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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. I get all choked up inside
    And I don't know what to say
    Sometimes I wanna just run and hide
    But you just stand in my way-ay-ay

    A moment!
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  2. Speaking of poor lyrics, let's get "Words" and "Today's the Day" out next please!
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  3. ^ Oh god 'Words' has some of the worst!!

    and the wrong songs are leaving from her debut.
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  4. Poor lyrics and no one mentions Hell Wit Ya? That Pizza Hut line is terrible. Though, the song is a low key bop.
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  5. Nobody Knows + Words is easily her worst CD single in terms of A-side + B-side
  6. Nobody Knows is gorgeous, you heathen.
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  7. x
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  8. I wouldn’t know about needing validation.
  9. This salacious banter

    Why hasn't my 0 left yet?
    And speaking of Alecia's acting, I wonder if she was going to have a cameo in Charlie's Angels?
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  10. There are still zeroes in here?
    It better be from "The Truth About Love", since a few of its tracks should've already appeared in the bottom 10.
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  11. I've never understood what everyone's problem is with The Truth About Love, but I'd be quite happy to see How Come You're Not Here make a speedy exit.
  12. I actually really like that album (which isn't a surprise, because P!nk doesn't have a bad album for me) and don't consider it her weakest, but its lows drag it down by quite a bit.
    "Here Comes the Weekend" is one of my faves from the album and I'm a bit puzzled how none of the album tracks followed its exit. And "How Come You're Not Here" is one of the best album tracks from it, too, so I wouldn't like to see that one leave yet.
  13. I completely agree.
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  14. [​IMG]
    133. Setting the World On Fire
    Average score: 5.67
    Highest score: 10 (@Music Is Life)
    Lowest score: 1x2 (@Laurence, @nikkysan)
    My score: 5

    Truthfully I included this because I think it's simply gorgeous, as well as it being a pretty big hit in the US. Despite not having a hand in its creation, it really does sound like a song (albeit very countrified) that P!nk would record herself. Thus explains its inclusion.

    The song did as well as a huge country song does in the US, becoming Chesney's biggest ever single so far, and it peaked at #29 as well as dominated the country airplay charts. Didn't particularly imagine this would set the rate on fire considering our usual tastes, but it didn't crash out last so I'm considering that a success!

    AGAIN though, I look at my score and... I gave it a five? I've settled on these scores after a lot of listening so I am not going to change it now, but clearly something has changed in the months between now and then. Oop.

    Commentary corner:
    @Maki: I totally forgot that this song exists, which says how much I care about it. Totally bland and disposable country pop song, and the melody is as basic as It can get. The chorus is nice enough and their voices go really well together, but this is just boring for something that was even considered being released as a single.

    @R27: The country popstar crossover collab is a little overdone at this point, but this is actually quite enjoyable. I'm a bit of a sucker for this kind of lyrical narrative.

    @Music Is Life: Okay I loved this on release, and I still love it now. Her chorus is just perfect, and I love the production. Kenny is great too. I hope this does well.

    @savilizabeths: “I really like country music. That is all.”

    @abael: Kenny Chesney and Pink serve country at its most basic.

    @rick: Nothing much to add to this. It’s nice but I won’t listen again

    @nikkysan: My countryphobia is jumping out here but I don’t find anything about this enjoyable.

    @Verandi: I'd like a solo P!nk version of this thank you.

    @P'NutButter: Chorus is good

    @Laurence: Blerg

    132. The Truth About Love
    Average score: 5.69
    Highest score: 9 (@Music Is Life)
    Lowest score: 2x2 (@Sideout, @happiestgirl)
    My score: 8

    A big loss for me here because I think this is one of the best on the albums. Sonically I knew it was going to be divisive, but I think that it's produced so well that it's always a treat to hear. The way elements drop in and out, that upbeat bounciness consistent throughout - I love it! And I particularly love the lyricism, how it explores the duality of love and how P!nk experiences it. GORGEOUS.

    It's also helping me to realise that P!nk's middle-8s are pretty universally stunning? It hurts inside the hurt within - what a line. Then the way it turns into that handclap section and 'The truth, truth, truth about love is!" chant. I'd probably give this a ten now.

    Commentary corner:
    @Maki: The only achievement this can get is 'the worst title track' in her career. Most of it sounds like a bad song for children (melodically, not lyrically, of course). The chorus is not good, it sounds a bit off, like it's broken. It redeems itself in the middle-8, which is actually nice, and then gets really repetitive and annoying again.
    @JMRGBY88: very strange how an album and a tour were named after this and yet it was excluded from said

    @Laurence: Meh, this is a bit boring. It has OK lyrics but just not the one for me. Coming after Slut Like You I guess nothing can be good enough for a 7,5 compared to that but alright.

    @abael: I like a Pink song because of the lyrics? It's more likely than you think!

    @rick: Why name the album after one of the worst songs on it

    @savilizabeths: “There are some weird lyrics here? Besides that, this is just not for me. The different layered parts on the chorus don’t sound good, her vocal delivery is kinda annoying, and I guess it’s just a no from me.”

    @R27: This gives me 90s sheryl crow vibes (which is always a good thing).

    @Reboot: I’m too aromantic for this.

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    P!nk, from "The Truth About Love", 2012
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  16. I gave The Truth About Love a 9,5. Curse my OCD for making me admit to that.
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  17. Yeah, I really don't like The Truth About Love.
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  18. Now those are two eliminations I can stand behind!
    "Setting the World on Fire" is very bland. I gave it a 5,5 and thought it would do better, but luckily it didn't.

    As for "The Truth About Love":
    And it did, so I'm satisfied. The lyrics are good in an interesting way and the production is great, but sonically it's just annoying, as well as her vocals - it got a 5,25 from me.

    Still, "Slut Like You" remains my lowest score from that album and it better leave very soon.

    @Lost Boy, I know that I'm annoying, but can you please add the scores along the commentary?
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  19. kal


    Y’all really did The Truth About Love wrong.
  20. I plan to I just keep forgetting!
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