Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Can We Pretend, Wild Hearts and Respect to be the next eliminations.
It took me a while to register what song "Respect" is and I had to look it up on the song list. Don't know why I froze that much for a moment, since the song is quite memorable.
That pretty much says that I want it to leave among the next few eliminations, too.

"Hurts 2B Human" is better than "Beautiful Trauma" for sure, but I really expected some songs to leave early ("Can We Pretend" comes to mind first), given the initial reactions the album got.
Seems like her last two albums will suffer from losing a large amount of songs in a short span (i.e. not getting too high nor low scores), but that's just my theory.
The highs from "Hurts 2B Human" can go into top 20 and I would be proud of them.
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The ballads on Hurts 2 Be Human are better than the ones on Beautiful Trauma. The up-tempo tracks on Beautiful Trauma are better than the ones on Hurts 2 Be Human. Combining the best of the two would have made one great album. Instead, we have two mediocre albums.
The ballads on Hurts 2 Be Human are better than the ones on Beautiful Trauma. The up-tempo tracks on Beautiful Trauma are better than the ones on Hurts 2 Be Human. Combining the best of the two would have made one great album. Instead, we have two mediocre albums.
In my case, the ballads are on about the same level (I'm not a fan of three ballad closer on "Hurts 2B Human", but both "90 Days" and "More" are excellent) and the uptempo tracks are better on "Hurts 2B Human".
I mean, "Beautiful Trauma" has only one song that is uptempo from beginning to the end - "Secrets", which is one of the highlights on that album (especially compared to the other 'uptempo' tracks on it).
I love "Hustle", it's amazing and one of her best songs of this decade.
That can't be said for "Can We Pretend", but it's a good song nonetheless.

"Hurts 2B Human" is the album that has the highest low score from me (not counting the greatest hits one), so it would be kind of fitting for it to be the last remaining album to lose a song.
It's pretty much her most consistent album, in terms of 'there are no obvious duds'.
he / him

129. Today's the Day
Average score: 5.76
Highest score: 9.2 (@Untouchable Ace)
Lowest score: 2 (@Sanctuary)
My score: 3

What do you do when white Oprah asks for a theme song to the most clinically beige TV show of all time? When your latest era ended two years ago and you're in that vast dreamlike space reigned over by Rihanna, do you use it to springlaunch a new campaign by handing over something with a little bite? Do you hand over a bonus track from two albums ago that will hopefully fly under the radar? Or do you get in the studio and make something uniquely for them?

Apparently it was the latter for P!nk, who wrote and recorded this exclusively for the show. This just isn't a good song, is it? Typically I don't really agree with the excessive narrative that P!nk is stuck in a rut musically, but you can't really argue against it with this. To me it kind of sounds like one of the bonus tracks from I'm Not Dead. The verses are okay but it's that chorus, like nails on a chalkboard to me. Luckily for us, it was reserved for the white female icon herself and her two chairs. Though Australia almost sent this top ten......

I am listening now and maybe I was a bit harsh? The verses really are great but I cannot get past the bridge and that chorus. Awful.

Commentary corner:
@JMRGBY88: (5) is it cute? Yes. Do I listen? No.

@P'NutButter: (7) Lyrically it's cringy, but I like it.

@tylerc904: ( My first time hearing this one, and it’s very, very generic P!nk.

@rick: (8) Well......I mean it’s good. Nice shouty chorus too.

@Maki: (8.25) Considering that this was just made for the theme song for the Ellen show (and it was the only song in consideration for that), this is great. I love the verses, and while it’s overall a bit too generic and typical P!nk song for this period, this is a really feel-good and catchy tune. It’s very reminiscent of her stuff from “The Truth About Love”. If we battle “Tonight’s the Night” and this, “Today’s the Day” wins (but I doubt that will happen in the actual rate).

@abael: (7) A departure both thematically and musically from Pinks usual work. She pulled it off well, even if the song is standard.

@Laurence: (6.5) It's not a bad song I'll give y'all that but just the link with Ellen and the moms-over-40-pop of it all is just tew much here. It woulda been a cool track if it was a little less vanilla and those lyrics eh.

@Music Is Life: (9) This is a cute bop. I love the lyrics, “I get so vicious when I don’t feel delicious.”

@nikkysan: (6) This is surprisingly... okay for an Ellen theme song? I was expecting something terrible but this would’ve been a passable album track for The Truth About Love.
I definitely liked some of these extras more than the rest y'all. The only sevens I've lost so far are this and Waterfall.
I thought that this was the song eliminated based on the thread title, since it would be too early for "Tonight's the Night" to leave, and was right.

"Today's the Day" is indeed P!nk at her most generic, but it's a great song. Don't really get why it isn't loved as much, maybe because it sounds like something from "The Truth About Love".
There are much worse songs, so this ended up underrated.

And it turns out that there is a song by P!nk that you like less than "Free", @Lost Boy.
Yes, because at least those songs doesn't sound like a cheaply produced Chainsmokers song that was recorded in 2016 and accidentally released in 2019.
I would honestly take a Chainsmokers song any day over a song that's attached to Imagine Dragons. However, I'm also a sucker for cheap nostalgia, which has pretty much become The Chainsmokers niche at this point.