Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

I knew this was coming as soon as I read the title, but...
What?! Where are all the "Try This" supporters?
I didn't think that I'd be the high scorer for both "Halfway Gone" and "Delirium". They're one of the best things about "Try This" era and should've made the album. Most of the songs on the actual album aren't as good as them.
Then again, these two are among the most rock sounding songs from that era, so I guess the voters prefer the 'pop' side of the album and/or need time for songs like these (and "Delirium" sounds like a quite divisive one).
A pity that you didn't enjoy "Halfway Gone", @Lost Boy, but taste for loving "Delirium"!

Just for the record, Linda Perry herself explained the backstory of "Halfway Gone" (yes, it was recorded after their 'fallout' in 2003 and was one of the last songs recorded for "Try This"):
Alecia and I lost our relationship because of “Beautiful.” She thought she could keep me all to herself and not have me work with anybody else. Because I worked with Christina, she got really pissed off. Obviously, on top of it, she didn’t like Christina at the time. Alecia was fighting everybody. I get her point — she wanted to be the anti-those-girls.

Then Alecia was at a diner and I was walking by and saw her. We hadn’t seen each other in years. I sat down and said, “Why don’t you come by my studio and hang out with me?” And she did. We caught up and it’s like, “Do you want to write a song?” “Yeah. Let’s write a song.” And then I just kind of came up with this song out of nowhere. She was looking at me with those eyes like, “I missed her.” We didn’t think much about it, and we just wrote the lyrics. And she at the time was struggling with Carey [Hart], so we wrote that song.

When Served Like A Girl came to me, I thought, “Oh shit, I got all these songs that never were released by artists. We’ll let 100 percent of the proceeds go to the female vets.” We wanted to do something special for them. I started looking through my songs, and I asked everybody if I could use the songs, and Alecia said yes. And we parted ways again. She and I, maybe it’s not going to be tomorrow, but there will be another time for us, because we’re way too creative together. You can just feel it.
The last few sentences, though...

...we can only hope.

And people talking about unfinished songs, while demo, almost cheap-sounding "Respect" and "Catch-22" are still hanging around... whatever.
However, Linda preferred the more raw, underproduced sound, but it works much better for certain rockier songs from "Try This".

Also, I'm pretty sure that "Halfway Gone" would've gotten a high score from @SlowGinFizzzz (if he didn't forget to vote lol).
"Halfway Gone" and "Delirium" are gone way too soon.

Oh, and "Crash & Burn" is one of the song I though would 'vacate' earlier. There are weaker songs than it, but I'm OK with its elimination. We all agreed that it's nice, but nowhere near the highs of her career.
And wow at the highest score being 7,5! (which almost makes me the highest scorer for all three songs @Music Is Life who) - that must be a record low for the highest score.
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Not to mention a ton of middle of the road ballads.
Yeah, especially on her later albums, such as "Beam' Me Up", "The Great Escape", "Chaos & Piss", even "But We Lost It".
I'm not a fan of "When We're Through" and "Crystal Ball", either.

However, most ballads on her earlier albums are fantastic and should stay as long as possible.
The subject matter of "Beam Me Up" is special, her vocal delivery is emotional and there ard some great moments in the melody, but I can't help myself but feel bored every time I listen to it.
Similar thing goes for "The Great Escape" and "Chaos & Piss".
he / him

121. Love Me Anyway
Average score: 6.08
Highest score: 10 (@Sprockrooster
Lowest score: 1 (@happiestgirl)
My score: 7

Country P!nk suffers another blow with the intimate and frankly gorgeous 'Love Me Anyway' marking the start of our mini Hurts 2B Human cull. In it P!nk reflects, just as she did on the very similar 'Just Give Me a Reason', on a broken relationship and ask the very simple question: to what end will our love last? It's performed stunningly, and showcases her own anxieties within her longstanding relationship with her husband Carey:

We come from broken families and we had no model of how are we supposed to keep this family together and live this crazy life? And there's no model. There's no book that says, 'Here's how to do this.'

'Love Me Anyway' is a much more self reflective and vulnerable take into their relationship considering she typically likes to describe the darker, more violent parts. However it's nothing new for a love song to explore the very limits of love, and for that the lyrics actually lack the impact they should have. Vocally you couldn't ask for a better performance, and I happen to think Stapleton's smokey vocals work perfectly against her own. He isn't overbearing, effectively working as extra ad-libs in the background throughout, and it's just a plain gorgeous love song.

Commentary Corner:
@The Hot Rock: (3) Chris' vocals give me a headache.

@Sprockrooster: (10) This was an 8,0 first but this grew so fast on me. Undeniably good.

@rick: (9) Oh her voice. Oh his voice. Oh this is gorgeous. Another 30 seconds and it would have been perfect

@JMRGBY88: (7) I could do without the feature to be honest.

@abael: (5) This song just seems here to take up the numbers

@tylerc904: (7.5) I normally do not care for P!nk ballads (sacrilege to many, I know) – this is simply beautiful.

@Laurence: (2) Ugh not a fan and Chris there on it too. Ew. Also I want to remind everyone that the cover of this album is epically bad. Drag it all.

@Music Is Life: (9.75) This is another beautiful ballad by her and on this album. These two sound amazing together and I love the melody, and the way this builds.

@Maki: (6.5) My least favorite song from this album, not because it's bad, but more on a boring side and weaker than the other tracks. There's something repetitive in the chorus. I like the production (which turns out P!nk did herself), the short instrumental part reminds me of the sound of Linda Perry's solo album "In Flight". Their voices sound excellent together, and their ad-libs near the end are really good, but it's just not strong enough to get a higher score. Yet another example of why P!nk and country sound aren't that much for me.

@R27: (4) I listened to this on shuffle right after "I Don't Believe You" and this just feels so... limp after the genuine emotional turmoil of that song. Chris Stapleton adds so nice backing vocals at least, but even he feels underused.

@savilizabeths: (8) “Country is a genre very close to my heart. For awhile it was most of what I listened to. I love the honesty in the lyrics of a good country song. The instrumentation here is absolutely stunning. Once again, my love for strings comes through. Chris Stapleton’s gruff raspy voice sounds amazing here. It’s a really beautiful song that feels like it goes by so fast.”

120. The Last Song of Your Life
Average score: 6.09
Highest score: 9.5 (@Sanctuary)
Lowest score: 2x4 (@Verandi, @Hurricane Drunk, @Laurence, @happiestgirl)
My score: 7

So I made covers for every single song in the rate, some are much better than others, but I completely forgot to do this one and I'm not able to create one now so we're skipping right through. It just speaks volumes to this being fairly forgettable? Admittedly it has grown on me a lot since the release but it's never going to score a lot when it's such a minimal song - stripped right back to guitar and her vocals soaked in reverb.

I think it suffers massively because of the frankly awful sequencing, where the album ends on a triple punch of ballads. Whose idea was that? In fact, Beautiful Trauma ended on a double ballad drip and that was hard enough.

She hasn't really done a song like this since I'm Not Dead, one so violently intimate that it's almost hard to listen to? Lyrically it's a bit too specific to draw too much emotion from me but considering her dealings with death recently and how much she's spoken about it since Beautiful Trauma, it's powerful to hear her tackling it in such an abrupt way. If you had one song left, what would it actually be?

Commentary corner:

@savilizabeths: (9) “Oh my god, this is absolutely stunning. It sounds so haunting. I want to listen to this while I walk around streets late at night or in the darkness as I fall asleep. The guitar is so pretty and Pink’s vocals are so passionate and raw. I really hope this doesn’t get tanked because it really is quite special. It evokes so much peace and emotion in me.”

@Maki: (7) Hmm... I'm a bit indifferent towards this song, but it has lovely moments, like the pre-chorus. It's that type of 'one take' acoustic guitar ballads she's been doing with Billy Mann every now and then, and most of the time I'm not a fan of them. I'm sure it will grow o me, though. Sounds like something that would appear on "rose.ave." album, too. My favorite out of the three ballad finish, so at least it has that.

@abael: (9) This could've been a simplistic soppy closer, and you could argue that it is just that. I guess Pink really caught me off guard, because it had that emotional impact for me to want to listen to it again

@rick: (8) It’s slow but a Really nice way to close the album. I expect this to crash out of the rate at around number 74

@P'NutButter: (9) Very 70's sounding track, reminds me a lot of Joni (Mitchell).

@Music Is Life: (9) This is a great closer, possibly one of her best, and I love the way they produced her voice to echo on this. The acoustic guitar on this is so simple and elegant and perfect, and I love her voice! I know I keep saying that but I do. The melody on this is also really great too. Great song.

@R27: (7.25) I must be in some kind of mood tonight, because I'm handing out passing grades to a bunch of latter-day P!nk ballads.

@tylerc904: (4.5) Very much done before (Glitter, Crystal) and what I mean when I say I don’t care for P!nk ballads.

@Verandi: (2) "I like the view behind your eyes". *Jumps from window*

@JMRGBY88: (6) it’s cute but unnecessary. Also, I just don’t like ~how it’s been recorded, it just sounds muffled.
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Wow, when you wrote mini cull I was hoping for Happy and We Could Have It All then we could go back to getting rid of some of her worse albums. Decided to go right for the jugular with Last Song of Your Life, though.
Wow, when you wrote mini cull I was hoping for Happy and We Could Have It All then we could go back to getting rid of some of her worse albums. Decided to go right for the jugular with Last Song of Your Life, though.

Happy would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.

Also Love Me Anyway was done a bit dirty being evicted so early before some of the songs on The Truth About Love.