia due to not having a physical release. Of all the songs that were released there, this fucking classic didn't get to truly shine there.
Just Like A Pill
Long Way To Happy
Don't Let Me Get Me
Who Knew
U + Ur Hand
Family Portrait
I Don't Believe You

.... In that very same order, pretty please.
1. Who Knew
2. Just Like A Pill
3. U + Ur Hand
4. Sober
5. Long Way To Happy
6. Don't Let Me Get Me
7. Family Portrait
8. I Don't Believe You
This is even less likely to happen, but:

1. Sober
2. Family Portrait
3. I Don't Believe You
4. Who Knew
5. Long Way To Happy
6. U + Ur Hand
7. Don't Let Me Get Me
8. Just Like a Pill

One half of these is all 10's and the other half is 9+, so I won't complain.

Finally someone puts Sober as their #1.
"Sober" has always been in my top 5 P!nk songs. I think I would rank it at #3 if we consider all songs in this rate.
It's brilliant and would've been an amazing winner.
Totally agree! It's one of those rare songs that also sounds better live (when she's on her A-Game, than the album version). The AOL live session performance of it back in 2008 blew me away the first time I heard it. I ended up replacing the album version on my iPod with it.