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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. I was just about to tag you since you were active in her recent threads. So many 10's indeed. (I also think we have some lesser-known favorites in common, so that's a bonus!)

    More tags for those who may be interested in doing this rate:
    @Untouchable Ace

    I remember you two loving "I'm Not Dead" in 'the poprock ladies' rate, so maybe give this a chance if you can.
  2. Am I the only one who's familiar with every song in the list?
  3. Right if any of you sink ‘Happy’ and ‘More’ because they’re recent I’m going to kill you. They’re some of the best songs of hers I’ve ever heard.
  4. I will be partaking in this and I know what my zero will be.
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  5. I noticed that you share the same deadline of the first of July with @CorgiCorgiCorgi's Hurts rate. Not entirely sure if there is a lot of overlap with voters, but perhaps not very convenient? I will make both anyway though!
  6. I literally just set a month to be safe, but we’ll re-evaluate as we go on and the votes come in! That’s my plan for rates now, being much more flexible I guess.
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  7. I stopped actively listening to her because I'm not into the genre anymore (poor Kelly Clarkson)
    but P!nk is the best in the game so here I am.
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  8. This is my first time hearing her debut and girl. I'm glad she found her shtick on Missundaztood, because as much as we may roll our eyes at it now, it's far better than the bland TLC-lite sound on her debut.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. @Lost Boy the I Have Seen The Rain video is starting about 30 seconds into the song (the song starts about 50 seconds in and the video is set to start about 80 seconds in), you might want to fix that.

    Speaking of I'm Not Dead extras, I had never heard Heartbreaker before today, whew. The I'm Not Dead bonus tracks really are something else (see also Fingers, Centerfold).
  11. I refuse to hear any hate for her debut album.
    No matter how much it isn't something that P!nk didn't want to do or isn't her style, she sold it and did such a good job (even excelled) that the public was certain that she's going to continue the R&B route.
    Plus, she doesn't write off her debut like some artists tend to do - on the contrary, she recently mentioned how proud she was of some of the songs from "Can't Take Me Home" - notably "Stop Falling".

    Speaking of which, I'm really interested to see how "Leaving for the Last Time" would fare in this rate, especially compared to some of the album tracks from the debut. Can you please include it @Lost Boy?
  12. I just heard Slut Like You for the first time

  13. That is going to be a very divisive one.

    Also, I have very different opinions on the two Eminem collabs - but which is which?
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  14. I love Slut Like You and Revenge.
  15. Here Comes The Weekend isn't that bad I think, M&M's aside.
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  16. I really think that Revenge has some of her best background vocals ever. It' kind of a shame what they were used for. Also Slut Like You is a banger but admittedly I still haven't read all the lyrics.
  17. I get the lyrics can seem a bit questionable at first glance, but her explanation for them makes sense

    P!nk has referred to "Slut Like You" as her "unsophisticated way of taking the power back" on multiple occasions. "I kept thinking as I was writing this song how mad moms were gonna be at me, but really, it's my form of feminism. I've always had such a problem that men can sleep with ten women and they're... players, and then women can sleep with five and they're sluts, and I just think that's so unfair, and I... I've always said, 'What did you get from me that I didn't get from you? Maybe you were my conquest.' And I feel like that is a very dirty form of feminism, but it's mine, and you know, you have to own your choices, especially as a female; we pay for our choices, I think, a lot more than men do... still. And 'Slut Like You' is my really unsophisticated way of taking the power back."

    My issue with the song isn't the lyrics though, it's those damn yoo-hoos.
  18. ‘Slut Like You’ pops OFF.
  19. I love Song 2 so I love Slut Like You by default I suppose.
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