Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

M!ssundaztood 4.06
I deleted Revenge from my library very early on and I don’t do that with songs generally, even if I think they’re awful.

What leaked from the scrapped video?
hat leaked from the scrapped video?
Just some 'behind the scenes' photos you can easily find online and perhaps one still from the video.
Seemed like a nice idea, but with this song, absolutely not.

As for the next elimination, I would like something out of the 'bland and forgettable' category, but I won't complain a single bit if something irritating leaves next.

Don't want to sound obnoxious and annoying, but @berserkboi and @Filippa, the results have begun and you can start your journey of discovering more P!nk music.
I can't help but think a big reason why the Beautiful Trauma album wasn't very well received by some people was having Revenge right as the second track. That really wasn't a great idea and definitely made the album give a bad first impression.

At least she got the second track perfectly right in Hurts 2B Human though.
Misery featuring Dude looks like a lady can leave next.
Completely agree. "Slut Like You", "The One That Got Away" and "Hooker" are free to leave next, too.

"Waterfall" is actually good, don't really get the hate it constantly receives.
he / him

142. You Get My Love
Average score: 4.64
Highest score: 9.5 (@rick )
Lowest score: 0x2 (@Verandi, @Hurricane Drunk)
My score: 6

Commentary concerning this seems to revolve around one particular thing: her vocals not being great. Personally I don't hear it, and I think she sounds absolutely sublime. At least for the opening verse, there's an absolutely heartbreaking melancholy positively dripping from every word. It definitely feels like she's going for a more bluesy inspired vocal here.

She referenced this in lead up interviews, saying being pregnant allowed her to sing like this and she will probably never be able to again... calling it "the best vocal she's ever done in her life" but... it doesn't appear like any of you agree...

Commentary corner:

@tylerc904: (2) Possibly (or after doing this rate, definitely?) my least favorite P!nk song. I would listen to Revenge 20 times before this once. It’s just so painfully boring and drawn out. It sounds like someone said “write an Adele song”, right down to the delivery. That chorus is so shrill, I brace myself before it starts each time.

@Maki: (7.75) I don't completely get why so many people hate this song, it's not offensive the slightest. Okay, those vocals surely aren't for everyone, but as a song, it isn't bad at all. I actually love the jazzy, almost ‘smokey piano performance’ (what a dumb description) verses. It does go on for too long, and that is one of the reason I listen to it very rarely. Ironically, she refers to this as her best vocal performance, but I prefer her raspy tone than the 'polished' and clear one. And if a song is stripped-down to just piano and vocals, it should be a bit better than this.

@Music Is Life: (7) This is a nice enough ballad. Her voice is gorgeous as always, and I like the verse melody. But it’s just too long and just drags as a closer. The lyrics are so sad though so here’s an extra half-point.

@savilizabeths: (5) “Another ballad that doesn’t sit with me. The lyrics aren’t it, and eventually her chorus vocals start to grate a little. It’s a shame, really.”

@R27: (2.5) Pink is an easy target in a lot of ways, but she's an undeniably phenomenal vocalist. However, she sounds uncharacterisitcally screechy and unpleasant on this chorus

@JMRGBY88: (8.5) I know most people on PJ hate this but I adore it.

@Sprockrooster (4): Too much screaming

@Verandi: (0) A crime against originality. And gays. And my ears.

@Reboot: (4) Very shouty. Not particularly pleasant to listen to.

@P'NutButter: (5) Incredible vocal, but the chorus does get a bit much.

@rick: (9.5) Come thru vocal queen.

@Sail On: (1) That chorus is just unlistenable.

@abael: (5) Bland song and Pink sounds a bit off here

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Whew at that full point average score jump! "Revenge" truly is hated.

Not that fair elimination, but it was pretty much predictable, given the responses. Actually, I think that the song ended up a bit overscored from my side, but its placement wouldn't be changed either way.
The verses are beautiful, but that makes the shouty chorus even more piercing, and it's reasonable that voters generally didn't like it.

Turns out that "You Get My Love" isn't even in my bottom three songs from "Beautiful Trauma", but I actually don't mind it leaving. However, there are plenty of worse songs.

Love the artwork photo, it actually could've been used as a single cover during that era.