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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. Don't get comfortable, you're losing an 8+ next.
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  2. oooh interesting. Checking my 9s and 10s, I can only find three tracks that could bomb right now.
  3. Never knew I was an ATRL kind of guy. Not that I would have crowned this a winner.

    Also. A double punch for me. Sad.
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  4. I Have Seen The Rain is finally the first bad song out of the rank, up until now they have ranged from subpar to good-not-great. I guess in a rate this divided I should be happy my threes and under group took the first hit rather than than the 8 and above side.
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  5. What was this You+Me album?
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  6. It's fab, especially if you like 'Crystal Ball' styled P!nk

  7. Oh yeah, I vaguely remember this. I need to listen to it one of these days.
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  8. Free is actually pretty amazing and Have You Seen The Rain has a cute melody. I'd be up for more Joanne moments like that.
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  9. There’s worse than Free still left but I’m not mad about it going.

    I wouldn’t have pegged ATRL as the type to declare a near 7 minute rock jam studio session as P!nk’s best non-single.
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  10. All of the tracks in the extra section can leave ASAP except Just Like Fire.
  11. 'Free' is worth a few points for those vocals!
  12. Fine with Free leaving, but I Have Seen The Rain could have stuck around a little longer.
    I really really really need to listen to this.
    All of what I know on the site is what I've read on here, but neither would I.
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  13. Poor @Sprockrooster losing three 10's in a row...

    "Free" really is a unique song in her discography.
    My thoughts when listening to it for the first time were 'when is this structureless mess over?' and I avoided the song for some time.
    Proof if you don't believe me:
    Eventually(.mp3), I started playing it on my earphones/headphones and it did caught my ear and started growing on me that it went from a 5 to 8,5 pretty quickly.

    That rawness in the vocals, structure, lyrics, instrumental and melody is its main strength and it's definitely a song that needs time to be properly understood and appreciated.
    Probably some (if not most) of the voters heard it for the first time very recently and reacted similar to me, which resulted in low scores, so consider giving it some time.

    Despite all that, I didn't expect that it would leave so fast and end up underrated.

    Now we should leave "Try This" alone for a while.

    On the other hand, bye "I Have Seen the Rain"! You're cute, as well as your backstory, but the blandness prevailed.
    However, there's one song from "I'm Not Dead" that I scored lower that that, so it can leave in a few eliminations.

    Funny that you mention the ATRL rate @Lost Boy (I assume we're talking about the same thing - the essentials rate), because I've known about that for some time and yesterday checked to see the results.
    I saw "Free" placed at #3, actually, and that's both impressive and unexpected ("Misery" was at #12, and "I Have Seen the Rain" at #51). Wow, the opinions really differ.
  14. Free is definitely in the better half of her discography. Y'all did her wrong!
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  15. [​IMG]
    135. Hiccup
    Average score: 5.61
    Highest score: 8x3 (@tylerc904, @Verandi, @Music Is Life)
    Lowest score: 1 (@Sideout)
    My score: 6

    Consider me dumbfounded as to why this is so low considering I always thought this was a highlight of the debut. It's tongue-in-cheek, the production is fantastic and the hiccup-cup-cup hook is an INSTANT earworm. Perhaps it's a case of being forgettable now that we're kind of out of awful territory? Because commentary seemed to consistently suggest so, and it seemed people disagree with me in the strength of the chorus. Also that middle-8 section is FANTASTIC (Maki picked it up too! Taste)

    Then again after saying all that, I've noticed I gave it a six... which is only a slither away from the actual result. Scalp myself, sorry Alecia.

    Commentary corner:
    @nikkysan: (7.5) Lord that “Hic-cup-cup-cup” hook is silly but I love it.

    @rick: (6) “Pink don’t think before she speaks...” Well she did warn us

    @abael: (4) Weak chorus and ambivalent production make this forgettable.

    @Maki: (7) Filler? Yes. But not a bad song by any means. The verses are a bit non-existent, although the chorus is memorable. But that middle-8/bridge was a true rediscovery of mine! I adore it, and don’t even know how it never caught my ear before. I wish that the rest of the song was as good as it. Also, we get another hook before the songs end, which is great. Oh, and I love how she hiccups when pronouncing word ‘hiccup’, such a clever idea! I can’t resist it, just bumped its score to a 7 while typing this!

    @R27: (6) Cute enough. The bridge suggests something a little more substantial than the song we ultimately got.

    @savilizabeths: (3) “The fake hiccup whenever she says ‘hiccup’ is ridiculous and just ruins the song for me.”

    The only albums untouched now are Funhouse, Hurts 2B Human & the Greatest Hits.​
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  16. How did we lose Hiccup before any of the boring ballads off the debut? This is a bop.
  17. Just as I was hoping that the debut would avoid bottom 10 placement.

    It's a bit odd that "Hiccup" turned out to be the lowest-placing song from "Can't Take Me Home", but given that its highest score is an 8, it did pretty well and got a nice average score. I assume that "Do What U Do" would suffer from the same faith.
    Is "Hiccup" among the her worst 10 songs? Absolutely not.
    I wouldn't call it a highlight off the album, but it grew on me and got a strong 7, which actually is among my bottom three scores from her debut.

    Glad that we agree about the middle-8 @Lost Boy and @R27, it really is amazing, as well as her ad-libs.

    I agree only about "Let Me Let You Know", now that's bottom 10 material.
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  18. I agree with ALL of this, except the last line. Maybe I just have a soft spot for the debut, but looking at my scores for the album I definitely gave it somewhat middling scores. I guess it didn't make as much of an impression as I thought, especially compared to how much I listen to the rest of her discography...
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  19. Hiccup out before Stop Falling and Let Me Let You Know sksksks y'all. It's in my album top3 (as in the three tracks I keep from it)
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  20. Talent always wins x
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