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Pink: The Discography Rate ∞ WINNER!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, May 28, 2019.

  1. I thought they're more The Sweet Escape than Song 2 personally. I do like both those, but I found Slut Like You really grating.
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  2. I love "Song 2" and "The Sweet Escape", but "Slut Like You" is easily the most annoying out of the three.
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  3. I want to give pretty much every song on Missundaztood a high score. That album defined my teenage years and I doubt I can be impartial. Try This will probably contain my lowest scores although I can’t see a zero in her discography
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  4. I would hazard a guess at either 'Can't Take Me Home' or 'I'm Not Dead' having my highest average.
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  5. I have no idea which song to give my 11 to because everything is so good. There's one ballad I'm gravitating towards in particular, but I have a feeling the song itself might leave at #21 or something.
  6. There are indeed so many amazing songs here that are 11/10 in quality, but my 11 is strong enough to stay the same.
    And don't worry about your 11 (I have a feeling it's either "I Don't Believe You" or "Glitter in the Air") leaving as 'early' as you said, since half of my 10's will probably leave before we get to #100, and that can even apply to my 11.
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  7. I Don't Believe You and Glitter In The Air are indeed the ones on the shortlist for my 11! There's also Who Knew, for personal reasons, but I'll have to listen to it again to make sure.
  8. My eleven could go to almost any of the albums. My shortlist off the top of my head;

    'Just Like a Pill'
    'Love Song'
    'I Don't Believe You'
    'What About Us'

  9. Final few tags for potential voters:

    And @Filippa, would you have time to try this (pun not intended)? We've had many favorites in common in the PJ song contests so far (and you are one of my most frequent voters), so I thought you may enjoy diving into P!nk's discography (if you already didn't). Plenty of fantastic gems to discover!
  10. @Maki doing the promo work for me

  11. Close to sending my scores. Some thoughts...

    - Can't Take Me Home has some bops (which I've probably overscored but I think they might be done wrong due to the general consensus that her debut is one of her weakest), but it definitely sounds very of its time. The ballads are not very good.

    - I've claimed M!ssundaztood was overrated in the past, but I've kinda seen the light since re-listening to it, the back half is really good. Except Lonely Girl.

    - It wouldn't be controversial to say Try This is her least "pop" album, I like how much she threw herself into this mix of hard and soft rock and even blues (Free feels more like a studio session than a proper song. Not a fave of mine but it's an interesting b-side) at times. The singles don't really represent the album well at all but it's easy to see why they were the singles as they were easily the most radio-friendly. It's also very consistent.

    - I'm Not Dead is her magnum opus, without a doubt. So solid and covers all the bases, beautiful ballads, massive bops and the bonuses are also pretty interesting a bit more left field for P!nk, you've got this weird electroclash song about masturbating while your partner is sleeping and a song based entirely around wordplays with the letters of the alphabet. Also the more rock-leaning songs like Long Way To Happy, the title track and Runaway are so, so good.

    - Funhouse feels a bit like I'm Not Dead: Roman Reloaded, but it's a good album in it's own right. It has one of her strongest singles runs along with IND. The ballads are among her best. I also really love When We're Through, one of her best b-sides.

    - The Truth About Love is where most people agree she started to lose steam musically, and while the standard album definitely has some discography low-points, the bonus tracks are great to amazing, and I hope they aren't done dirty. Try is in my Top 3 P!nk singles.

    - Beautiful Trauma... is her worst album. I know this forum hate-jerked on it, but it really is lacking. There are some good songs here, the title track, What About Us (it did grow on me), Barbies and Secrets are the highlights. The rest is pretty disposable.

    - Hurts 2B Human is by no means one of her best but it's a lot more enjoyable.
  12. Shortlisted for my 11:

    - Family Portrait
    - My Vietnam
    - Waiting For Love
    - Love Song
    - Who Knew
    - Long Way To Happy
    - Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
    - I Don't Believe You
    - Try
    - Timebomb
  13. From what I got, doing promo is the easiest thing to do when running rates, so you have far more work to do.
    Thanks for the appreciation lol

    And I expected to see a few more album tracks (you know which ones) in your 11 choice shortlist. Half of these are definitely getting a 10 from me, though.

    Great thoughts, @nikkysan, I mostly agree with you, except that "Lonely Girl" is absolutely amazing.
    Some of her B-sides and bonus tracks better get the recognition they deserve.
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  14. I tried to do one per album but failed immediately.
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  15. Yeah, I'm of the opinion that her bonus tracks and b-sides are better than a lot of her main album material, they're either massive bops or really wonderful acoustic numbers. I've prepared myself to see them be done wrong in this rate though, as most bonus tracks seem to be cursed to not do well in rates. :(
  16. [​IMG]

    I love all of these, but the ones in bold are 11/10 for me and among her most underrated songs.
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  17. Hurts 2B Human kind of is that album but an album of her bonus scraps?

    01. Heartbreaker
    02. Push You Away
    03. Timebomb
    04. Could've Had Everything
    05. The King is Dead but the Queen is Alive
    06. Is This Thing On?
    07. Boring
    08. Catch 22
    09. When We're Through
    10. Centerfold
    11. Good Old Days
    12. More

  18. Everyone's "favourite songs" lists are giving me so much faith.
  19. Swap "Catch-22" with "Why Did I Ever Like You?" and "When We're Through" with "Words" and that's pretty much my version of it. "Delirium", "This Is How It Goes Down" and "Fingers" can also be included.
    She has so many great bonus tracks/B-sides.

    I feel exactly the same, some of the songs that I thought would get underrated may get enough love.
  20. I'm making a start on my scores and this is going to be harder than I anticipated. I've gone through and done my best and worst, now just to rate the rest.
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