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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

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  2. I thought I’d be the high scorer for You Get My Love! It’s a gorgeous song.
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  3. Nothing of value lost so far. We’d could lose 3/4 of Beautiful Trauma now and I wouldn’t blink.
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Same. Actually, in my case, maybe 1/2 of the album could be eliminated soon and I wouldn't care.

    A headache-inducing bop? Maybe.
    Dear psychic, do you or your crystal ball(.mp3) have anything else to reveal?
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  6. Other songs definitely deserved to go before You Get My Love. Most of Try This for a start.
  7. The next song to leave has a 4.71 average, we won't see Beautiful Trauma again for a little while.
  8. * throws hands and fistful of glitter in the air *
    "One extra, one from the debut, one from the latest album. Misery is in danger too"

    "The psychic is sensing a dark energy. The psychic recommends to get taste."
  9. LiK


    My two lowest scored songs from Beautiful Trauma out back to back, so no complaints over here. However based off the averages I saw in here, I'm fully bracing my self to see the debut album songs start dropping like flies.
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  10. R27


    Well this is going quite well for me. If we can get "True Love" out next that would be ideal.
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  11. LiK


    She actually sounds good on every song on Try This that alone makes every song on the album better than You Get My Love. I tend to like her most of her ballads, but I can honestly say it's one of the most annoyingly boring ballads I've heard in recent times.
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  12. I'll be totally fine with that.
    While none of these received my lowest score, "Setting the World on Fire", "Let Me Let You Know" and "Misery" are among my most anticipated songs to leave next.

    That seems fitting, since most of the songs on it aren't bad, but more bland.

    I'm expecting to see some "The Truth About Love" album tracks leave soon.
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  13. I don't even remember where these come from dddd
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  14. [​IMG]
    141. Here Comes the Weekend
    Average score: 4.71
    Highest score: 9.75 (@Maki)
    Lowest score: 1x3 (@The Hot Rock, @happiestgirl, @savilizabeths)
    My score: 6

    Potential lead single 'Here Comes the Weekend' falls out hard at 141. You certainly have to ask who possibly thought this would be a great single... It was originally planned to be the first single but was scrapped once 'Blow Me' came along and thank god it was.In an interview with Spotify P!nk revealed that Eminem actually brought the song forward for the both of them, which obviously explains everything.

    I don't necessarily have an issue with the song, because I think that it's a pretty bombastic revisit to that much less refined P!nk of M!ssundaztood and Try This but ultimately it just lacks any warmth... like at all. Her vocals sound ever so slightly off, the production is one note and kind of grating, and Eminem's rap is pretty wilted. I will say that the entire prechorus is pretty strong, and they probably could have fashioned a good song from that, but it should have been a bonus track at most.

    Commentary corner:
    @Maki: (9.75) Ok, this is my ultimate guilty pleasure from her discography. Drag me as much as you want, but I adore this song, it's my weekend anthem. All the parts where P!nk sings are fantastic, I can't choose between verse, pre-chorus and chorus. The part when her vocals are faded during the last chorus is amazing. Of course, it can't be a 10, because Eminem's (ugly) verse is featured. But it's such an epic tune.

    @R27: (7) One of her better "bratty" songs. The "oooh-ooohs" are great and Eminem is surprisingly tolerable.

    @JMRGBY88: (4) I forgot this one existed. I think I see (feat. *m*n*m) and just avoid. It’s not horrendous but it would be better without the feature.

    @savilizabeths: (1) “Immediately I want to turn this off. That melody is grating, the vocal delivery doesn’t sound good and it’s just all a bit headache inducing. The sirens in the background just add to the sheer noise of it all. Is this supposed to make me want to party? Because it doesn’t. At all.”

    @The Hot Rock: (1) GET A JOB, STAY AWAY FROM HER. (not that the non-Eminem parts of this offer much of value either)

    @Sprockrooster: (2) What is Eminem even rapping about?!?! It sounds like a mash from a different song into this one.

    @Music Is Life: (8) This is a fun, loud bop. I like the melody in the verses and pre-chorus. Eminem’s rap is fun. Good song, but a bonus track – any of them – could have replaced this and I’d be happy with it.

    @rick: (3) Oh wait no, this is the worst song on the album.

    @abael: (5) Pacing seems off, lowers the energy of the song. Doesn’t work well.

    @tylerc904: (6) The song is not that great but even if it was I would deduct points for Eminem.

    @Laurence: (3) Not for me

    @sapnu puas: (4) It’s better than revenge
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  15. Here Comes The Weekend escaping the zero carnage cause everyone already tossed it on Revenge and thus climbing high in average ddd.
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  16. Y’all came through!
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  17. kal


    I think Revenge is better than Here Comes the Weekend.
  18. This is brand new information for me.
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  19. Welp... my commentary says it all lol
    I love the melody here and it's one of her rare obnoxiously in your face songs that I adore.
    It's definitely reasonable why this doesn't appeal to vast majority of the voters, but it's literally in my top 50 P!nk songs and I seriously expected at least five different songs to leave before it (@Verandi check your psychic powers).

    When I read facts about P!nk, I thought that "Here Comes the Weekend" initially being a lead was a joke, but it was confirmed. It sure would've been a very interesting choice for a single (I would be here for that just to see the reactions).

    And already having two songs scored higher than @Music Is Life and @Lost Boy has me surprised.
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  20. My brain clearly keeps on erasing the memory of Eminem.
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