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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. Just Like A Pill actually won? I have rarely seen such justice to be honest. And that is taking into account Who Knew possibly might also be her best effort. And neither were my 11 as it was Last to Know. A clear case of a massive rate with too many faves I possibly could not lose. Also Just Like A Pill was almost my Pink pick outside of the I'm Not Dead album that was featured in my poprockrate. Glad it did get the recognition anyway.

    Poor U + Ur Hand though. The first time it outranks Who Knew after being placed behind it twice it in two separate rates (it was also the second highest Pink score in my poprock rate) it is swallowed by the greatness that is Just Like A Pill.
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  2. I am emotional.
  3. What a fantastic job you did @Lost Boy! Who Knew should have won but WHAT A TOP 3! And all fantastic averages.
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  4. I'm fucking thrilled at the top 2, both are incredible pop songs but 'Just Like A Pill' is like one of those tracks in 100 years time (if the world is still spinning) will still give people goosebumps!

    @Lost Boy congrats on this incredible rate, I've got so much from it and again am so happy you shared your own personal feelings about the songs. Loved it.
  5. Can't believe this rate has come to an end.

    Thank you so much @Lost Boy for doing this amazing rate of my #3 all-time favorite artist. It's quite an honour to run a rate of a brilliant artist that is P!nk and you did it incredibly well.

    I'll write a proper 'thank you' post with final thoughts later.
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  6. The results were a fucking mess but the rate was beautiful and an amazing dedication to P!nk's artistry. Thank you so much @Lost Boy!
  7. Thank you for hosting this rate @Lost Boy. This was so much fun.
  8. I can’t say I agree with the winner, but regardless this has been a wonderful rate, and the amount of love and dedication that was put into this has been great to see and read so thank you @Lost Boy for hosting this.
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  9. LiK


    I am personally happy with the winner. It may not be my favorite song of hers anymore, but I can say for sure it's the song that's had the biggest impact on me within her catalog. It transcends time in the sense; it will always be relatable, no matter your age, gender it's just such an triumphant universal anthem. It is her signature song for me, being fan since her debut era, when I look back at my journey alongside her Just Like A Pill is most certainly the song that defined her and her musical trajectory in my eyes. So well done everyone a Pop Justice was served today.

    Like many have said, Thanks @Lost Boy for a fantastic, chaotic, unpredictable but well organized and most certainly entertainly fun rate. I will definitely miss the daily discussions, jovial shades on our tastes pertaining to her music. It was a fun ride.
  10. I love that a M!ssundaztood song in the end, especially when the album was done so wrong through the whole rate.

    Fabulous job @Lost Boy! Going over 143(!) songs over just two and half months is quite impressive, and the rate was really enjoyable to follow throughout.
  11. R27


    Thanks for a great rate @Lost Boy. Despite some questionable taste throughout, the correct winner ultimately won and I'm thrilled! I have a lot mixed feeling towards P!nk as an artist, but when she's at her best she truly is one of the best. Definitely glad I took part in this rate.
  12. Fantastic job @Lost Boy !!! Sorry I didn't have time to participate. It was so much fun none-the-less following along. Excellent write-ups and pace!
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  13. @Lost Boy. Thank you! You have no idea how much I needed this rate. Pink deserved this big highlight. Thank you for giving it to her!
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  14. I just want to say THANK YOU to everybody that voted and participated in this rate, it completely blew me away the levels of appreciation and love we’ve all shown here. It has helped me to really see what she has done for me in my life with her music, and I’ve been revisiting her music constantly in the months we’ve had. Thank you for taking part with me, thank you for sharing your commentary and THANK YOU for reading every one of my silly little posts!
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  15. You're welcome


    I'm elated that 'Just Like A Pill' won I don't get the fuss over 'Who Knew' except for the adlibs.
    Concerning non-bopsI prefer 'Sober' 'Whataya' & 'Happy'

    Very well done @Lost Boy
    RIP 'U + Ur Hand'
    P.S. Her Greatest hits should have been titled
    Me + My Hits
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  16. The right song won, and I like to think I was fully responsible for this

    In all seriousness thank you so much to @Lost Boy for running such a fantastic date, the first I have ever participated in. The jokes, the shade, the banter have all been so much fun and I can’t wait to join in the next one.

    Lost Boy, reading your posts has been a joy and although we all know the power music can have, the bravery of you to open up and share your journey has been just as powerful to read. Thank you so much for running this rate and sincerely wish you the best in everything
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