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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. Absolutely not.
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  2. Bloody hell. I love both of those tracks!!!!!
  3. @P'NutButter now that you've mentioned it in the commentary and I've recently listened to "Blue" for a certain rate, "The Last Song of Your Life" does sound like something Joni Mitchell would sing.
    That probably explains why I'm not so keen on it oops...
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  4. Ooops! Glad that one's out. Circle Game should have gone first though.
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  5. What the hell is wrong with you people?
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  6. I don’t really like ‘Circle Game’ either, ddd.
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  7. 'Circle Game' for me was an 11 contender. Maybe it's because of the life I've had that I really relate to the lyrics and her vocals are insane on it!
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  8. [​IMG]
    119. Hustle
    Average score: 6.09
    Highest score: 10x2 (@Maki, @abael)
    Lowest score: 1 (@The Hot Rock)
    My score: 6

    Released as a promo single for her latest album, 'Hustle' presents P!nk exactly as we know her - loud and abrasive. Don't fuck with me she sings, the trademark warble in her voice, in what is an addictive mash of doo-wop pop rock fun. Hearing this live really opened it up for me because it plays so well, really highlighting the classic vibes it blends with its typical bombastic P!nk production. You can see how much fun she has performing it and you can imagine how much fun it was to write!

    I knew it wouldn't do so well considering the opinions in the thread upon its release, because it doesn't really change the formula at all and marks a return to the kind of sound she explored in The Truth... which wasn't exactly her most popular period. As I said, despite my own concerns it managed to grow on me pretty quickly and would definitely score more had I rated it after seeing her live, but most scores were around the 6-9 range.

    Commentary corner:
    @abael: (10) An introduction that highlights how much production has rallied after the polished but directionless Beautiful Trauma.

    @rick: (8) Fun album opener. Doesn’t reinvent the wheel but an ear worm.
    @P'NutButter: (6) Fun opener, but a bit obvious?

    @Reboot: (6) Nice enough opener, but nothing amazing.

    @Verandi: (6) This is very "How to make a Pink song - Youtube tutorial".

    @The Hot Rock: (1) P!nk covering Imagine Dragons teas. Thanks, I hate it.

    @JMRGBY88: (6) could really do with a better chorus.

    @tylerc904: (6.5) A bit Trainor, yes, but it’s a fine tune.

    @Laurence: (9) Pretty short, I remember hearing this the first time and I liked it instantly, which I still do. It's pretty short though and I like the pace it has.

    @Maki: (10) I had no idea that I would love a song by P!nk during her AC period this much! I was completely stunned and astonished when I first heard this. Crisp production, amazing delivery and such a good and infectious melody. That hook is so damn good and even reminded me of her R&B debut style (think "There You go" ad-libs), and when the brass comes in the final chorus... whew, a moment! I even heard it once on the radio and was so proud of it, wish it was a proper single. My favorite from the album, and we'll find out how much of a guilty pleasure of mine this is.

    @R27: (3) I hate Imagine Dragons so much.

    @savilizabeths: (5) “This is catchy enough for me to give it a completely average rating, but it’s also catchy in a kind of annoying way? Maybe it’s those ‘whoop whoop’ things on the chorus or the fact that the word hustle loses all meaning by the end. I guess it’s pretty inoffensive though.”

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  9. kal


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  10. One of her worst opening tracks for an album. The chorus is so crap.
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  11. I think my least favourite song from every album is still in, except Beautiful Trauma (Revenge) and Funhouse where I like pretty much everything anyway.
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  12. Nooo! That's my favorite song from "Hurts 2B Human", and you put it in the bottom three of that album?

    I understand, it's a unique song (she's never done a doo-wop inspired song) and you can't adore it immediately (just recalled the replies in the thread when it was released), but in no way it should leave this early.
    It definitely brought back that P!nk edge that's been hiding during the entire "Beautiful Trauma" album, even if it is similar to "Here Comes the Weekend" in an abrasive way.
    Glad that it grew on you @Lost Boy, I guess you would've given it a higher score now; it was so instant for me, though.

    Look at @abael giving it a 10 out of all the voters - taste! But I still don't forgive you the "M!ssundaztood" massacre.

    Oh, and imagine thinking "Hustle" is annoying, yet stan "Slut Like You" at the same time. I mean...
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  14. LiK


    I am whelmed by this eviction, which is exactly how I feel about the song.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. Bleh. Following the loss of my first 9 as well.

    And here I am loving both of them, and yes @Verandi I do know double digits exist, I would listen to Hurts 2B Human over any Kate Bush Album. I suppose it's a mix of specific taste, as well as being like any true Australian, having an inborn distaste for anything British and an inexplicable predisposition towards P!nk.
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  17. I've checked my list and Gone To California, Stop Falling and Can We Pretend are my lowest scores left. So I'd appreciate it if they could vacate.
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  18. None of these leave next, nor are they from the album that loses the next song.
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  19. These are all 7/8s. There are plenty of other songs that should go first.
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