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We still have some awful bonus tracks to lose. ‘Push You Away’ and ‘When We’re Through’ can exit swiftly please
We still have some awful bonus tracks to lose. ‘Push You Away’ and ‘When We’re Through’ can exit swiftly please

Aww... "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" is a beautiful little ballad that shouldn't be out yet. Underrated.
Actually, it's one of her best ballads from her 'AC period', but still nowhere near the actual highs.

We still have some awful bonus tracks to lose. ‘Push You Away’ and ‘When We’re Through’ can exit swiftly please
I wouldn't call them awful at all, but I actually agree that both should've went even earlier.
Unpopular opinion, but "When We’re Through" is easily the weakest B-side from "Funhouse" era.

Tomorrow a classic will fall, then our first tie is up.
Hmm... a classic as a single or an album track kind of way?
Happy that Wild Hearts has vacated. But We Lost It should be the next Beautiful Trauma exit.

Also, shook at that random unreleased Can't Take Me Home track sneaking by this far!

118. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
Average score: 6.10
Highest score: 10x3 (@playboy69, @HollyDunnSomething, @Music Is Life)
Lowest score: 2x3 (@nikkysan, @Hurricane Drunk, @happiestgirl)
My score: 7

The political rally cry to the silenced falls out at a disappointing 118. I will have to die for this, I fear she pines in what was apparently supposed to feature in the movie Suffragettes:

“The movie is about the suffragette movement which is women’s right to vote,” P!nk said. “You have to fight for what’s rightly yours which is rights and respect and love and kindness and compassion and you have to be willing to die for it. These women were.”

It's a gorgeously simple song with a deep and powerful message, one aimed at uplifting and supporting women who, like P!nk, continue to fight against a world that binds them in a million ways. Such a complex issue can't be boiled down and solved in three minutes, but considering her past and the fights she's led throughout her career there's a stark confidence to this that strikes me immediately.

At the end of the day as a song it's either going to appeal to you or not, but it's a message we can all get behind and one that's increasingly important in our currently fucked up world. Empowerment anthems are difficult to get behind sometimes, but as a victim sometimes there's such a power to hearing an idol of yours open up to the vulnerability and speak up with you. It brings solidarity, and if there's anything P!nk has done throughout her career it's that - shown that we aren't alone.

Commentary corner:

@Verandi: (4) Jesus these lyrics. Nice strings beautiful strings.

@Reboot: (5) Bit dull

@rick: (7.5) Great vocals, nice lyrics but it’s the definition of ‘meandering’

@abael: (7) Heartfelt delivery can only go so far when it comes to lyrics this vague

@Music Is Life: (10) Another gorgeous ballad. I love the chorus, especially “There's not enough tape to shut this mouth.” The middle-8 is also sublime. Her vocals really shine on this.

@Maki: (8.25) Not as forgettable as her more recent ballads, but it still had to grew on me. You can tell that it was written for a soundtrack, since it has that cinematic buildup that I love. I expected much more from the verses, but the chorus makes up for tha, it's beautiful. The music arrangement is lovely, and flows so well with her voice. And the final chorus has very impressive vocals, which verge on being too piercing.

@R27: (3) Such a boring song for such a promising title. The albums second half really falls apart compared to the first. Actually, it just drags in general.

@savilizabeths: (5) “P!nk is often pretty good at ballads. This is not one of those. Yawn.”

Tomorrow a classic will fall, then our first tie is up.

he / him
I'm back.


117. Stop Falling
Average score: 6.108
Highest score: 10 (@Maki)
Lowest score: 0 (@Untouchable Ace)
My score: 6.5

Quite a few people will be pleased by this elimination, as I've seen a fair few comments calling for it to go at this point. I happen to think it's one of the closest standard P!nk songs on the debut, sounding like somewhat of a mix between the minimal disparity of M!ssundaztood and the emotional turmoil of I'm Not Dead. Though production wise it's a standard R&B affair, you can tell P!nk had a hand in writing this because of the melodies and songwriting.

It takes a while to kick in, so you're either going to like that or not, but when it does god it doesn't half kick. Those strings, those belting vocals, the bells. I love it. As Maki describes below it's perfectly sequenced to give you something new every time you listen, unravelling at a snails pace. Unfortunately someone did tank the song, Maki... It jumps five places without that 0.

Commentary corner:
@Maki: (10) Ok, now this… this is the ultimate gem. Those vocals, that melody, those lyrics, that instrumental, that emotional delivery - absolute perfection. It’s such a sad and heartbreaking song that it makes me want to melt. How is she able to come up with a melody this good? And when it reaches the ‘stop falling’ culmination part, it almost kills me and I have to recover to be able to listen to that gorgeous, incredible ad-libbing outro. Oh, and the violin! Oh my goodness, what a song! I think that P!nk herself stated that this is her favorite track from her debut, or the track that she’s the most proud of, and I’m so glad that we share the exact same thought. But I don’t know how I’ll cope if (when) someone tanks this stunning song. Makes me sad that we can only give one 11, because this song fully deserves it.

@savilizabeths: (9) “Shit, this is gorgeous! It’s so delicate, moody and beautiful. The harmonies are absolutely stunning and I actually love this kind of 2000s R&B ballad so this works so well for me. Her vocal delivery is so nice on this one too.”

@abael: (8) There's a sort of impact to the simplicity of the instrumentation that makes this more enjoyable than I expected.

@rick: (5) Great showcase for the vocals but I now remember why I used to skip this

@P'NutButter: (9) One of her finest ballads, shame this era is overlooked by many

@Txetxu: (7.5) This is Unbreak My Heart Pt II.

@Music Is Life: (7.5) This is a nice enough ballad. I like the chorus melody.

@R27: (7) A bit longwinded but otherwise very nice

@Verandi: (1) Good lord.

@nikkysan: (6) I appreciate the fragility of her voice on this ballad but it really didn’t need to be almost 6 minutes.


116. Gone to California
Average score: 6.109
Highest score: 10 (@Maki)
Lowest score: 1 (@Verandi)
My score: 8

Consider this a huge huge loss for me. It may not be a song of hers that I actively seek out but there's a brutal honesty and a power to it that is spellbinding.

Corruption on every corner
Hustlers sellin' sweets
Baby is home cryin'
While her mom is on the streets
Everybody's dyin'
Have you heard the news today?
A woman in north Phili is mournin'
A bullet took another son away

The lyricism here is exceptional, and it strikes me as her first attempt at a 'Dear Mr. President' in that it is absolutely unafraid to call out dark parts of the world that others turn a blind eye to. Considering this was her sophomore, following a fairly generic debut album, did anyone really expect her to pop off this hard?

Let's also throw praise on the production: a masterclass in how to do mid-tempo.

Commentary corner:
@Maki: (10) Yet another example of how Linda and P!nk created magic together. You can tell how she just got all of her thoughts out and told a complete story in a song. Moody, ‘vibey’ and thoughtful track that I adore from beginning to end. The production is very interesting, almost dreamy. The saxophone solo is such an amazing addition, too! Generally, this song seems to be widely underrated, and I sincerely hope its beauty will be recognized.

@R27: (7.75) An interesting blend of R&B P!nk and the pop/rock sound she moved into on this album. It almost feels like the sonic equivalent of some gritty film noire flick.

@savilizabeths: (5) “Considering most of the album is so good, this one is really just meh to me. It’s not bad but it’s not interesting enough to pique my attention.”
@Music Is Life: (8.5) This is good. I like the production and the atmosphere the song creates, and the melody is nice. I actually really love the production, as this continues playing. I just think this drags a little bit.

@abael: (5) Production changes it up enough for you to care more about the lyrics, and gives you a modicum of investment

@rick: (6) A bit tuneless to be honest. Skip

@P'NutButter: (5) love the style of this, but the song itself is a drag.

@Verandi: (1) Nice drums. I usually skip halfway through tho.

@Sprockrooster: (9) A bit triphoppy so that is a good thing

To come;
Funhouse is losing its first song then we'll be getting high before the big comedown.​
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Along with Most Girls/There You Go, Stop Falling is the one of the real takeaways from the Debut Album. I was upset about losing an 8, but realised it was my 2nd of 24. I like P!nk more than I thought I did. That being said there are also plenty fours, threes and twos that could be chopped instead.