Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Well, fuck me.

Who Knew is most definitely her best song for me. It kinda starts out as a lovely little mid-tempo, but then that chorus sets in and it only builds from then on. The way P!nk lets her vulnerability show, especially in that middle 8, without losing power is something only she's capable of and which is why I was such a stan back in the day.

It's not the winner here, but it's my winner.
Part of the final push to giving my 11 to Sober (I was already 90% there) was being almost certain Who Knew would win. I'm a clown.

Pulling for Just Like a Pill.
Whew. Expect the unexpected, right?
It's a bit funny that the top 3 of this rate aren't even among my top 20 P!nk songs, yet are all so good.

"Who Knew" was my last remaining 10. An amazing song without any doubt, but I'm glad that something less predictable is going to win this time. Actually, I remember listening to it for the first time and thinking: 'that's a nice song', but over time it just swooped me and quickly became one of my favorites from "I'm Not Dead".

I'm rooting for "U + Ur Hand" and I slightly regret not giving it full marks.
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02. U + Ur Hand
Average score: 9.74
Highest score: 11x2
@Untouchable Ace @əʊæ
@Sanctuary @nikkysan @soratami @AllGagaLike @Verandi
@Reboot @P'NutButter @Daniel_O @kal @rick
@playboy69 @abael @tylerc904 @Hurricane Drunk
@Laurence @Robsolete @Sideout @Remorque
@LiK @Music Is Life @HollyDunnSomething @Duppe @savilizabeths
Lowest score: 7 @The Hot Rock
My score: 9.5

Check it out goin' out on the late night
Lookin' tight feeling nice, it's a cock fight
I can tell I just know that it's going down, tonight
At the door we don't wait 'cause we know them
At the bar six shots just beginnin'
That's when dickhead put his hands on me
But ya see

P!nk's empowering masturbatory anthem falls in second place with a measly crumb of a point difference between the top three, and it might just be one of the most shocking results in the entire rate? I expected this to bother the top ten, but as I watched the consistent scores roll in this never even stopped being a contender. With no score lower than a 7 it really does show the quality of the singles, and the entire album which goes on to score the highest average!

Partially responsible for reviving P!nk's career, it's a storming Max Martin banger that absolutely everybody knows. Who else could make a song literally telling men to go off and wank instead and it become a career topping hit? One of my favourite quotes about it is here:

Pink and her publicist stated that she wasn't allowed to sing "U + Ur Hand" on the U.S. television show American Idol because of such references. After being asked to change the title and lyrics to "U + Ur Heart," she said, "You want me to rewrite my song for you. For American fucking Idol? What does that even mean, how do you have sex with your heart?"[4] She performed "Who Knew" instead.

A little controversial because of the similarities to The Veronica's 'U + Ur Hand', which coincidentally went through Martin too, the song still brims with enough character to level a building. I do wonder whether this will go on to be a classic of hers (though placing second would suggest so!) because she has quite a few songs following this pattern now. The original still smacks though, every verse is just fire.

Commentary corner:

@nikkysan: (10) The ultimate anti-fuck boy anthem.

@Verandi: (10) The ultimate banger.

@Reboot: (10) Love this. It’s so full of attitude and the lyrics are amazing

@P'NutButter: (10) Her best single of this era

@rick: (10) We’ve all wanted to just ask for the money instead. What a bop!

@abael: (10) Divinyls who? THE masturbation power anthem. Iconic.

@tylerc904: (10) I think this one is pretty underrated for how much it’s a GP fav. This goes off when I shuffle 2000’s bops at my parties. The chorus may be the best of all the P!nk-Max Martin collabs.

@Laurence: (10) A classic. This is just too amazing.

@savilizabeths: (10) “Always an iconic P!nk song. Yet another fucking powerful chorus. You just want to scream it. Especially if you’re a girl and you’ve dealt with this bullshit more than anyone should. The amount of awful experiences I’ve had with men when I’m out drinking. This is an anthem, and it’s great.”

@Maki: (9.75) The high placement of this song in ‘pop rock ladies’ rate surprised me, but I love it, too. It always reminded me of “Cuz I Can” because of the cheekiness and the overall vibe. I don’t know which one I prefer, they both got the same amount of points. The chorus is bombastic, which is a great thing. The fact that it was a single missed me, since I never heard it on the radio, but it deserved more recognition.

@Txetxu: (9.5) Random fact: I adored the trip the track had to make to climb inside UK's Top 10 - and when it did it, I opened up a bottle of diet coke to celebrate the feat. What a weird chart freak I was back in the day.

@R27: (8.5) This still goes way off.
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I'm Not Dead


02. U + Ur Hand
03. Who Knew
08. Long Way to Happy
12. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
14. I'm Not Dead
23. Heartbreaker
27. Cuz I Can
28. Runaway
33. Fingers
35. Dear Mr. President
37. Stupid Girls
40. I Got Money Now
45. Centerfold
50. Nobody Knows
59. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
80. Disconnected
123. Crash & Burn
127. Words
128. The One That Got Away
136. I Have Seen the Rain

Highest averages

@Music Is Life 9.49
@Lost Boy 8.78
@Maki 8.71
@kal 8.65
@LiK 8.55

Lowest averages

@Laurence 6.2
@abael 6.35
@Hurricane Drunk 6.88
@Sideout 7
@Verandi 7.05
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01. Just Like a Pill

Average score: 9.75
Highest score: 11x7
@rick @tylerc904 @Hurricane Drunk @Robsolete @Sideout @R27 @Duppe
@Lost Boy @Sanctuary @The Hot Rock @Sprockrooster
@soratami @AllGagaLike @P'NutButter @Daniel_O @kal
@Sail On @Txetxu @playboy69 @Laurence @Remorque
@happiestgirl @LiK @Music Is Life @HollyDunnSomething @savilizabeths
Lowest score: 6 @abael

I can't stay on your life support, there's a shortage in the switch
I can't stay on your morphine, 'cause it's making me itch
I said I tried to call the nurse again but she's being a little bitch
I think I'll get outta here, where I can...

Your new champion. 'Just Like a Pill' scrapes the win with the highest total of full marks, and I for one am absolutely ecstatic especially considering the tanking her sophomore received throughout. Whilst it's impossible to mark what may be her biggest or most iconic single, 'Just Like a Pill' feels in hindsight like the true beginning of the artist we know. A harrowing confessional to the inner-most parts of her soul, the sentiment hasn't aged a day - you can still find me roaring this into the mirror and pretending I'm the angsty 13 year old teenager of yesteryear.

This song is damn special to so many people, and I know there's a handful of people here that still feel the cathartic release singing along to that chorus. The rawness of it, the powerful vocal delivery, everything about it has aged like wine - to the point where I just feel such a sense of pride to see such an old song sweep the rate like this?

As with several of her other songs, the song openly references her drug fuelled past, but actively rejected that life and running away to be happy. It's an admission that someone or something is toxic and no matter how many times you turn to it for relief, you'll only be happy when you start to escape from it.

For me this song means a lot because at the time I was lonely and confused, self-harming and attaching to every toxic person I could find as an escape from my wild home life. I may not have attached to it upon release, but god did it hit when I needed it to. So much so that just listening to it takes me back to lying on that laminate floor, my bloodied arms providing the tiniest of relief. I can look back and see how far I've come, and acknowledge the power in overcoming that. That's what this means to me, and I'm so proud.

Commentary corner:
@rick: (11) My 11. This song gives me chills every time I hear that opening riff. I was 16 when I first heard this and it spoke to me in a way no other song ever had before. I was feeling quite unhappy at the time with general teenage anxieties and worry’s about my sexuality. I feared I might be straight but thankfully it was just a phase. Anyway, This song allowed me to rock out with her but also being able to give it loads in the mirror with a hairbrush.

@tylerc904: (11) My ultimate P!nk to for so many reasons, but mostly because the relentless repetition of the chorus at the end has me out of breath and sore throated every damn time.

@R27: (11) An all out classic. One of the best pop girl singles of the millennium. Pre-teen me was so scandalized by her use of the word bitch, but I was also drawn in by what an utter earworm the chorus was. I'd argue that this remains P!nk’s best single, despite some other strong contenders, as it never gets old, despite being close to twenty years old. I was on the fence between this and "Long Way to Happy" for my 11, but listening to the two of them again, I just can't deny this chorus. A proper TUNE.

@savilizabeths: (10) “I remember hearing this song because my dad put all of his music on my iPod classic and he had this album. It used to come on shuffle and I really liked it. I’ve only loved it more as I’ve gotten older. This remains a goddamn incredible song. The production is A+ and it’s just got such a powerful build through the pre-chorus to the chorus! It’s so good!”

@Laurence: (10) What a classic. This is great and doing amazing sweetie. Yas.

@Sail On: (10) This boasts one of the best choruses in pop music. Period.

@Txetxu: (10) A stone cold pop classic.

@Sprockrooster: (10) A true example of a modern example of a classic that will be a signature song for her despite how many big classics followed. When naming Pink songs this is one of the first to pop up!

@P'NutButter: (10) Still incredible

@The Hot Rock: (10) Another absolute classic.

@Music Is Life: (10) This is a CLASSIC. Everything about this is perfect. The production, the melody, her voice, the lyrics, everything. This is another song of hers that I would love to see win this, as it’s obviously still one of her best. I like the fade-out on this but when she does this live and ends with the “You’re making me, making me ill!” I get chills every time.

@sapnu puas: (9.5) this still fucking slaps.

@JMRGBY88: (9.5) a rare song that I feel could benefit from one less chorus at the end.

@Maki: (9) I remember hearing this song in full for the first time about more than two years ago (honestly, don’t know how it never came across me) and not being impressed. Today, I’m like ‘how?’, because this is a great example of how she’s skillful in pop rock genre. The main ( and perhaps the only) issue I have with the song is that it doesn’t have that punch in the chorus and lacks a bit more power. I blame the production for that (which is generally not the best on the uptempo songs).

@Verandi: (9) The flat production keeps this from scoring a 10.

@abael: (6) A chorus with some energy stopped this from being one more M!ssundaztood mediocrity.
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3.63 143. Revenge
4.64 142. You Get My Love
4.71 141. Here Comes the Weekend
4.73 140. Hooker
4.98 139. Waterfall
5.36 138. Misery
5.51 137. Free
5.57 136. I Have Seen the Rain
5.61 135. Hiccup
5.61 134. Is It Love?
5.67 133. Setting the World on Fire
5.69 132. The Truth About Love
5.70 131. Do What U Do
5.73 130. Let Me Let You Know
5.76 129. Today's the Day
5.78 128. The One That Got Away
5.85 127. Words
5.87 126. Bridge of Light
6.00 125. A Million Dreams
6.01 124. Halfway Gone
6.02 123. Crash & Burn
6.07 122. Delirium
6.08 121. Love Me Anyway
6.09 120. The Last Song of Your Life
6.09 119. Hustle
6.10 118. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
6.11 117. Stop Falling
6.11 116. Gone to California
6.14 115. Why Did I Ever Like You?
6.17 114. Catch-22
6.19 113. Beam Me Up
6.32 111. Chaos & Piss
6.32 111. Love is Such a Crazy Thing
6.32 110. Unwind
6.37 108. Tonight's the Night
6.37 108. Push You Away
6.37 107. Could've Had Everything
6.42 106. How Come You're Not Here
6.42 105. Private Show
6.43 104. Circle Game
6.44 103. Courage
6.49 102. Respect
6.49 101. Better Life

6.54 100. I Am Here
6.56 99. Leaving for the Last Time
6.58 98. For Now
6.61 97. M!ssundaztood
6.63 96. Can't Take Me Home
6.65 95. Just Like Fire
6.69 94. But We Lost It
6.75 93. Good Old Days
6.76 92. Just Give Me a Reason
6.77 91. Can We Pretend
6.78 90. My Vietnam
6.78 89. Mean
6.82 88. When We're Through
6.83 87. White Rabbit
6.89 86. Eventually
6.92 85. The Great Escape
6.93 84. Crystal Ball
6.94 83. One Foot Wrong
6.94 82. Slut Like You
6.95 81. Split Personality
6.95 80. Disconnected
7.01 79. More
7.04 78. Dear Diary
7.05 77. Try Too Hard
7.09 76. The King is Dead but the Queen is Alive
7.10 75. Heartbreak Down
7.11 74. Waiting for Love
7.15 73. Walk of Shame
7.16 72. Hell Wit Ya
7.17 71. True Love
7.19 70. Hurts 2B Human
7.21 69. Run
7.24 68. Numb
7.24 67. We Could Have It All
7.26 66. Love Song
7.30 65. My Attic
7.31 64. Walk Away
7.32 63. Are We All We Are
7.33 62. Is This Thing On?
7.38 61. Where We Go
7.40 60. Where Did the Beat Go?
7.44 59. Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
7.45 58. Catch Me While I'm Sleeping
7.46 57. My Signature Move
7.51 56. Lonely Girl
7.52 55. Walk Me Home
7.54 54. Save My Life
7.56 53. This Is How It Goes Down
7.58 52. Oh My God
7.61 51. 18 Wheeler

7.62 50. Nobody Knows
7.64 49. Barbies
7.71 48. Humble Neighborhoods
7.76 47. Secrets
7.76 46. Boring
7.80 45. Centerfold
7.81 44. You Make Me Sick
7.81 43. Raise Your Glass
7.81 42. (Hey Why) Miss You Sometime
7.83 41. Fucking Perfect
7.84 40. I Got Money Now
7.86 39. Ave Mary A
7.96 38. 90 Days
7.98 37. Stupid Girls
8.05 36. Bad Influence
8.06 35. Dear Mr. President
8.06 34. Feel Good Time
8.16 33. Fingers
8.24 32. Last to Know
8.30 31. There You Go
8.32 30. Whataya Want From Me
8.38 29. Get the Party Started
8.39 28. Runaway
8.46 27. Cuz I Can
8.47 26. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
8.48 25. Funhouse
8.49 24. Glitter in the Air
8.51 23. Heartbreaker
8.55 22. What About Us?
8.58 21. Beautiful Trauma
8.59 20. God is a DJ
8.66 19. Trouble
8.69 18. So What
8.70 16. It's All Your Fault
8.70 16. Timebomb
8.71 15. Whatever You Want
8.74 14. I'm Not Dead
8.83 13. Most Girls
8.86 12. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
8.86 11. Please Don't Leave Me
8.87 10. Happy
9.02 09. Try
9.10 08. Long Way to Happy
9.22 07. Family Portrait
9.24 06. I Don't Believe You
9.39 05. Don't Let Me Get Me
9.59 04. Sober
9.73 03. Who Knew
9.74 02. U + Ur Hand
9.75 01. Just Like a Pill


7.84 I'm Not Dead
7.77 Greatest Hits... So Far!!!
7.76 Funhouse
7.37 M!ssundaztood
7.15 Try This
7.06 Hurts 2B Human
7.05 The Truth About Love
6.87 Beautiful Trauma
6.70 Can't Take Me Home
First of all: does this mean that if I'd given "U + Ur Hand" a 10 instead of 9,75 there would've been a tie for #1?

"U + Ur Hand" is amazing and it's both surprising and pleasing to see it get so far.

Love the winner, even though there are much better choices, but it's a bit ironic that none of my 30+ 10's won this. The production of "Just Like a Pill" could've been just a little better, but that chorus is undeniable.




01. Just Like a Pill
05. Don't Let Me Get Me
07. Family Portrait
51. 18 Wheeler
56. Lonely Girl
68. Numb
78. Dear Diary
86. Eventually
90. My Vietnam
102. Respect
114. Catch-22
116. Gone to California
138. Misery

Highest averages

@Music Is Life 9.07
@Lost Boy 9
@rick 8.53
@soratami 8.47
@savilizabeths 8.4

Lowest averages

@abael 4.07
@əʊæ 5.93
@Duppe 5.9
@Hurricane Drunk 6.27
@The Hot Rock 6.27

I thought that there was a mistake with the averages, as I'm not among the highest averages, but it turns out that, when you count the bonus track ("Catch-22"), my album average drops from 8,54 to 8,35, meaning that I'm probably just behind @savilizabeths in the ranking. Now I'm a bit pissed that "M!ssundaztood" is the only album where I'm not among the top 5 scorers, and I could've been at #3.
"M!ssundaztood" and "Get the Party Started" seem to be missing from the album countdown here.
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