Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Okay? But we can say this about a lot of mainstream artists debut albums. Why should it matter if it doesn't have the classic P!nk DNA that didn't even exist till years after.
The Pink DNA is plenty in evidence elsewhere on Can't Take Me Home. And I don't think it's even a particularly good song on its own merits. But anyway, we're clearly going to agree to disagree on this one.
'Why Did I Ever Like You?', 'Gone To California' hopefully go soon.
NO! x100

And I had absolutely no idea that "Just Give Me a Reason" is hated. I personally love it, but it's not a type of song that has stuck with me, so I won't be sad over its early exit.

Gone To California has grown on me over the years. If we're losing a Missundaztood track I'd much prefer Respect or Catch 22 to go.
I completely agree with you here.
Just Give Me A Reason is one of her best songs, there's no way it should leave this early.

If we're losing a track from the first album, I'm thinking it could be Private Show as I haven't seen a single comment - positive or negative - about it yet. Never a good sign.
If we're losing a track from the first album, I'm thinking it could be Private Show as I haven't seen a single comment - positive or negative - about it yet. Never a good sign.
It better not be. It's in my top 5 from "Can't Take Me Home".
I'm afraid it could be "Leaving for the Last Time".

But I wonder if @Lost Boy meant 'classic' as debut P!nk or as classic P!nk in "M!ssundaztood", "Try This" etc.

Yeah, we surely won't be seeing "Just Give Me a Reason" anytime soon.
he / him

124. Halfway Gone
Average score: 6.01
Highest score: 9.75 (@Maki)
Lowest score: 2.5 (@rick)
My score: 4

Raspy P!nk suffers a big blow here as rarity 'Halfway Gone' barely scrapes the 6 point mark. We don't know much about this song, mainly because it resurfaced only through a Linda Perry helmed soundtrack project for Served Like a Girl and thus we can only assume it's been sat in the vault since the M!ssundaztood/Try This days. Sonically it would fit between them pretty well, her trademark na na na's even join the party, and vocally she hasn't been this raspy in years.

It's a cute moment of nostalgic whatever, but I've never really enjoyed it that much. Melodically it's a bit similar to a whole handful of Dad-rock songs and it doesn't really present anything that either album was missing, so bye!

Commentary corner:
@JMRGBY88: (4) I had this in my collection but honestly never really bothered listening to it. After giving it some time, it’s a cute girl but I can’t see myself returning to this often.

@P'NutButter: (7) This track just makes me sad this raspy voiced P!nk doesn't really exist anymore.

@rick: (2.5) I have no desire to ever listen again

@abael: (5) Song sadly is only halfway done

@Music Is Life: (9) This is great and should have made whatever album it was meant for. Try This, right? Love the rock vibe of this, which we haven't really gotten a whole lot of the last few albums, though I still love the new stuff.

@Maki: (9.75) Aw, the rock sound of “Try This” era, P!nk’s raspy voice, and Linda Perry’s contribution/production, I really miss all that in her recent output. Such a strong song, it’s still so confusing to me how it didn’t make the album (not even a bonus track). It has a sad feeling to it that I adore, and the middle-8 is just a punch. And the chorus had to grew on me, and now I love it. Maybe it needed more ‘na, na, na…’ parts to get a 10.

@R27: (6) Another new discovery for me. Great vocal performance. Could see this growing on me.

@savilizabeths: (7) “This one is so moody and really feels like old P!nk, so I definitely appreciate it for that.”


123. Crash and Burn
Average score: 6.02
Highest score: 7.5 (@Txextu)
Lowest score: 4x4 (@AllGagaLike, @rick, @Laurence, @Sideout)
My score: 7

This might just be one of P!nk's oddest songs in her entire discography? I know we like to point out the debut as being out of place but... everything about this is an outlier to her work. The reggae vibes, Gentleman's vocals throughout, the laid back-ness... I've never really been into it that much and was always glad it was relegated to B-Side on the much more superior 'U + Ur Hand' release.

I suppose in a way it's a nice reference to the Catch-22 world but... you're either into this sound or not, and I don't really think of being laid back when listening to P!nk so I don't think she really pulls this off. That being said it isn't actively awful and the verses are pretty easy listening, it's the chorus and the unnecessary male vocals that prevent it from being any better than just good. Almost everybody gave it a 5-7 across the board (9 sevens!) so I'm not the only one thinking this is... just fine.

Commentary corner:
@Music Is Life: (7) This is one of my least favorite B-sides/bonus tracks from her. It’s a fun bop, and the production is different for her, but I’m just very “eh” about it.

@Maki: (7.25) I decided to re-listen to this one a few months ago, and was surprised that I enjoyed it, because I thought I didn’t like it at all. It's so carefree and the reggae influence really enhances the summery feel of the song. However, it should’ve remained a B-side, not only because of the sound, but it drags a bit too long and the rap part is unnecessary.

@The Hot Rock: (5) Another song about flying? Queen of aviation.

@rick: (4) She already did the aeroplane theme. And did it better

@abael: (6) Well enough produced fodder, soon to be forgotten.

@R27: (6) This cute, but inessential.

@savilizabeths: (6) “This is nice enough. It’s not bad. It’s cute.”


122. Delirium
Average score: 6.07
Highest score: 9.75 (@Maki)
Lowest score: 1 (@happiestgirl)
My score: 8

Big loss on the bonus front here for me, as 'Trouble' loses its last B-side after 'Free'. 'Delirium' was written with Linda Perry, produced by her too, and intended for Try This. I particularly adore how it starts out so melancholic, the strings setting you up for an intimate ballad, before it crashes in with the guitar. Admittedly it's massively underproduced compared to the material that made the album but it's not hard to see a world in which this actually made not just the album, but a single? Beefing it up a little, crisping her vocals a little and it'd be a pretty fab single.

The ba-da-da-ba-da-da hook reigns over the entire thing, and it's so strong that I may actually be judging it all on the weight of that hook? The verses aren't perfect and are a little understated but that chorus just hooks me instantly.

Commentary corner:
@abael: (5) It’s not bad but it doesn’t go anywhere.

@Maki: (9.75) I love this crazy and creepy number. It sums up the dark tone of the album. The vocal effect totally works here and makes her sound so much like Linda Perry. And I adore the middle-8, she goes full-on during it. It’s repetitive, but not redundant at all. The guitar riff is quite addictive, too. Don’t know why they left it off the album, it’s such a good song, one of the best from the era.

@Music Is Life: (9) Love the intro to this. This is actually pretty good, another fun rock song, and I love that her vocals sound kinda distant throughout the song. The chorus is really fucking catchy, thanks to the “lalalalala” part. I think I kinda love this, which is funny cause I almost never play it. Yeah I almost love.mp3 it.

@R27: (8.25) The guitars are great on this. It has a super interesting and rather unique lyric as well.

@JMRGBY88: (8) probably my favourite song to come from the Try This sessions.

@Sprockrooster: (8) Very 90's Garbage and that is a good thing.


@rick: (2) Sounds like an Ashlee Simpson reject

@savilizabeths: (6) “This one is interesting. I kinda like it.”
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