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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. whassis.gif
    Forget about me, don't let the people round here get me.
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  2. Imagine giving this a score less than an 8....madness.
  3. Wow what a Top 5. I can't even be mad with any of their placings at this point.
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  4. LiK


    I totally agree with @Lost Boy about the opening lines of the song. Whenever I hear the song, the opening lines always transport me right back to that moment in time when the song was oh so relatable to me.

    And this is coming from another villain of the rate (sorry I had to).
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  5. Top 3 incoming.
  6. [​IMG]
    04. Sober

    Average score: 9.59
    Highest score: 11
    @The Hot Rock
    @soratami @AllGagaLike @Reboot @Lost Boy
    @P'NutButter @Daniel_O @kal @rick @Sail On
    @playboy69 @tylerc904 @Hurricane Drunk @Laurence
    @Robsolete @Sideout @Remorque @sapnu puas @Maki
    @happiestgirl @LiK @Music Is Life @HollyDunnSomething
    Lowest score: 6 @əʊæ

    I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudest
    Or the girl who never wants to be alone
    I don't wanna be that call at 4 o'clock in the morning
    Cause I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be home

    There's an unwritten pop rule that songs titled 'Sober' have to be artistic peaks of some kind, and lucky for us P!nk's submission is considered one of hers. Written by P!nk and Kara DioGuardi, the song is a soaring midtempo about our vices and setting ourselves free from them. Continuing the trend of deeply affecting second singles that don't quite go for the jugular like her leads, instead burrowing into the bone with slow and melodic bliss, 'Sober' went on to become one of her biggest hits.

    Inspired by a party in which she was, you guessed it, sober, P!nk had this to say:

    I wrote a song called "Sober", which is actually really dark. I was at a party at my own house, I didn't want to be there, I didn't want anyone else there. And I had this line in my head saying, 'How do I feel this good sober?', it's not just about alcohol, it's about vices, we all have different ones. We try to get away from ourselves, and find our 'true selves' and then we do these things that take us so far from the truth, I guess that 'Sober' is 'How do I feel this good when it's just me, without anything to lean on?'.

    And it's nice to see that side of her for once as, despite the darkness that comes through, it's an actually really strong sentiment about actually not succumbing to it. P!nk is very, very good at balancing emotions so that you never really get an overtly simplified take, and for every moment here addressing her weaknesses there's another celebrating her ability to see the true clean self behind it.

    Also there's the fact that it is regularly given the most incredible of live performances, usually swinging from the rafters while doing so. It really helps amp up the tension of the song, I'm not sure I'll ever get over her Funhouse tour performances of this. I'll never see a live show the same ever again.

    Commentary corner:
    @The Hot Rock: (11) Didn't expect my 11 to show up somewhere that wasn't I'm Not Dead but here we are. Her best. Also had an iconic performance at the VMAs with acrobatics that were surprising before they became expected from her. (Not sure when this became a more prevalent thing but I remember being blown away when I saw it while watching.)

    Video isn't on Youtube but it's HERE

    @Reboot: (10) This is a stunning song. The lyrics really speak to me. And those lyrics! An amazing song all-round.

    @sapnu puas: (10) all of the ballads on this album are exceptional / why are songs called sober always top tier? Come thru miss Lorde and Kellegend.

    @Maki: (10) Whew, now this is one of my favorites, like ever. In my top 5 P!nk songs for sure. Everything about it is perfect: the melody, lyrics, instrumental, her voice (of course) and production. The chorus just soars and is so emotionally delivered. I get chills every time it gets to that middle-8. I’m such a sucker for string instruments, and this uses them in the best possible way (that outro!). And those operatic vocals, brilliant! Stunning and powerful masterpiece. She has yet to top this masterpiece (not counting the songs from albums prior to “Funhouse”).

    @rick: (10) What a chorus

    @Laurence: (10) I like this too. Funhouse starts off pretty strong and I'm quite familiar with it (my butch phase), just kidding. This is just strong for her I guess and I like it.

    @tylerc904: (10) This was my favorite P!nk for years, and while I’ve chilled on it a bit – it’s still a fucking knockout. Danja proving some serious versatility on this one.

    @Music Is Life: (10) This has always been one of my favorite songs by her. I can’t really explain why I’ve loved it since I first heard it, besides the fact that it’s obviously amazing. I can’t believe Danja produced this, I never would’ve guessed listening to his other work, but the production work he did is amazing. Her vocals really shine through here, she honestly sounds almost broken, which fits the song perfectly. I still feel like her voice is underrated. And the outro is devastatingly glorious. I would love to see this win.

    @savilizabeths: (9) “The moody production on this is beautiful, and the guitars sound amazing. It’s such an emotional yet disconnected song. I love the high background vocals (I think they’re vocals) in the back on the second verse, and I love the occasional use of strings. It’s a really well made song with a lot of passion behind it.”

    @R27: (8.25) I had misinterpreted the central lyric at the time of its release and thought sue was surprised at how good she feels sober. Now I see the lyric, and by extension the song for what it means. The high may be great, but the self-loathing that follows is harder to swallow.

    @abael: (8) I don't exactly know why this isn't scored higher. Pink performs with authenticity and production backs her well. I guess something composition-wise doesn't do it for me.

  7. [​IMG]



    04. Sober
    06. I Don't Believe You
    11. Please Don't Leave Me
    16. It's All Your Fault
    18. So What
    24. Glitter in the Air
    25. Funhouse
    36. Bad Influence
    39. Ave Mary A
    46. Boring
    53. This Is How It Goes Down
    83. One Foot Wrong
    84. Crystal Ball
    88. When We're Through
    89. Mean
    107. Could've Had Everything
    108. Push You Away
    115. Why Did I Ever Like You?

    Highest averages

    9.70 @Music Is Life
    8.93 @Lost Boy
    8.89 @savilizabeths
    8.51 @Maki
    8.44 @soratami

    Lowest averages

    6.50 @The Hot Rock
    6.61 @Sideout
    6.72 @abael
    6.89 @əʊæ
    6.89 @Daniel_O

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  8. Aw, I was hoping for Sober to end up being number 1 or 2. Such an incredible song, it's the standout track from Funhouse and one of her absolute discography highlights for me. And I agree with @Lost Boy, I think when it comes to live performances, Sober from the Funhouse Tour is truly Pink at her peak.
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  9. Should've been top 2.
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  10. I’m no P!nk fan but everything in this top 5 is fucking stellar so well done everyone and to @Lost Boy for the love being poured into this.

    When I first met one of my now-best friends at university, we’d initially only really knew each other through other people and spoke to one another about our shared love of groups like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul when we sere in social situations and that was the dominant music played. One night, whilst pre-drinks at mine were underway downstairs, she came up to my room and I was listening to ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ whilst I got ready and she burst through the door, completely awe-struck because (having had a fucking rough childhood and dealing with a lot of the issues and emotions painted in the track) it was so close to her heart still and she said she’d never met anybody that not only enjoyed the track but also sort of related to it on a personal level. That was sort of the night things really kicked off with each other and we still regularly spin it together, channeling all of that teen angst that sort of sits under the surface but never really goes away. I absolutely adore it and it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

    That said, ‘Who Knew’ for the win as few things in Pop manage to channel that spiralling chaos in the immediate realisation of losing somebody in the way that last chorus does and it’s fucking incredible.
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  11. 'Sober' is insanely brilliant in every bloody way.

    It's a shame the "making the video" special seems to have been scrubbed from the net.
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  12. "Don't Let Me Get Me" is amazing and quite deserving in the top 5, but, as much as I love it, I just wanted the production to be slightly better.
    It's one of those songs that evokes some odd nostalgia and makes me wish I was a teen during the late 90's/early 00's and not late 00's/early 10's

    And "Sober" is a masterpiece in every sense of that word. By far my favorite out of the songs in the top 5. That chorus and middle-8 are insane. Such a pity it just missed the top 3 because I really wanted to see it win.
    Here's Kara DioGuardi talking more in detail about writing and recording the song. It's a really interesting, captivating and quite funny story worth a listen:

    As already said, P!nk already came up with the line and (sort of) title of the song about being sober. However, these two ended up drunk while the song was written and recorded - that is hilarious!
    Kara dscribing creating "Sober" as her best record session is a triumph. She needed (and needs) to work more with P!nk.
  13. For the first time ever, I hope @abael will work their magic on the top3
  14. Didn't expect to be the single 11 for Sober, wow.
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  15. THE PLAN

    is to drop #3 later tonight

    Watch shit hit the fan

    And the final showdown tomorrow!
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  16. Funhouse being a great album and my second highest rated, yet still being the third lowest rater... Rating 1-10 certainly means different things to different voters I guess.
  17. I swear to God, if Who Knew goes out at 3...
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  18. LiK


    Yeah! I am shocked it got one 11, but it's also a testament to its quality it still landed so high with just one.

    Would love to see it happen and Just Like A Pill winning but I'm expecting Just Like A Pill to be out
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  19. Even though the only song out of the top three that received a 10 from me is "Who Knew", I would be here for "U + Ur Hand" winning, just for a non-obvious winner,

    And @The Hot Rock, after me and @kal, you awarded the best 11 - amazing pick! I'm also surprised that "Sober" didn't get multiple 11's.
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  20. I am fully expecting Who Knew to be #3. It is already a two time rate winner. And I just know it will not win again, so it might as well leave at 3 to have a more tense finally.

    Team JustLikeAPill now.
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