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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. I mean, pretty much all of her ballads post-Funhouse have been... rather underwhelming.
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  2. I agree 100%. There were some redeeming moments ("Barbies", for example), but none of her more recent ballads had a had that magic of the ones on her first five albums.

    However, "Love Gone Wrong" is absolutely stunning, let me listen to it again:

    That live performance... whew!
  3. [​IMG]
    140. Hooker
    Average score: 4.73
    Highest score: 8.5 (@Music Is Life)
    Lowest score: 1 (@Daniel_O)
    My score: 6

    'Hooker', the explicit hidden track from Try This, topples out as the worst from the album. I must confess that I really don't know much about the song and thus my score is not a reflection on its apparent subject material... which, if you don't know either, is apparently that this is a diss track for the infamous Xtina herself. Calling a woman 'just a hooker' is an exceptionally questionable insult, but I do think we're quick to forget how much the world has changed in such a short time.

    My score is almost solely for the production because I actually love every single moment of the quirky and relentless production. The mumbling, the guitar, I love it all. What I don't love is just how screechy her voice sounds at the chorus. Surely if you're going to attack one of the most recognised vocalists of the time, you'd do so by... showing you can play their game just as well as them? Hmm, I'm not sure this works as a diss track but it's FUN at least.

    Commentary corner:
    @rick: (5) I don’t know if it’s about Xtina or not but I knew it was bad then and awful now

    @abael: (4) I appreciate and buy into the rawness and anger here. Still, doesn't make the song sound any better.

    @nikkysan: (2.5) nñn is this really about Xtina? It’s sort of catchy but the lyrics make me really uncomfortable.

    @savilizabeths: (3) “Honestly, this song just doesn’t sound very good. She sounds kinda cool on the chorus, if you can call it a chorus but the verses just sound ugly. Ugh, yeah. No thanks.”

    @Verandi: (7) A mess, an entertaining mess.

    @Maki: (4.75) Ugh, I feel like I haven't listened to this song for at least a year, but on purpose. Irritating vocals, grating effect, repetitive lyrics - it's a bit too much nonsense for me. Still, the production is pretty good. I guess she doesn't have a ‘diss track’ or whatever it’s called. Still, the production is really good, which makes me don't lower the score even more. This should've been a 'hidden track', but in a different way (i.e. hidden in the trash bin of the recording studio). If a zero in this rate was compulsory, this track would probably get it.

    @Music Is Life: (8.5) I miss hidden tracks. I wish someone would bring them back. This one is pretty good. Love the production and how hard it goes. The lyrics are…fine. Could be worse, but could definitely be better.

    @R27: (4) This is a bit intense. And not in a good way.
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  4. The production is indeed pretty cool, the vocals and in general calling another woman a hooker as an insult just doesn’t sit right with me.

    Now let’s leave Try This alone for a loooooong time.
  5. P!nk's Hooker and Kelis' Fuck Them Bitches are those iconic messes of hidden tracks. There's much worse left in the rate but oh well.
  6. Also Maki’s commentary had me screaming.
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  7. I never knew this was a diss track to Xtina. If so, I think it's pretty poorly executed. It doesn't reference anything actually directed at her. It's so generic that it fails to really serve as an attack.
  8. Yeet! My lowest score is out! Giving a 4,75 to "Hooker", the most redeeming thing about it was indeed the production, but the chorus is so grating. And even though I don't downright hate it, perhaps it can be called P!nk's 'worst' song (along with some of the songs that got a 5 from me) and shouldn't even been released.
    To be honest, I thought this song would have a few fans and get a bit higher position, but luckily it didn't (except for inevitable high scorer @Music Is Life).
    I thought this would be a song that had higher average score than my own, but I was wrong (by 0,02 points).
    Oh, and I've heard about the Christina reference, but I seriously doubt that. It's probably just P!nk turning her anger into a song.

    Also, "Hooker" could be the song with the 'lowest highest' score, so at least it has that 'achievement'

    Unfortunately, I can't see the song artwork (and the scores are missing) @Lost Boy .
    Edit: It's visible now!
  9. I thought I read Hooker was about Linda Perry? After Misunderstood Perry began "selling herself" to other artists. Pink felt betrayed by Perry giving Beautiful to Xtina when she wanted the song for Misunderstood.
  10. I'm really unsure, but a few commentaries mentioned Xtina... so I rolled with that? It would make more sense about Perry, I guess.
  11. What's with all that Hooker hate? Sure, it's not exactly a career highlight, but it's not that bad (it's not even the worst song on Try This).
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  12. The copy of Kelis Was Here I bought had a censored version of that song, rendering it completely meaningless. Not that it was worth including in the first place.

    Anyway...I think it's fair to say we're yet to lose anything that didn't deserve to leave.
  13. Revenge was my zero, I actually scored Trouble quite highly considering how abysmal it is.
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  14. Sober came on shuffle last night, what a song. I really hope it ends up finishing top 10, it’s aged really well.
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  15. Yeah, finally this one leaving I can fully get behind, dragging down the average on an otherwise good era.
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  16. I have the European version and it's censored there. From what I recall, the uncensored one is either on the American version or just in a promo vinyl.
  17. Speaking of (un)censored versions, does anyone know on which releases the explicit version of There You Go ("cause this love shit just ain't for me...") is included? I'm asking this now because we – hopefully – won't be discussing There You Go for quite a while haha.
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  18. Oh, I somehow missed that... great 0 pick. Still, tanking "Trouble" is a very arguable decision.
  19. I’ve only tanked a couple of songs that deserved it, I’m not @Verandi tanking any song below 140bpm.
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  20. Positivity!

    'Trouble' is going nowhere yet.
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