Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

I was getting a bit lucky with some of these ousters, so of course an 8 had to bite the bullet. Gone too soon, Truth about Love. One more Top 40 spot going to something undeserved.
Alright so Setting The World On Fire is my first big loss. It's such a great country pop song. I'm not surprised cause the forum has a hate boner for country music, especially led by males, but I am disappointed.

The Truth About Love is also gone too soon. I love the lyrics and melody, and I feel like the sunny production fits it really well.
Can't say I'm unhappy with the previous eliminations. The Truth About Love is such a middling song for me. The only album track sans the bonus tracks I'm rooting for is "Where Did The Beat Go?"
he / him

131. Do What U Do

Average score: 5.70
Highest score: 10 (@Music Is Life)
Lowest score: 2x2 (@Laurence, @AllGagaLike)
My score: 5.5

The debut album loses its third track with 'Do What U Do' failing to hit the 6 point average. One thing P!nk has never really been is forgettable, whether that be through musical output or performance, and yet a lot of the debut tends to fall fowl to dullness. There's flashes of brilliance here, and flashes of the P!nk we'll soon come to fall in love with, but ultimately there's little to set this apart from other R&B songs of its time.

Commentary didn't really deviate from that, with most of us having little to discuss about it. I suppose we could just praise the fantastic ad-libs again? In fact this kind of sounds like that awful new Xenomania girlband? What was their name again? Unperfect or something. Awful.

Commentary corner:
@abael: (6) A bit by the numbers.

@nikkysan: (3) Yawn. This goes absolutely nowhere.

@rick: (6) Cute little bop but nothing remarkable

@Reboot: (6) Slightly more interesting than the rest of the album

@Maki: (6.5) There’s something here, but isn’t able to shine all the way through. It can be called a filler track. Much more lowkey that the other songs here, Interesting production, with that weird (unsettling?) string instrument appearing every now and then. I want to give it a higher score, but there’s not much to grasp on. Not a highlight, of course, but it’s a good R&B song.

@savilizabeths: (6) “I like the intro and the instrumentation. It’s definitely an inspiring message that I try to take on in my life as best I can. The song itself isn’t really anything special though.”

@R27: (4.5) Even though it's a pretty average length this feels like it drags on a bit.


130. Let Me Let You Know
Average score: 5.73
Highest score: 8x6 (@Lost Boy, @Sprockrooster, @soratami, @Daniel_O, @Sail On, @Music Is Life)
Lowest score: 2x3 (@Verandi, @Laurence, @happiestgirl)
My score: 8

Yet another song from the debut kicked to the curb, it's really not looking good for Can't Take Me Home. 'Let Me Let You Know' is a pretty strong contemporary ballad that barely sounds like P!nk at all, save for the 'UGH!' that randomly pops in every now and then. The chorus is its strength, and I find it has a Disney-esque melody to it, but ultimately its so extremely forgettable. It's so easy to get lost inside of it while it is playing though, and the quiet melancholy of reminds me of the darker parts of M!ssundaztood.

What we won't do is look at the writing credits though, because apparently creepy old Robin Thicke had a hand in writing this. I should have docked it a few points for that alone. But then I did throw a whole bunch of points at it for those AMAZING vocals at the end.

Commentary corner:
@Verandi: (2) No thank you.

@P'NutButter: (3) bland, 'Leaving For The Last Time' should've had it's place on the album

@rick: (5) It’s a minute too long and kind of dreary but FUCK! The vocals. She sounds so much like Mariah here and that note at 3.45 is glorious

@Sail On: (8) Talk about underrated gems! She really knew how to work her way around a slow jam, huh?

@abael: (6) Too much layering bothers an otherwise nice song.

@Music Is Life: (8) This is a cute R&B ballad. Nothing special, but still pretty good. I kinda feel like I haven’t payed enough attention to this.

@Maki: (5.25) By far my least favorite on the album. It’s boring and pretty much faceless, but has great vocals, of course, and redeems a tiny bit in the bridge. Overall, this MOR ballad is clearly not for me.

@savilizabeths: (7) “The vocals on this are really pretty. The male ‘uh’ in the background really pulls me out of this one though. It’s very distracting once you notice it.”
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These two are my lowest scores from her debut, so these are good eliminations.

With its interesting production and great verses, "Do What U Do" is good and should've stayed a bit longer, but it's one of the weakest on "Can't Take Me Home". I thought it was one of the apparent songs to have a low highest score, but @Music Is Life gave it a 10 (and, oddly, didn't write any commentary).

"Let Me Let You Know", as already pointed out, has some amazing vocals, but that could be said about each and every song she's released. Being so bland and boring, it remains one of the weakest songs in her discography. The main thing that makes it distinctive is the reappearing male vocals, like it has already been mentioned.
However, it's not the song that I would expect to get an 8 as the highest score.

And @Lost Boy, I didn't know that Robin Thicke co-write "Let Me Let You Know". That fact somehow passes me by. I know that he's written "When You Put Your Hands on Me" for Christina Aguilera around the same time, which is one of my very favorite songs from her debut, let me listen to it again.

After this, we should leave her debut alone for a while (except maybe for the title track), but that surely won't happen.
The title track is one of my favourites from Can't Take Me Home, wouldn't mind that staying until we reached double digits.

Can We Pretend, Wild Hearts and Respect to be the next eliminations.
Now that we've gotten the worst songs from the debut out the way, let's hope the focus lands on the extras, the rest of The Truth About Love and Can We Pretend.