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I've checked my list and Gone To California, Stop Falling and Can We Pretend are my lowest scores left. So I'd appreciate it if they could vacate.
Major NO at these two being your lowest scores remaining. But you're a ballad hater, so what can I say.

None of these leave next, nor are they from the album that loses the next song.
Oh, so the short "Hurts 2B Human" cull is over. I wonder if "Beautiful Trauma" will start losing tracks next.
Or maybe it's one of "The Truth About Love" clunkers. Or neither.

Speaking of "Hurts 2B Human", "Hustle" leaving before "Can We Pretend" (among many songs from the other albums) is just a WTF moment.

And will there be another elimination tonight, @Lost Boy?
Speaking of "Hurts 2B Human", "Hustle" leaving before "Can We Pretend" (among many songs from the other albums) is just a WTF moment.

The ongoing hate for Can We Pretend is my favorite development in here so far.

he / him

118. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
Average score: 6.10
Highest score: 10x3 (@playboy69, @HollyDunnSomething, @Music Is Life)
Lowest score: 2x3 (@nikkysan, @Hurricane Drunk, @happiestgirl)
My score: 7

The political rally cry to the silenced falls out at a disappointing 118. I will have to die for this, I fear she pines in what was apparently supposed to feature in the movie Suffragettes:

“The movie is about the suffragette movement which is women’s right to vote,” P!nk said. “You have to fight for what’s rightly yours which is rights and respect and love and kindness and compassion and you have to be willing to die for it. These women were.”

It's a gorgeously simple song with a deep and powerful message, one aimed at uplifting and supporting women who, like P!nk, continue to fight against a world that binds them in a million ways. Such a complex issue can't be boiled down and solved in three minutes, but considering her past and the fights she's led throughout her career there's a stark confidence to this that strikes me immediately.

At the end of the day as a song it's either going to appeal to you or not, but it's a message we can all get behind and one that's increasingly important in our currently fucked up world. Empowerment anthems are difficult to get behind sometimes, but as a victim sometimes there's such a power to hearing an idol of yours open up to the vulnerability and speak up with you. It brings solidarity, and if there's anything P!nk has done throughout her career it's that - shown that we aren't alone.

Commentary corner:

@Verandi: (4) Jesus these lyrics. Nice strings beautiful strings.

@Reboot: (5) Bit dull

@rick: (7.5) Great vocals, nice lyrics but it’s the definition of ‘meandering’

@abael: (7) Heartfelt delivery can only go so far when it comes to lyrics this vague

@Music Is Life: (10) Another gorgeous ballad. I love the chorus, especially “There's not enough tape to shut this mouth.” The middle-8 is also sublime. Her vocals really shine on this.

@Maki: (8.25) Not as forgettable as her more recent ballads, but it still had to grew on me. You can tell that it was written for a soundtrack, since it has that cinematic buildup that I love. I expected much more from the verses, but the chorus makes up for tha, it's beautiful. The music arrangement is lovely, and flows so well with her voice. And the final chorus has very impressive vocals, which verge on being too piercing.

@R27: (3) Such a boring song for such a promising title. The albums second half really falls apart compared to the first. Actually, it just drags in general.

@savilizabeths: (5) “P!nk is often pretty good at ballads. This is not one of those. Yawn.”

Tomorrow a classic will fall
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