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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. The lowest score without Abael is 7.5. That's how good this is.
  2. kal


    Family Portrait is the first single that really made me take notice. Due to unfortunate circumstances my father wasn’t present during most of my childhood so I could always sort of relate to the message.
    My primary reason for loving Family Portrait, though, is that it just sounds so genuine. It really is her most important song.
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  3. I also think it's just a really well made song, even around the subject material. Melodically perfect, production holds it up well (and it has a timeless 'Where is the Love' feeling to it and bringing in the children chanting was a masterstroke.
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  4. Easily the best M!ssundaztood single, although I've always much preferred the live versions of this song, especially the one from the I'm Not Dead Tour.
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  5. Two eliminations that hurt but we’re in the top 10 so that’s to be expected. Kinda wish I’d given my 11 to Long Way to Happy now.
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  6. [​IMG]
    06. I Don't Believe You
    Average score: 9.24
    Highest score: 11x3
    @Reboot @savilizabeths @sapnu puas
    @R27 @Maki @HollyDunnSomething @Music Is Life
    @LiK @Sideout @Robsolete @Laurence @tylerc904
    @Sail On @kal @Daniel_O @nikkysan
    @JMRGBY88 @Sanctuary @Lost Boy
    Lowest score: 5 @happiestgirl

    No, I don't believe you
    When you say "don't come around here no more"
    I won't remind you
    You said we wouldn't be apart
    No, I don't believe you
    When you say you don't need me anymore
    So don't pretend to
    Not love me at all

    Remember when the Funhouse rerelease was coming and we all expected another mega-banger to lead it, only for her to dedicate the energy to what is arguably her best, and most intimate, ballad instead?

    Pink explained on her website that, lyrically, the song is about pleading for reconciliation, and is her favourite song from Funhouse "because it's just so naked. It's like taking a deep breathe and saying, 'Here I am. Take me. Take your best shot'." She went on to explain that:

    "The first thing that comes to my mind with I Don't Believe You is me standing in the vocal booth listening... Actually in the control room listening to this song, tears running down my face, just like 'fuck, really?' It's the vulnerable weak side of me that I don't let out very often. And it's... yeah it's that song. And I love it, I love it. I just love it, it's very near and dear to me."

    What would go down at the time to be an insane decision now becomes a rare moment of bravery in sharing such a heartbreaking ode in such a capacity. This would definitely explain why it's gone on to be recognised as one of her very best, especially considering the gorgeously heartbreaking music video that accompanied it.

    Whilst not exactly challenging darkness like 'Long Way...' and 'Family Portrait', there's a real confessional feel here and a delivery that bleeds authenticity. There's also the face it sat on an album built around a single campaign of pure hits, so I look back now and just adore the fact they took the time of day for this. It absolutely deserves the exceptional placement here.

    We all know how denial feels, especially in relationships that feel like they embody our entire lives. The fact P!nk's marriage was so well documented too makes this ever more powerful, watching her pour her heart out in real time never gets easier... and I'd argue she hasn't really opened up like this in a while.

    Commentary corner:
    @savilizabeths (11) “How the hell do I explain how much I adore this song? It might be her absolute strongest ballad, which is saying something. It’s so beautiful. Her vocals are soft, emotional and just gorgeous and the production is so sad and magical. I can’t not feel something when I’m listening to it. It just goddamn hurts to listen to in the best kind of way. Damn.”

    @sapnu puas: (10) whew. This song makes me feel things. When I was in a particularly tragic stage of a break up last year this was my go to self pity anthem, 10 years later and still having that impact, whew. I think it’s the simplicity of the lyrics which make the song that much more..devastating. She also sounds heavenly throughout. The way she sings “Just don't stand there and watch me fall//'Cause I, 'cause I still don't mind at all” = chills. Underrated video too

    @Maki: (10) Probably in my top 10 P!nk songs ever. This is so emotional, it makes me really sad. The gloomy feel of the song makes me melt, and the verses are so depressing. Melodically it’s one of her finest moments. The string arrangement is absolute perfection, too. Definitely one of the songs that makes “Funhouse” such a strong album that it is.

    @R27: (10) I know "Who Knew" is her classic go-to ballad, but I think I might like this even more. The yearning, desperation, and vulnerability in her vocals are astounding. "Don't just stand there and watch me fall/ 'Cos I still don't mind at all" guts me every time. A heartbreaking masterpiece. I really hope people don't do this dirty.

    @Reboot: (10) This song is something else. I kept thinking about I Don’t Believe You even as I was trying to rate all her other songs, and therefore I’m giving it my 11. It’s STUNNING.

    @JMRGBY88: (10) a gorgeous song. Also, I wish the Bimbo Jones mix would leak in good quality - don’t judge me @Vasilos)

    @Sail On: (10) P!nk at her absolute rawest. The magic of the “I don’t mind it” lyric and intensity of the honesty make it stunning.

    @nikkysan: (10) Simply stunning.

    @Laurence: (10) Sweet ballad

    @rick: (9) Gorgeous and heartbreaking

    @Sprockrooster: (9) Normally I am not here for here minimalistic ballads, but that middle-8 sends to me heaven with that production.

    @abael: (8) The chorus comes both softly and with impact. As polished as it is production side, Pink still gives you raw emotion, which is a difficult balance to find
  7. THE TOP 5:

    Don't Let Me Get Me

    Just Like a Pill

    Who Knew

    U + Ur Hand


  8. While my average is probably less than most of the bigger Pink Fans, my scores run the gamut, I was 2 tracks off being able to make a top 100 from the tracks I rated 6 or better. It just turns out that the tracks I love and the few I dislike are near opposite. As soon as I recognised that her 2nd album was revered as it was around here that I would catch some flack for regarding it as easily her worst release. This is certainly an interesting Top 5 a three, a six, an eight and two tens. MESS
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  9. I Don't Believe You and Long Way To Happy should be top 5.
    Sadly, the only one in my head I could conceivably switch out is Don't Let Me Get Me so I guess this is how I want it to go:
    5. Don't Let Me Get Me
    4. Just Like A Pill
    3. U + Ur Hand
    2./1. Sober and Who Knew
    Don't come at me, these are all 10s, and actually the top 4 were all technically 11 contenders.
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  10. I should have voted in this, this is a perfect Top 5! Well done everyone!
  11. Two of my absolute favorite songs by P!nk falling one after another...

    I agree with @Lost Boy that "Family Portrait" is her most important song and with @SlowGinFizzzz that it's the by far the best single from "M!ssundaztood".
    I remember watching that amazing music video on repeat, before I even got into P!nk's music, feeling so sad for her and being blown away by the song (and , years later, being even more in awe when hearing the 5 minute album version). Personally, I don't connect to the lyrics, but it's so well written, produced and delivered that it gives me chills every time. Even the style and production is a nod to her R&B days, which is genius. Truly a masterpiece and a staple in her career.
    Brilliant choice for an 11, @Daniel_O and @playboy69!

    And it's so pleasing to see "I Don't Believe You" almost reach top 5 and receive multiple 11's. One of the finest moments of "Funhouse". I can't believe how it didn't struck me on first listen, considering that it's now among my top 10 songs by her.
    Even with that, I'm still proud that "Sober" is the highest ranked song from the album, because it's my favorite, too.

    Both "Family Portrait" and "I Don't Believe You" are in my 11/10 category when it comes to songs by P!nk, meaning that they are so amazing that they can't battle some of my absolute favorite songs by other artists. Almost the entirety of my personal top 10 of this rate is filled with vulnerable masterpieces, and those two definitely aren't an exception.
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  12. LiK


    What an absolutely amazing, stunning, complex, gut-wrenching masterpiece. When I bought this album I went into it quite blind not knowing what to expect, Stupid Girls was a huge departure from what I came to expect from her (not in a bad way). Anyways, I just remember hearing this song & not being able to move on from it for quite sometime. Lyrically there's so much to unpack, you can tell a lot of thought process were put behind every word because it's retelling such an haunting experience, but it's not beating you over the head to get what she's referring to, it strings us along her journey making us all feel her pain all over again.... Ugh, kinda wished I had kept it as my #11, but i'm content with it being ranked as her best deep cut because it absolutely is!

    So well done everyone except @abael
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  13. I would like this in the top 5 but honestly I don't know if I could get rid of any of the 5 that made it. Good job everyone!
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  14. U + Ur Hand for the win. That's P!nk for me.
    Who Knew can go out next.
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  15. Gosh the last two (three!!) eliminations are such powerful songs.

    Firstly 'Family Portrait' like a few of you have mentioned hits HARD if you are a child of divorce/abusive relationships. I remember whenever the video used to come on The Box music channel my mother would leave the room or just talk about how good the little girl actress was... I suspect for P!nk it was hugely therapeutic to put those feelings into a song, and in turn it helps so many of us listening.

    'I Don't Believe You' wasn't my favourite when the album came out, but as I've matured I tend to appreciate voices more and P!nk's vocal on this is heartbreaking.

    I'm so happy with that top 5!
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  16. [​IMG]
    05. Don't Let Me Get Me
    Average score: 9.39
    Highest score: 11x2
    @soratami @P'NutButter
    @Sanctuary @JMRGBY88 @The Hot Rock @Sprockrooster
    @Daniel_O @kal @tylerc904 @Hurricane Drunk @Robsolete
    @Sideout @Remorque @sapnu puas @happiestgirl
    @Music Is Life @HollyDunnSomething @savilizabeths @Lost Boy @əʊæ
    Lowest score: 3 @abael
    @LiK @Laurence @Reboot @Verandi @nikkysan

    First of all, let me go on record to say this is the strongest opening verse of any song I know. Nothing quite cuts as hard as the never win first place opening, immediately summarising the oncoming rebellious battle with underdog status. It's difficult to say which song defines P!nk, especially considering her momentous career, but I definitely feel like the one-two punch of 'Just Like a Pill' and this will always define her for me.

    'Just Like a Pill' reintroduced the bitter and wronged P!nk to the world, 'Don't Let Me Get Me' showed just how prepared she was to own it. You won't understand the importance of this song unless you've grown up feeling like the forgotten and misguided, a feeling that is far more common than it suggests, and it's why this song is revered for touching so many hearts at the time of release. It's so fucking important that we have artists releasing things like this and reminding people that there is always someone who understands the pain you're feeling, and you too can channel it into something.

    P!nk described the song by saying:

    It's basically about feeling inadequate, and wanting to get away from yourself. It's somewhat autobiographical, for the most part, definitely. In class, I was definitely always getting into trouble—I had 63 hours of overdue detentions when I left school that I'll never have to serve! [...] To me, any truth is good, whether it hurts or not, so me looking in the mirror, standing next to what most people would call 'perfect girl,' I have those feelings. I think every girl does, and it's important for girls to do that, yeah, I'm up here. I'm doing my thing. I'm a strong individual and I've gained that strength over the years, but I'm still up in the mirror and try to pat my hips in.

    Recently she has joked about being so tired of this song, but I'd argue that it hasn't aged a bit. Some songs revel in the soundscape of their time and yet still maintain such a charisma that they survive the journey with pretty sick battle scars, in this case the song is plastered in personal wounds - and it will always make it stronger.

    Would this have won without Abael? Perhaps.

    Commentary corner:
    @P'NutButter (11) so bloody good and so 2002.

    @The Hot Rock: (10) An absolute classic. I feel this as much at 25 as I did when I heard this as a child, oop.

    @savilizabeths: (10) “What a classic P!nk song. I love that it doesn’t feel dated at all. This album just feels really timeless, unlike some of her older material. This song really paints a great picture of her as a person. It’s sad, self deprecating and relatable to a lot of people. It’s really introspective, which is something she really started doing post Can’t Take Me Home.”

    @Sprockrooster: (10) Iconic music video. If only memes were a thing back then, this would have gone viral.

    @sapnu puas: (10) quintessential pink isn’t it really? As an angsty, closeted, self loathing teen, some of these lyrics- “ Doctor, doctor, won't you please prescribe me somethin' A day in the life of someone else?” were a tad ReLaTabLe.

    @JMRGBY88: (10) I know it’s not very indicative of who she is now, but I wish she’d bring this back into her live shows.

    @tylerc904: (10) The OG “P!nk song with shockingly relatable lyrics”, something she has sort of become known for (to some, to the point of overkill but alas). Still holds up as an absolute anthem.

    @R27: (9.5) A SELF-LOATHING BOP.

    @Maki: (9.25) It totally makes sense why she doesn’t want to perform this song anymore, but it’s really good! No wonder it resonated with her teenage public so much. Musically, it’s such a great example of early pop rock sound that will take over during the mid-00’s I like the distorted beats that come with the second verse and the guitar solo is really cool, but it doesn’t have that something to make it completely amazing.

    @rick: (9) 16 year old me ate every bit of this up. I did/do annoy myself, and everyone around me. Did we ever solve the mystery of what was censored in the video?#

    @Verandi: (8) The production here could have punched more tbh.

    @abael: (3) You got me Pink, this song is as irritating as she sees herself, and I wouldn't want to be your friend either if this was how I was introduced to you.

    Person confesses their inner most secrets of inner loathing = gets called irritating.
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  17. I'm just happy it got top 5, seeing as so many were calling for it's head weeks ago!

    I love everything about it, the sentiment, the lyrics, the heavy bass, the electric guitar solo, the backing vocals, P!nk's incredible ad-libs on the last chorus...
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  18. Me @ any song in any rate

  19. Just dropping in to say well done y'all on this top 5 x
  20. Guess we can rule out Just Like A Pill taking it since we all know who has probably tanked it.

    Who Knew to win!
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